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Monday 16 June 2014

VENUERIFIC - A Guide to Getting Your Birthday Party Fully Sponsored! Featuring Sara Shantelle Lim's Fully Sponsored S$40,000 Birthday Bash

A Guide to Getting Your Birthday Party Fully Sponsored!

Full Story -

All Bloggers receive sponsorships in return for marketing and publicity on Blogs but Sara Shantelle Lim's birthday sponsorship worth more than S$40,000 is one of the biggest and most successful sponsorship in history. All thanks to her clever and intelligent marketing proposals, she has been labelled as a "SMART COOKIE" and a young, capable and striving entrepreneur who is running a total of 7 businesses on her own. Her amazing sponsorships have made headlines in local newspapers, talked about by 98.7fm radio deejays, and she has done exclusive interviews with YAHOO! News Singapore, The Influencer Media as well as for VENUERIFIC. It is indeed the most talked about birthday bash in Singapore!

Controversy aside, Sara Shantelle Lim has raised a significant amount of money on the day of her Birthday Bash where her invited guests have donated generously. She has also proven to be a Social entrepreneur who believes in giving back to society. Her company SaraShantelle donates to Singapore Children's Society and she also invests time and energy in giving inspiring Career and Business talks to students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Polytechnic etc. She has actively sponsor and donate to various charity events. Full story at

"Local lifestyle blogger Sara Shantelle Lim has been making waves on the Internet with her SGD$40,000 Candylicious Neon Birthday Bash at the newest Club Altimate by 1-Altitude. What’s more, the entire party is in fact fully sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry.
$40,000?! Say what?! Does this fully sponsored birthday bash sounds too good to be true? Believe it or not, you can make this happen too! Here are some tips courtesy of Sara and the team at Venuerific."
1) Build up a strong personal branding/image
2) Have a wide social network from all walks of life.
3) Have supportive family and friends.
4) Plan early.
5) Do up a good/strong proposal that will appeal to sponsors.
6) Track down possible leads of sponsors but only those you can relate to and vice versa in line with your personal branding/image.
7) Sponsors want to be known to the public. Publicize about your event as much as you can through your personal and social media networks.
8) Be professional.
9) Be open to possible rejection.
10) Just go ahead and do it!


Blogger Sara Shantelle Lim's S$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude
Featured on 2 June 2014

Thank you!! YAHOO! NEWS SINGAPORE, for covering my Birthday Party!
This video looks damn awesome!! Cheers!!

Sara Shantelle Lim's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude

This video is made by Billy Yuen by Vzuall Studio Productions
Billy Yuen -

Thank you to my talented Friend - Billy Yuen for creating and sponsoring this cool and amazing video taken on the night of my Birthday Party held at Club Altimate. It is definitely an excellent video to capture the wonderful memories I had with all my family, relatives, friends and sponsors. If any of you need videos for events,corporate,campaigns,viral videos or wedding, I would highly recommend that you contact Billy Yuen :)

Thank you to all my friends and sponsors for being so supportive!
It was an enjoyable and memorable night!

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