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Thursday 31 July 2014

Cafe Iguana Singapore - GRABZ Special - Download Mobile App GRABZ to enjoy 20% off your total bill!

Cafe Iguana @ Clarke Quay Singapore

Address: 30 Merchant Road, #01-03, Riverside Point, Singapore 058282

Phone: +65 6236-1275   Email:



Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 4pm-12am 
Fri and Eve of PH 4pm-3am
Sat 12pm-3am   Sun 12pm-12am

Cafe Iguana @ Clarke Quay Singapore - Founded in 2000 by American Devin Otto Kimble and Chilean Daniel Flores who realized that Singapore was missing out a place for good Mexican food and a great margarita and attractive happy hour prices. Cafe Iguana was the perfect answer for the best place to indulge in authentic Mexican food, "Mexican-style" beer, fantastic margarita and a great Mexican vibe and atmosphere to chill out. With huge emphasis on Quality, they serve tortillas, salsa and guacamole made with the freshest traditional ingredients in their very own kitchen. Their feature Iguana Lager, which is a special, light and refreshing "Mexican-style" beer is brewed exclusively by Brewerkz. With over 100 labels of 100% agave tequila and mezcal, Cafe Iguana has one of Asia's best selection of amazing spirits. Customers get to enjoy sipping from their Riedel glassware that is specially designed to bring out the best tequila flavors. The frozen Margaritas which are made with 100% agave are incredibly famous. Do try out their premium margaritas on the rocks made with hand-squeezed lime juice and some of the World's finest tequila and be amazed at the incredible taste! Overall, Cafe Iguana is a great place to chill out with friends and catch up over delicious Mexican fare and drinks :) I had a fantastic time with my friends - Angeline Yeh, Cherrie Tan, Dawn Yang, Janice Leong :)

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(Sara Shantelle Lim)

(Cherrie Tan, Sara Shantelle Lim, Angeline Yeh, Dawn Yang, Janice Leong)

(Cherrie Tan, Sara Shantelle Lim, Angeline Yeh)


(Janice, Dawn Yang, Sara Shantelle Lim)

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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Fine-Dining - Dancing Crab, Singapore by TungLok Group at The Grandstand Turf City is a Seafood Paradise!

Dancing Crab
Address: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #01-20/21, Singapore 287994
Phone: 65 6466-3303
Opening Hours: Tues-Fri & PH eve 8pm-10:30pm
Sat, Sun & PH 11:30am-3pm and 5pm-10:30pm
Closed on Mondays

Dancing Crab, Singapore - A slice of heaven for all Seafood Lovers out there is available at the newly opened Dancing Crab restaurant. TungLok Group's latest and first Western-seafood restaurant - Dancing Crab opened on 17 April 2014 is making waves in Singapore as being one of the best place to get your hands dirty and indulge in hearty seafood dishes. Dancing Crab brings the spirit of Louisiana dining to Singapore where utensils are considered unnecessary and where diners simply use their bare hands to dig into the fresh seafood dishes served to the table. 

Their Famous Chili Crab 
Dancing Crab COMBO BAG #1

An interesting concept without the hassle of fine dining etiquette and an intelligent way to savor the true taste of Seafood that is simply "finger-licking" good. If you worry about the mess you might create, do not fret as clean white aprons are provided to protect your clothes from any seafood stains. Fine-dining without utensils! Besides delicious seafood, they also have very interesting beers!!!

 Arrogant Bastard Ale
They serve very special beers there..

Dancing Crab serves a mix of robust, country-style Cajun seafood and the distinctive richness of Creole cuisine. It is the brainchild of TungLok's founder Andrew Tjioe and his nephew - Norman Hartono to bring about the American counterpart to satisfy Singapore's love for seafood, shellfish and rich flavors. After months of researching, the founders of Dancing Crab discovered age-old recipes from New Orleans as well as the rest of the United States to create Dancing Crab's signature Seafood Boil which is authentically delicious and encapsulates the soul of Southern Loisiana cuisine. Freshness of Seafood is of top priority and Dancing Crab source from the best vendors which also supply TungLok Group restaurants. 

Squeeze the lime into their special recipe.. Dip any of the seafood into this~ 

Cheers to ya all~ 
Finish your drink, and get a complimentary one!


Their Awesome Chili Crab

Flaming Moonshine Tiger Prawns
This is how the Prawns are cooked

It taste sooo fresh and sweet!

Dancing Crab's Awesome Menu

WHAT TO ORDER - Dancing Crab offers a range of seafood from its signature Boston Lobster to Dungeness Crab. When dining at Dancing Crab, you will chance upon impressive flames rising from the open kitchen stoves located in the middle of the dining floor. That impressive flames result from cooking the Flaming Moonshine Tiger Prawns dish created by Celebrity chef Susur Lee using 3 special sauces that include wasabi, katsuo sauce, sweet wine chill sauce and lemon pickled chill sauce. Starters that are a must try include Spicy Cajin Fries, Crab Cakes, Po'Boy Sandwiches and a hearty Seafood Gumbo with a slight spicy kick.

Dancing Crab Hand Wash Area

Dancing Crab Wine Cellar

If you like the food at Dancing Crab..

Beer Pong Area

NOLA is known for its happy atmosphere, lively music, and high spirits. "Joie de vivre," meaning "Enjoyment of life" is the city's favorite motto.  Dancing Crab brims with life, bringing the same emphasis to its colorful location at The Grandstand, welcoming its guests to eat, drink, and be merry.

If you want fresh Seafood with a vibrant atmosphere, do visit Dancing Crab restaurant. It is definitely and fun and lively place to dine at with your friends and especially for large group gatherings. I am coming back to dine at Dancing Crab for my next company dinner for my staff :)

Sara Shantelle Lim
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Sunday 27 July 2014

EVENTS - Mitju's Launch of new 'Tick Tack' Shoes at ION Orchard with Celebrity Host - Silver Ang & The Influencer Network

Mitju - Launch of new 'Tick Tack' Shoes
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B4-28, Singapore 238801
Phone: 65 6509-8478
Celebrity Host Silver Ang & The Influencer Network

Mitju - Founded in 2005, Mitju is Singapore's very own Japanese-Inspired shoes brand that focuses on style, comfort and affordability and is not surprisingly most ladies' favorite shoes brand. Mitju shoes are stylish, chic and most importantly very comfortable to wear for long periods of time especially during shopping around the large shopping malls in Singapore. Personally, I own a few Mitju shoes and I find them extremely soft and comfortable for my feet and they do not spoil easily. Talk about good quality! Besides offering trendy shoes collection, Mitju also spun off new lines of fashionable bags and accessories.

TREND ALERT - I was invited to Mitju's new launch of their signature 'Tick Tack' Shoes which allows special customization to your very own individual style and preference. This trendy and chic 'Tick Tack' Shoes collection highlights how Mitju is an exciting and interesting footwear brand that continues to create new, attractive and interactive ways to connect to their customers and provide their customers unique shoes to create a personal fashion statement unlike any other shoes brands. Instead of the usual buying of ready made shoes, 'Tick Tack' Shoes collection creates a refreshing and brand new shopping experience for shoes which makes it a creative and fun process! This brand new 'Tick Tack' Shoes collection is exclusively available at only 2 Mitju outlets - ION Orchard #B4-28 and Plaza Singapura #B1-15. It will also be made available online at their website in late August 2014. Do look out for it!

Mitju Tick Tack Shoes Launch Event Video 
Taken by The Influencer Network

Mitju 'Tick Tack' Shoes - No Rules, Anything Goes!

(Celebrity Host - Silver Ang & Sara Shantelle Lim)

The launch party was a huge success with more than 100 attendees which includes celebrity blogger and host - Silver Ang, Mitju VIP card members and other celebrity bloggers and digital artistes from The Influencer Network. It was a fantastic party with colorful sweets, drinks and goodie bags!

(Shanice Lim, Angeline Yeh, Sara Shantelle)

Mitju Tick Tack Shoes Fun Video 
made by Sara Shantelle Lim, Shanice Lim & Angeline Yeh

Mitju 'Tick Tack' Shoes Step by Step Process

'Tick Tack' Shoes - Reasonably priced at SGD$26.90 for the basic shoe and SGD$6.90 to SGD$14.90 for beautiful add on accessories, 'Tick Tack' Shoes are definitely going to be a huge hit among ladies and shoe addicts! Customers are able to choose from 3 basic shoe fabrics and shoe shapes  comprising of patent, leather and synthetic suede and over 60 different type of fancy shoe accessories to "tack" on firmly to the shoes to create a personalized pair of shoes that exudes one's style and personality! Customise your very own pair of 'Tick Tack' Shoes  based on your mood, taste and style for all kinds of occasions and events! No more clashing of shoes on the street, no more boring standardized generic style, because every pair of 'Tick Tack' Shoes  is the best representation of YOUR very own signature fashion style. Stand out from the rest! You can be your very own Individual style icon :) 

Mitju 'Tick Tack' Shoes - No Rules, Anything Goes!

1. Tick your favourite pair of shoes 
2. Tack on your chosen accessories
3. Walk out with your personalized shoes!

Sara Shantelle Lim Interviewed by Celebrity Silver Ang

Mitju - Fashionable and trendy handbags

Mitju - Chic Sunglasses

Thank You The Influencer Network - Dennis Toh for inviting me down to Mitju! It was great fun!

(Founder of The Influencer Network - Dennis Toh & Sara Shantelle Lim)

Nowadays, when it comes to shopping for shoes, all women are spoilt for choices! Thanks to Mitju for the fact that the "Tick Tack" Shoes allow customers to mix and match any shoe accessories to suit our mood and occasion, makes it fun, interesting and exciting to put on a pair of shoes that will definitely make a big fashion statement about "Who I am", "What I like" and "How I am feeling today" :) Mitju is clearly a brand that aims to stay relevant and be among the top favorites among shoe lovers :) To all shoe lovers and shoe addicts out there, do watch out for Mitju! *winks-

Sara Shantelle Lim
Secrets of a Stewardess
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