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Friday 18 July 2014

CARS: Renting a Car from www.Drive.SG - The Top Car Rental Website in Singapore

Drive.SG - Singapore's Largest Online Car Rental Portal
Phone: 65 6655-7701 Weekdays 10am-7pm and Sat 10am-2pm
Phone: 65 9673-3344 afterhours
No.1 Car Rental Service in Singapore 
Exploring Singapore with my Australian Friends in a Lexus RX350

Drive.SG - Singapore's Largest Online Car Rental Portal - Last weekend, I was really happy to be able to take my Australian friends out to explore Singapore and to be sponsored by the top car rental website in Singapore - and CL Leasing. As most of you are aware, I am currently driving a Mercedes SLK - a 2 seater sports convertible. Hence I needed to rent a car to take my 2 friends from Australia out to explore Singapore. 

GOOGLE SEARCH - I went onto Google to search for car rental and found DRIVE SG as the Number 1 car rental website in Singapore. I checked out their website and was impressed by their long list and wide range of different type of cars available for car rental from a normal Saloon to Luxury and even to their Sports and Exotic cars for rental. With their huge range and wide variety of cars, you will definitely be able to find something suitable for your special drive occasion! 

(Sara Shantelle Lim with Rental Car Lexus RX350)

Sara Shantelle Lim with her Mercedes SLK Sports Car

Video of Sara Shantelle Lim in her Mercedes SLK 
with her best friend, International Model DJ Nicole Chen

I love my Mercedes SLK Convertible

Pictures that I've taken with my Mercedes SLK over the years..

Why RENT A CAR in Singapore?
- Cars in Singapore are considered expensive and it is not very economical to own a private car.
- The COE is around, SGD$61,000+ for July 2014 (you can buy 2 cars at this price in other countries).
- Singapore's government is encouraging people to take Public Transport
- Singapore's public transport system is one of the cleanest, safest and best in the world
- The number of ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) system in Singapore makes driving around Singapore more costly especially around the CBD area or in the City.

Popular reasons for Car Rental:
- Big Family Group Outings - renting a SUV or MPV which can seat 7-8 people
- Special Occasions like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali house visits.
- Luxury Birthday Party Celebrations in a Limousine.
- Tourists exploring Singapore for a day, a week, or even a month
- Wedding Convoy
- Road Trips to Malaysia
- I rented a car, because my car was too small to bring my overseas friends out.

On Friday night, I had  a staycation at Adonis Hotel. On Saturday, I was suppose to pick my Australian friends Clara and her partner from Changi Airport at 12pm noon and show them around Singapore so I needed a rental car at 10:30am in the morning.

Just 2 days before, I went onto Google Chrome on my Iphone, and googled "Car Rental Singapore", was the 1st website that pop up. I believe that what is listed 1st on Google search results must usually be the best and most trustworthy.

Car Rental Singapore
No.1 on Google Search

STEP 1 - When I went into the the website, I was very impressed. It was so easy to use. All I needed to do was to put in the dates I wanted to Rent a Car. I was able to book a rental car in less than 60 seconds! Quick, fast, reliable and extremely efficient! I love getting things done quickly without much hassle.

Iphone Version

Just put in the dates you want to rent a car.

A list of car models would appear.

After keying in the dates, a long list of cars that are available for rental will show up. The comprehensive list shows all types of cars such as saloon car, sports, convertible, luxury, MPV etc. You will be spoilt for choice! 

You will be able to find a suitable car rental based on your budget too.
- Different car models with different price ranges.
- Cars prices starts from as low as only SGD$65 a day (depending on availability).

*Cheapest car rental is available for an automatic drive Nissan Sunny for SGD$64.20 or an automatic drive Hyundai Getz for SGD$65 on a normal weekday

*Affordable car rental for SUV is available for a Kia Sportage for SGD$191.90 or a Hyundai Santa-fe for SGD$195 or a Toyota Fortuna for SGD$235.40.

Renting a Lexus RX350 - I was really happy that rented me a Lexus RX350. It was big, spacious and luxurious. It was the perfect car to bring my Australian friends out. Natasha also joined in! So in total, we had 4 people seated comfortably in this car. This huge car has 2 seats at the front, and 3 seats behind but as it is so spacious, you can actually easily fit 4 people behind. 

Lexus RX350 
by DRIVE SG Partner: CL Leasing

Drive SG had an excellent service of sending the Lexus RX 350 Rental Car to me. I stayed at Adonis Hotel at 13 Purvis Street on Friday night. Hence, on Saturday morning, they sent the car over to me at 10.30am in the morning. All I needed to do was to sign some documents and put a safe deposit of SGD$200. Best customer service ever!

Natasha and I set off to the airport to pick Clara and her boyfriend up. Clara and her boyfriend, Alex, were able to sit comfortably in the back seats. The car boot space was sufficient for Clara and Alex to put their luggages, as well as Natasha's and my clothes from the previous night's hotel staycation - Adonis Hotel. 

Our 1st stop was to eat Singapore's famous Hainanese Chicken Rice! Natasha and I decided to let Clara and Alex try Katong's 5 Stars Chicken Rice, located at 191 East Coast Road. 

5 Stars Hainanese Chicken Rice Katong
191 East Coast Road

(Natasha & Sara Shantelle Lim)

Ya. I know. I like my chicken rice, really black, filled with dark sauce. I love it! It tastes super delicious. 

(Clara, Alex, Sara Shantelle, Natasha)

After lunch, we had chocolate ice cream from Awfully Chocolate. 

(Natsha, Clara, Alex, Sara Shantelle)

Our next food destination was Dancing Crab. This is my second time dining at Dancing Crab. 

No.1 Car Rental Service in Singapore

(Natasha, Sara Shantelle & Clara with Lexus RX350 by

ICON Condo Pool Side Party

Club Altimate at 1-Altitude

(DJ Model Nicole Chen & Sara Shantelle Lim Korean Mink Eyelash Extension done by

After this, we ended our night at Spize Prata House, along River Valley Road. Before we sent Clara and Alex back to the airport to catch their midnight flight back to Sydney.

Lexus RX350 by CL Leasing

(Off they go, with their big bags, the Lexus RX350 was awesome!)

That's a lot of Singapore's food for a couple with less than 10 hours in Singapore. 

The next morning, I was suppose, to return the car at 10.30am. Exactly 24hours rental. As i rented it on Saturday morning at 10.30am, so I have to return that car on Sunday morning 10.30am too. 

I love how comfortable and smooth the drive is in the Lexus RX350 :)

Lexus RX350 by CL Leasing

I drove the car back to CL Leasing on Sunday morning at 10.30am. I took back my SGD$200 deposit. 

Overall, I am very impressed at how easy it is to rent a car. It is hassle free and reasonably priced!

Documents Needed

1. Driver Licence.
2. Driver IC
3. Location of Delivery
4. Name and IC or Additional Driver (If Any)

Cost Breakdown
- The cost of the rental for the Lexus RX350 and the delivery of the vehicle on Saturday 12 July 2014.
- Parking, ERP, Petrol Cost will be borne by the Driver.

Collection Timing : 1030am at Delivery Location
Return Timing : 1030am at
 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-57 Wcega Plaza Singapore 658064 CL Leasing


Website Version

There's a wide variety of rental cars available and you will definitely find something suitable!

A big thank you to DRIVE SG ( and CL Leasing for sponsoring me their Lexus RX350 for an awesome day. 

Probation Drivers are able to RENT from DRIVE SG too!

Sara Shantelle Lim
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