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Sunday 27 July 2014

EVENTS - Mitju's Launch of new 'Tick Tack' Shoes at ION Orchard with Celebrity Host - Silver Ang & The Influencer Network

Mitju - Launch of new 'Tick Tack' Shoes
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B4-28, Singapore 238801
Phone: 65 6509-8478
Celebrity Host Silver Ang & The Influencer Network

Mitju - Founded in 2005, Mitju is Singapore's very own Japanese-Inspired shoes brand that focuses on style, comfort and affordability and is not surprisingly most ladies' favorite shoes brand. Mitju shoes are stylish, chic and most importantly very comfortable to wear for long periods of time especially during shopping around the large shopping malls in Singapore. Personally, I own a few Mitju shoes and I find them extremely soft and comfortable for my feet and they do not spoil easily. Talk about good quality! Besides offering trendy shoes collection, Mitju also spun off new lines of fashionable bags and accessories.

TREND ALERT - I was invited to Mitju's new launch of their signature 'Tick Tack' Shoes which allows special customization to your very own individual style and preference. This trendy and chic 'Tick Tack' Shoes collection highlights how Mitju is an exciting and interesting footwear brand that continues to create new, attractive and interactive ways to connect to their customers and provide their customers unique shoes to create a personal fashion statement unlike any other shoes brands. Instead of the usual buying of ready made shoes, 'Tick Tack' Shoes collection creates a refreshing and brand new shopping experience for shoes which makes it a creative and fun process! This brand new 'Tick Tack' Shoes collection is exclusively available at only 2 Mitju outlets - ION Orchard #B4-28 and Plaza Singapura #B1-15. It will also be made available online at their website in late August 2014. Do look out for it!

Mitju Tick Tack Shoes Launch Event Video 
Taken by The Influencer Network

Mitju 'Tick Tack' Shoes - No Rules, Anything Goes!

(Celebrity Host - Silver Ang & Sara Shantelle Lim)

The launch party was a huge success with more than 100 attendees which includes celebrity blogger and host - Silver Ang, Mitju VIP card members and other celebrity bloggers and digital artistes from The Influencer Network. It was a fantastic party with colorful sweets, drinks and goodie bags!

(Shanice Lim, Angeline Yeh, Sara Shantelle)

Mitju Tick Tack Shoes Fun Video 
made by Sara Shantelle Lim, Shanice Lim & Angeline Yeh

Mitju 'Tick Tack' Shoes Step by Step Process

'Tick Tack' Shoes - Reasonably priced at SGD$26.90 for the basic shoe and SGD$6.90 to SGD$14.90 for beautiful add on accessories, 'Tick Tack' Shoes are definitely going to be a huge hit among ladies and shoe addicts! Customers are able to choose from 3 basic shoe fabrics and shoe shapes  comprising of patent, leather and synthetic suede and over 60 different type of fancy shoe accessories to "tack" on firmly to the shoes to create a personalized pair of shoes that exudes one's style and personality! Customise your very own pair of 'Tick Tack' Shoes  based on your mood, taste and style for all kinds of occasions and events! No more clashing of shoes on the street, no more boring standardized generic style, because every pair of 'Tick Tack' Shoes  is the best representation of YOUR very own signature fashion style. Stand out from the rest! You can be your very own Individual style icon :) 

Mitju 'Tick Tack' Shoes - No Rules, Anything Goes!

1. Tick your favourite pair of shoes 
2. Tack on your chosen accessories
3. Walk out with your personalized shoes!

Sara Shantelle Lim Interviewed by Celebrity Silver Ang

Mitju - Fashionable and trendy handbags

Mitju - Chic Sunglasses

Thank You The Influencer Network - Dennis Toh for inviting me down to Mitju! It was great fun!

(Founder of The Influencer Network - Dennis Toh & Sara Shantelle Lim)

Nowadays, when it comes to shopping for shoes, all women are spoilt for choices! Thanks to Mitju for the fact that the "Tick Tack" Shoes allow customers to mix and match any shoe accessories to suit our mood and occasion, makes it fun, interesting and exciting to put on a pair of shoes that will definitely make a big fashion statement about "Who I am", "What I like" and "How I am feeling today" :) Mitju is clearly a brand that aims to stay relevant and be among the top favorites among shoe lovers :) To all shoe lovers and shoe addicts out there, do watch out for Mitju! *winks-

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