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Tuesday 2 June 2015

SYDNEY - Snow Ski Trip to Perisher Valley in my Lamborghini Gallardo with bunny Snowy!

SYDNEY - Snow Ski Trip to Perisher Valley in my Lamborghini Gallardo - It was my first time going on a ski trip to Snowy Mountains in Australia and I was filled with excitement. Perisher Ski Resort is located 5.5-6 hours drive away from Sydney City. As we had to pass by Canberra city, we stopped by my favorite Koko Black to grab the famous ice chocolate drink before heading on. Initially, we booked a rental car with Europcar but when we arrived at the Canberra airport, the lady said the car was unavailable as the previous person who rented it did not return it. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, we had no choice but to drive my Lamborghini to Perisher Ski Resort which turned out surprisingly great! It did not skid at any point in time on the snowy roads. Did I also mention that my Lamborghini looked stunning in snow?

I love my yellow bumble bee!
A video on how my Lamborghini Spider opens its Soft Top 

Lamborghini Gallardo Spider - My beautiful car is amazingly a 4WD so there was no need to put chains on the wheels. We woke up really early in the morning at 4am, had a quick breakfast and drove to Snowy Mountains from Canberra which took around 3.5 hours due to speed limits that we had to adhere to. After paying the car entry fees of AUD27 to Kosciuszko National Park, many cars stopped by the side of the road and people were busy fitting chains onto the wheels of their car in the freezing cold. I was so glad my car did not require any chains and we drove on slowly up the mountains.

Speed limit was extremely slow at a maximum of 40km/h as the roads were filled with fresh snow and there was Blizzard weather conditions. I was worried that my car would skid but it was surprisingly sturdy, firm and safe after I push the anti-skid button. Many people who drove passed my car gave me the thumbs up and took out their cameras to take pictures. We reached Perisher around 8am but it was already quite crowded. Guess everyone woke up really early to arrive this early! Everyone wanted to be the first to ski down fresh snow slopes! The place got really crowded in the afternoon...

Snowy Sees Snow - Upon reaching Perisher Valley, my mini-lop bunny Snowy gets to meet the real snow for the first time. There were strong winds and the large snowflakes were falling from the sky and I can't help but end up eating some snow in my mouth. Vision was blurred until I put on my snow goggles. The temperature was at -4 Degrees Celsius and despite wearing thermal wear and multiple layers of sweaters below my Ski Jacket, I was shivering in cold. Oh yes, instead of renting ski clothes I have spent approximately AUD300+ at Rebel Sports to buy my own Inner Thermal Wear, Ski Jacket, Ski Pants, Goggles, Beanie, Long Socks, Snow Boots etc. You can choose to rent ski clothings at Perisher if you prefer.

A video of my precious mini lop bunny - Snowy
On our way up the Snowy Mountains in my Yellow Lamborghini

Opening hours: 8am-5:30pm daily

Welcome to Perisher Guys!

Skiing at Perisher - I only bought my tickets at Perisher itself but if you wish to save money, do purchase in advance online at their website. I decided to rent the ski equipment at Perisher as well as it was more convenient and there was no way I could put the ski equipment in my Lamborghini. The renting of the Recreational Skis and Poles and Ski Boots cost AUD78 for 1 day. It was so fun to ski at Perisher and I enjoyed myself tremendously. The great thing about skiing is that after skiing for a while, my entire body was burning in heat and I was perspiring so I was not feeling cold anymore. I guess skiing is a great exercise and no wonder it is one of the most popular winter sports!

First Timers - If it is your first time skiing, do not worry. There are lessons available where skilled instructors will teach you how to ski patiently. It is very easy to learn how to ski and after a 1-2 hours lesson, you will definitely be able to ski on your own confidently. To find out more about taking the 2 hours lessons at Perisher, visit

Below are more beautiful photos of my Lamborghini taken in the Snow :)

I marveled over the beautiful Winter landscapes. A Winter Wonderland :)

I highly recommend that you go on a Ski Trip this Winter in Australia as the experience is simply magical, memorable and enjoyable! A beautiful Winter experience :)

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I love my Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder :)

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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