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Sunday 10 August 2014

SYDNEY - Ferrari Club Australia Drive to Lakehouse Cafe at Murrays Beach, Central Coast Region

SYDNEY - Ferrari Club Drive to Lakehouse Cafe at Murrays Beach - It was a beautiful Sunday morning where the sun was shining brightly in the skies, filling each crack and crevice on earth with light and warmth. I woke up early, dressed in my new shiny white dress with a red knitted cardigan, put on my favorite red Miu Miu pair of shoes with shimmering crystals, together with my Ferrari Cap and red Yves Saint Lauren clutch bag, I dashed out of home and rushed to attend this event. I was filled with excitement as I have not attended a Ferrari Club event for quite some time due to my busy schedule. I love meeting the Ferrari Club people as they are a bunch of really nice and friendly people!

Ferrari Club, NSW, Australia - The great thing about owning a super car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini is the ability to join a Club full of the same car enthusiasts or car nuts. It is where driving an exotic car goes beyond prestige and instead, it is part of a passion, love and deeper appreciation about driving the car. It is absolutely naive to think car owners of exotic cars buy cars simply to show off. Most of the people at the Ferrari club are humble, down to earth and genuinely nice. It is a good mix of Diamond Jewellers, Medical Doctors, Surgeons, School Teachers, University Lecturers, Accountants, Lawyers, IT Professionals and successful Business Owners etc. They are respectable family men who bring their beautiful wives and children along every event. Most are absolutely big Ferrari car fans and they love the Ferrari brand as much as I do. After all, the Italian super car brand Ferrari is the number 1 most powerful and valuable brand in the World. I always wear my Ferrari cap and clothing with pride and sometimes feel "empowered" by my "Ferrari Outfit" with the innate feeling to shine with happiness. I know I am lucky and fortunate to be able to own a total of 4 cars since moving to Sydney, Australia where cars are much more affordable than back in Singapore. It is a form of passion and enjoyment to take my beautiful cars out on long drives to explore the countryside and beautiful beaches that Australia has to offer. A unique experience like no other :)

Lakehouse Cafe - Located approximately 1.5-2 hours drive away from Sydney in the Murrays Beach, Central Coast region, the Lakehouse Cafe is renowned for its mouth-watering dishes and I was greatly impressed with the Eggs Benedict with Salmon which I ordered. It was fresh, delicious and my hot Mocha was fantastic. The cafe has a relaxed, cosy feel with its intimate setting and contemporary interior design. I love how the cafe was strategically located among the high tree line so that diners can enjoy magnificent views of Lake Macquarie. A beautiful place to dine and later take a relaxing stroll by the waters to soak in the tranquility and natural surroundings is good for the soul. Healthy relaxation! Website at

Overall, it was a great event with an excellent turnout of around 40 people in total. Special thanks to Robert from the Ferrari Club for organizing this drive and hope to see all of you soon :)

The beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia :)

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