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Saturday 27 September 2014

Health & Aesthetics - Lifzyme Sense 108 & Cordyceps Enzyme Drink

Lifzyme Sense 108 Pills & Cordyceps Enzyme Drink

Lifzyme Sense 108 Pills
100+ Botanical Nutrition . Resveratrol . Royal Jelly . Kintoki Ginger
Made in Japan . 90 Veggie Capsules

Are you having trouble trying to shed the excess weight or feeling tired after meals?  This might be some early symptoms of enzyme deficiency.

So what exactly are enzymes?

They are basically protein-based substances found in cells of all living animals and plants, even the human body. Enzymes is very important in our everyday lives because it helps in energy production, decomposition and detoxification.

Since I have a very packed schedule, i get to eat food which are heavily cooked, processed, and sugary which i think most of us admit to as well. But this will drain our source enzymes.

They are responsible for our body to perform complex biochemical reactions and also helps to break our food down. Its failure to do so can cause problems like constipation, fatigue (after meals), low immune system, unhealthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and aging skin over time.

One way is to take in fresh diet consisting of raw vegetables and fruits, fresh raw fish and fermented kimchi which are great examples of food enzymes if you are looking to boost your digestion.

Another alternative, you ask?

Well, I opt for the Lifzyme’s Enzyme Supplements.
Why Lifzyme is your preferred choice?
Lifzyme offers a variety of premium quality enzyme products to our customers; to enable them to lead a positive, enriching and favourite life

Lifzyme is well-known for its quality enzyme products which are produced from safe
and reliable manufacturers from Taiwan and Japan. They promise to lead their customers to a positive, enriching and flavourful life.

The first product i tried was the Sense 108 Dietary Supplement from Japan. This is made from over 100 types of pure botanical fermentation extracts. Besides that, it also consist of value-added ingredients such as Kintoki Ginger, Red Grape extract and Royal Jelly.

You just have to take 2 tablets 30 minutes before every heavy meal. They come in small tablets which makes it convenient to swallow. If you are consuming any medication, take them 2 hours before or after, not immediately. It is suitable for people from aged 2 and above.

I have seen considerable changes after consuming these tablets. I noticed that my food gets digested better. Besides that, i also had a more sound sleep compared to before.

In the past few weeks, I find myself to be energetic where i have more stamina to complete my daily tasks. One of the value-added ingredient Royal Jelly has really played a part in this. It is known for reducing stress levels and providing an energy boost.

Believe it or not, my clothes had also gotten slightly loose which meant that i managed to shed some of the excess fats stored in my body.

It is to be noted that Sense 108 is GPM certified and is free of any artificial colors, flavours, preservatives or additives. I highly recommend this for vegetarians as it made with pure botanical ingredients.

Lifzyme Cordyceps Enzyme Drink
Militaris Cordyceps (600ml)

Next up, I tried the Lifzyme Cordyceps Enzyme Drink from Taiwan. It is a yummy drink which has enzyme supplements for our digestive system. Digestive Enzymes are used to efficiently break down and enhance nutrient absorption.

Who can drink this?


Well, this is apt for those with an unbalanced diet, have a habit of eating irregular meals, late sleepers, elderly, patients with aftercare recovery and heavy drinkers. For people like me, this drink is a daily nourishment for my health and beauty maintenance.  

The main ingredient used is Cordyceps Militaris which is good for asthmatic patients, and provides relief for lung and kidney. It is also known to prevent cancer and any inflammation of the colon or liver.

I took 30 ml of the Cordyceps Enzyme Drink daily. You can also dilute it with warm/cold water 5-8 times before drinking. You can drink it up to 1-3 times daily. Remember to store it in the refrigerator. It is important to finish it within 30 days after opening.

I immediately noticed that i had an improved bowel movements helping me to remove toxins from my body. Besides that, I felt more refreshed and less tired on a daily basis.

Most importantly, I realised that i didn’t fall sick as frequently as before. This enzyme drink has strengthened my immune system and increased my anti-oxidant levels.

Cordyceps Enzyme Drink is much more special as 3 different universities (University of Pennsylvania, Zhongshan Medical University, Hung Juang University of Technology) were involved in its development. On top of that, they have a fermentation process for 3 years under controlled temperature.

So you dont have to worry about the safety aspects. It is ISO and HACCP certified and is free from any heavy metals, plasticizing agents, preservatives, western medicine and other non-food additions.

I highly recommend everyone to try out Lifzyme’s products to see immediate benefits. With such a busy schedule, we often miss out on our daily nutrients. To replenish them, these daily enzyme supplements are beneficial for our overall health .

Lifzyme Cordyceps Enzyme Drink
Smaller & Cuter Bottle (30ml)

Bring a bottle of Lifzyme Cordyceps Enzyme Drink out and drink this before you party~
It will help to protect your liver before a big party night out.

Sms to 96230780 or call 6227 8454 / 6227 9812 to order

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