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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

RADIO INTERVIEW - Sara Shantelle Lim's Exclusive Live Interview with Mediacorp Radio 93.8FM about THE SG SISTERS BLOG

MEDIACORP RADIO INTERVIEW - Sara Shantelle Lim's Exclusive Live Interview with Mediacorp Radio 93.8fm - I was feeling really excited to be invited to Mediacorp Radio Station for a Live Interview with Radio Station 93.8fm. Initially, I was quite nervous as I wondered how my voice will sound like over the radio and whether I will stutter or even stumble over my words when answering the interview questions. Amazingly, everything went smoothly and I was really proud of myself for doing a good job. I did my best in answering all the interview questions in a succinct, clear and straight to the point manner. I was so relieved I sounded okay and did not croaked over the radio as it was really early in the morning and I was feeling extremely sleepy.

INTERVIEW TOPIC AND QUESTIONS - Together with Dennis Toh (Director and Owner of The Influencer Network), Ben Jermie @chocolatepistol and myself, we were interviewed about life as a Celebrity Blogger on The Influencer Network (TIN).

The LIVE Interview Recording of Sara Shantelle Lim on 93.8FM Radio.

SARA SHANTELLE LIM : I started blogging as I thought it was good alternative stream of income. As a business owner myself, I myself engage bloggers and find blogs an effective marketing and publicity strategy. Online Blogging and reviews are permanent and affordable. It remains on the Internet forever. Increasing number of people spend more time on the Internet reading blogs, online news, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. Therefore, having an online presence is extremely important for all businesses. It is important to keep up with the times, businesses need to move online and stay connected to our tech-savvy consumers where convenience is key.

UNIQUE CONTENT - THE SG SISTERS BLOG - Focuses on unique content for a niche market and audience. I realized that in order to be different from other bloggers I needed to tap into a niche market and that's how I identified there is space and room for a Luxury Blog that focuses on all things luxury such as First Class and Business Class travels on Singapore Airlines, staying in the World's Best and Most Expensive Hotels, experience with Supercars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, visiting exotic travel destinations such as Finland, Russia, Brunei, Boracay etc. My sister - Lora Christelle Lim and I contribute to this blog and share our unique life experiences with everyone.

TIPS & ADVICE TO OTHER BLOGGERS - Find your niche, be creative and think out of the box. Try to be different from others. Be patient, you cannot achieve success overnight. Try to write about unique experiences and unique content. There is a lot of hard work and effort required. Success is not instant.

NOT EVERYTHING IS FREE - Bloggers also spend their own money as not everything is sponsored. For example, my handbags and cars are not sponsored. They are my personal things which I paid for with my own money. Not all businesses pay bloggers money to blog for them. Some businesses only provide products and services in return and there is no exchange of money. An example would be how restaurants provide free meals instead of paying bloggers to write reviews on their blogs... click on the video above for full details!

Website -

I'm proud to be a TIN Blogger~ 
Thank you Dennis Toh for this opportunity!

Sara Shantelle Lim
Secrets of a Stewardess
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