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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Shopping - Bonusbay Singapore - Buy Smarter, Smile Wider - Get Cash Back while you Shop!

Bonusbay Singapore - Buy Smarter, Smile Wider

Check out my new dresses, I even got money back after buying them!

(Sara Shantelle Lim wearing Sun Goddess Cover Up Dress from Shopbop)

Would you like to receive money or cash back whenever you shop? With Bonusbay, you can get money back based on your online purchases. Bonusbay is a complete free service and is easy to use. All you need to do is purchase any product as per normal and your bonus cashback will be accumulated. Once that balance amount has reached 15SGD, you can transfer it to your PayPal account.

For me, this is hassle free compared to going down to a physical store to purchase. Moreover, I get to enjoy cashbacks on top of my purchase! I love the great savings I get with Bonusbay!

Here is a simple explanation on how Bonusbay works..

Yes, it’s just that easy! There are several online shops I frequent, and even blogged about before. 
For example: ZALORA Singapore, which is currently the most popular with a bonus of 8%.


Now, I shall share with you my purchases and personal experience at Bonusbay.

Step 1:
Login or create an account to join for free!

Step 2:
Select the shop you wish to purchase from, click ‘Get Bonus’ and it will direct you to the actual website, which will automatically recognize you as a Bonusbay user.
*Make sure that you do not have AdBlock on and Allow Browser Cookies.

Step 3:
Select items that you wish to buy and add to shopping cart.
*Do take note that the price is in USD for Shopbop!

Here are the purchases I made from SHOPBOP!


Step 4:
Proceed to checkout

Step 5:
Select your shipping address.

You can add a new shipping address or use an existing one here, 
and orders above $100 are entitled to free shipping.

Here are your order details to ensure that the items are correct.

Step 6:
Enter your credit card information and billing address.
We’re almost done!

Step 7:
Place your order.

Just to double confirm your order again here. 
*Do take note that the price is in USD! Converted to SGD would be $123.70.

And the purchase is done!

Step 8:
Check Bonusbay for your cashback.

Now to check back to Bonusbay. 
The cash back I received was $2.70!


Now, I shall share my online shopping experience 
at ZALORA Singapore!

Step 1:
Click on ‘Get Bonus’, which will redirect you to Zalora’s website.

Step 2: 
Add to Bag the products you wish to buy.

I really love the colors and embellishments for this dress.

Step 3: 
Click on Secure Checkout

Step 4: 
Input your Address and Credit Card information

Step 5: 
Click on 'Order Now'

And the order is made!

Back to Bonusbay again, the cash back I received
for shopping at ZALORA Singapore was $5.71.




FINAL REVIEW - My total purchases for both Shopbop and Zalora amounted to $195.10 and my cash back received was $8,41. Seems pretty good to me! What a great way to save with Bonusbay!

Overall, I find Bonusbay a great way to save money for online shopping and it is really simple to use and navigate as well. The concept of Bonusbay is easy to understand and allow customers to enjoy great savings shopping online at their favorite merchants and stores :)

to start your online shopping now! 

for The SG Sisters readers 
Simply by clicking on the link!

Sara Shantelle Lim
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  1. Thank you for explaining the steps so clearly :) i am gonna use it

    Place Match Asia

  2. Great explanation! I shall use Bonusbay to shop at Strawberry.Net and Shopbop from now onwards!