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Tuesday 30 September 2014

EVENTS - Sara Shantelle Lim at Le Danz 8th Anniversary Dance Party - Dress sponsored by Dolce2Dolce

Le Danz 8th Anniversary Party
Address: 222 Queen Street, #01-01/02, Singapore 188550

LE DANZ - Covering a space of over 4,200 square feet, Le Danz aims to provide you the space to host your next event. It is also a popular place for ballroom dancing and for chilling out. I was invited to attend their 8th Anniversary Dance Party where VIP guests were treated to a night of wonderful drinks and ballroom dancing performances. My girlfriend Natasha and I had a relaxing night of socializing and chilling to the music. We were also enthralled by the wonderful ballroom dancers who were extremely talented and graceful in their dance moves. I wish I could learn ballroom dancing as well in my free time and perform like them! Talking about ballroom dancing, I can't help thinking of my wonderful Socialite girlfriend - Rosalynn Tay who loves ballroom dancing and even takes part in competitions. I think she would definitely love this place!

Christine Tan - Le Danz & CITISPA Owner and Sara Shantelle Lim

CITISPA is a leading Spa and Wellness company in Singapore with 24 locations islandwide.

I love this sexy dance.. The guy can shake better than anyone!?


 This is the most romantic dance ever..

If only I can dance like that... So beautiful..

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Special thanks to Dolce2Dolce for sponsoring my beautiful white gown. Many friends complimented that I look beautiful and elegant in this outfit. I love how this white gown fits perfectly on my body and the smooth silky flow of it when I move around. Natasha says I look very feminine and graceful! Simple and elegant. If you need to rent or buy a dress/gown for an upcoming occassion, do check out Dolce2Dolce as they provide beautiful dresses/gowns at reasonable prices!

Sara Shantelle Lim's gown is sponsored by Dolce2Dolce

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Sara Shantelle Lim
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