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Sunday 26 October 2014

SYDNEY - Supercar D'elegance presents Sydney Polo Gold Cup 2014 @ Sydney Polo Club

SYDNEY - D'elegance presents Sydney Polo Gold Cup 2014 @ Sydney Polo Club - It was my first time watching Polo in Sydney, Australia and I was really excited as I love admiring the sheer magnificence and beauty of horses. I find horses very graceful and elegant just like some of the sleek exotic cars that race down the roads. Dressed entirely in white in Forever New together with my silver Salvatore Ferragamo clutch bag, I was looking almost like a bride!

LE MONTAGE @ Lilyfield - Organized by Supercar D'elegance who hold regular Supercars Sunday Meet at Le Montage located at Lilyfield, it was an event not to be missed! We met early morning at Le Montage before heading down to Richmond in a colorful convoy of cars. The new Lamborghini Huracan arrived in front of us and I love the sound of his engine. I also can't help but take photo with the beautiful Ferrari 458 spider! There were so many different super cars and it was a wonderful sight and I love how each car's engine roars differently. Each individual car characteristic was special!

SYDNEY POLO CLUB - Located in Richmond, this exclusive Sydney Polo Club extend vast acres of land and was beautifully decorated with colorful flags. Upon arrival, we were ushered in to the VIP area reserved specially for Supercar D'elegance guests. Under the white tent, we were served free flow of champagne, vintage wines and delicious canapés. I like how fresh pizza was made every few minutes and served to all of us as well. It was a really hot and sunny day and I had a wonderful time catching up with fellow car enthusiasts and friends from the Lamborghini Club Australia :)

The Sydney Gold Cup 2014 event was attended by more than 5,000 people. Held on 19 Oct 2014, the event is a highlight for the Sydney Polo Club and on the social calendar for the social elite. The event was attended by many high society elite as well as super cars enthusiasts. Super car owners were also invited to form a convoy to parade around the entire Polo match field to showcase our beautiful cars where onlookers can marvel and take photos. Of course, the Bat Mobile stole the limelight! Among the Supercars, there were Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, Aston Martins, Mercedes-Benz SLS, Maseratis etc.

BATMOBILE Australia - The world's only street legal Bat Mobile is found in Sydney! Batman and his Bat-mobile made a special appearance and swept all the women off their feet. It was an amazing sight and I was so happy to take a picture together with the sexy Batman. Batman's number 1 fan took 2 years to build the World's first street-legal bat mobile in Sydney together with his grandfather. 29 year old - Zac gets mobbed by fans and huge crowds everywhere he goes. He is an amazing man who takes the Batmobile to bring happiness to little children and supports Make a Wish foundation. Believe it or not, the Batmobile has attracted offers of up to 1 million dollars from a businessman in Sydney and a Sheik in Dubai. To find out more about Zac Mihajlovic and his batman adventures go to or Instagram @batmobileaustralia

Here are more amazing photos I took of the Polo Match and beautiful horses in action!

SHOW JUMPING - It was my first time watching Olympic standard show jumping and it was quite a sight! The rider needs to guide the horse and jump across high hurdles which proved to be quite a feat. I guess the riders require lots of months if not years of preparation and training in order to perform such a magnificent stunt.

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