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Monday 3 November 2014

Fine-Dining - CHOTTO MATTE - Gastropub. Japanese Restaurant. Bar & Grill - Newly Opened at 54 Blair Road, Singapore

Chotto Matte 
Gastropub. Japanese Restaurant. Bar & Grill
Address - 54 Blair Road, Singapore 089954
Phone: +65 6222-8846
Opening hours: Daily 5pm until late

CHOTTO MATTE - Gastropub. Japanese Restaurant. Bar & Grill - I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and was delighted to be invited to this newly opened Japanese restaurant to try out their delicious Japanese cuisine and I must say I was utterly impressed with the quality of good and the high level of customer service. Located in the picturesque Spottiswoode neighborhood, CHOTTO MATTE is located in a quiet and cozy corner but you honestly can't missed this amazing Japanese restaurant with its strikingly white entrance which is simple yet elegant. Inspired by the founders quest to offer customers a whole new dining experience where traditional cooking methods of the East and cleverly infused with modern Western influences, this results in a timeless culinary experience where delicate and carefully prepared Japanese dishes are combined with exceptional European inspirations. With an extensive list of specially imported Japanese sake, wine , single malt whisky and beer, customers are able to pair their choice of liquor to the food for a memorable dining experience. 

CHOTTO MATTE which means "to wait a little" seems to signify how one is able to escape the busy urban life by entering this quaint and cozy Japanese restaurant to indulge in a relaxing dining experience while everything else can simply wait. An interesting name for a restaurant indeed! With its dim lightings and beautiful soothing music playing in the background, it was definitely a great place to chill and catch up with loved ones and friends. Customers can choose to sit indoors and outdoors. The private dining area that comes with a sushi bar and open concept kitchen allow customers to see how the chef carefully prepares each dish carefully with intricate details and focus. 

WHAT TO ORDER - For the adventurous diner or for those who trust the chef in selecting his freshest produce to showcase his exceptional culinary skills, do opt for "OMAKASE" which starts from $100 per person onwards, you will definitely not be disappointed. Just simply tell the chef your budget and he is able to create a special customized menu according to your preferences. If not, do browse the Ala-Carte menu and select the wide variety of dishes to try. Indulge in fresh sushi pieces that simply melts in your mouth or grilled yakitori sticks that are cooked to perfection. My ultimate favorite dish is the "Hotate Foguara" which is pan fried Hokkaido Scallops topped with Foie Gras.

PURE SPRING WATER - Chef Roy focuses on the purity of water in his cooking. He personally carried and brought back to Singapore an oxygen tank looking machine from Japan that transforms our piped water to soft spring water. He believes that using the right water helps to bring out the utmost best taste of his dishes to fascinate diners. It is no wonder that he has created a loyal following of regular customers who never fail to visit him at least once a week. 

SECRET TIP: Fresh fish is delivered every Tues and Fri so do visit on these days to enjoy your meal to the fullest!

Main Entrance of CHOTTO MATTE

Amazing Cold unfiltered Sake -  Must Try!

Chef Roy
Fresh fish is delivered to Chotto Matte every Tuesdays and Fridays.
So this is when you can enjoy the best and freshest seafood.

Omasake starts from $100 a person

Tako Octopus - Springy and cooked to perfection!

Fresh Sushi - So fresh they simply melt in my mouth and tasted heavenly!

Sea bream tai, Yellow Tail, Muki Hotate Fresh Scallop, Uni

Dobin Mushi - Delicious Fish Soup, cooked with fresh fish bones. Sweet, nourishing and yummy!

HOTATE FOGUARA - Pan fried Hokkaido Scallops topped with Foie Gras - My favorite dish! I love the texture of the fresh scallops and how the foie gras helped to bring out the tastiness of this dish!

Japanese Beef Curry Noodles - For huge fans of Japanese curry, this dish is a must try!

Delicious dessert - Yuzu Sorbert with Sweet Melon

Chef Roy says that using the correct water is most important when it comes to cooking.
This machine is bought especially from Japan, so that it can produce the right spring water to create the perfect water for cooking and creating dishes that are out of this world.

Chef Roy and the Bar

Formal Dining Area

CHOTTO MATTE - This restaurant is definitely added to my list of favorite Japanese restaurants to visit to indulge in fresh sushi and sashimi in Singapore. 


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