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Wednesday 12 November 2014

HALLOWEEN 2014 - Celebrating Halloween 2014 in Singapore by Sara Shantelle Lim


Celebrating Halloween 2014 in Singapore by Sara Shantelle Lim - Halloween Celebrations have a ubiquitous presence in our World and few of us know the true origin and meaning of Halloween which in actual fact revolves around a ceremony of honouring our ancestors and the day of the dead. It is believed that during this time, the worlds between the living and the dead meet and where some are able to "see" the other side of life. Yet, the modern Halloween is quite the opposite where people all around the World seize the opportunity to dress up wearing costumes that are not only out of this world, scary, cute and some simply hilarious! Halloween has been transformed from a sombre pagan ritual to a day of merriment, celebration, costumes, parades and "trick or treating" for children.

"Trick or Treating" - A customary practice for children during Halloween where they dressed up in costumes and knock on doors from house to house asking for sweet treats. "Trick" is often an idle threat to perform mischief on the home-owners if no treat is given. In America, Halloween celebrations are very elaborated where many home-owners take loads of time and effort to decorate their entire homes with plastic skeletons, artificial spider-webs, pumpkins etc. and children were invited into their homes for a "scare". A few years ago, I was lucky to celebrate Halloween in NEW YORK and visited many haunted homes for trick or treating and it was such a memorable experience.

Halloween in Singapore - Unlike the United States, Halloween in Singapore is celebrated mostly in night clubs instead of visiting homes. Singapore's number 1 club - ZOUK is famously known to have the biggest Halloween celebrations where annually, regular party-goers dress up in an elaborate affair renting costumes from costume shops or simply buying them online. I remember how the club had an entire chilling effect over me as though I was entering a haunted mansion filled with ghosts, zombies and walking corpses with blood stains on their clothes on body. While others do their best to look scary, I like to remain decent looking despite wearing a costume. So here I am in a Sailor costume for this year's Halloween celebrations where I attended a house party, ventured into FENIX ROOM and BANG BANG. It was quite a fun night hanging out with my girlfriends who were all fabulously dressed up in their unique costumes as well.

Below are some photos taken at my home by my awesome mother before I left home :)

Sara Shantelle Lim is dressed in a Sailor Costume, Sapphire necklace and Chanel Shoes.

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