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Sunday 21 December 2014

VIRAL - Singapore's Famous Bloggers Exposed for Buying Fake Instagram Followers #InstagramPurge

Singapore's Top Blogger - Xiaxue lost 30,000 Instagram followers

VIRAL - Singapore Famous Bloggers Exposed for Buying Fake Instagram Followers - Recent news in the Media highlighted how several well-known bloggers and personalities in Singapore experienced a sharp decline in the number of followers on their Instagram Profiles after an Instagram Purge. It is definitely shocking to read how some of them resorted to buying followers to fake their own celebrity fame and popularity. We really wonder how much money have they spent in doing so? While most of them when interviewed welcomed the Instagram Purge or simply laugh it off, exposing this truth has clearly harmed their reputation and clearly shows how they lack honesty and integrity.

Many of our friends and fans have asked us what we thought of the matter and here are some of our thoughts with no offense to anyone:

1. THE SG SISTERS is a new blog started in Jan 2013. We started blogging not for profit reasons but purely out of the passion for writing and sharing our unique experiences with people who have interest in our lives mainly for our family, relatives, friends etc. We did not start this blog to make money. Therefore, we do not consider ourselves as full time bloggers and see no need to compete with other bloggers in terms of number of followers. As Business Owners ourselves, we have busy schedules and our own businesses play a much more important role in our lives.

2. While we have utmost respect for top Bloggers in Singapore, we are extremely surprised that some of them have resorted to buying followers and we think that this is a lack of integrity and fair competition. We hope in future, there will be more transparency, clarity and fairness.

3. THE SG SISTERS have never resorted to buying Instagram Followers. We can humbly declare we just signed up for Instagram a few months ago and seriously, we did not know that there was a possibility of buying followers and honestly, we would really spend our money on other more useful things. So hope this answers your questions on whether we bought any Instagram followers or not. We are pretty new to Instagram and our number of followers are growing :)

4. THE SG SISTERS is never a blog targeted for mass market but rather a niche market. Our blog features on Luxury and all things related to Luxury, therefore we do not see a need to compete in the number of followers or in the fame game. Our aim is not to be the most famous Bloggers but rather we want to be Bloggers who make a difference. We aim to fill in the gap in the Blogging Industry by offering professional Blogging services to businesses who wish to engage bloggers who write well, share their real life experiences and work professionally. Some businesses who have engaged us have alerted us how they have worked with previous Bloggers who were always late for meetings, uncontactable, rude, unprofessional and write in poor English while others have just received free services and did not even blog for the companies in return.

5. THE SG SISTERS love and enjoy writing. Blogging has allowed us to share our beautiful photos and thoughts in writing. We hope all blog visitors gain some valuable information or knowledge and most importantly, leave our blog site with happiness :) We always aim to inspire others positively and share real information to the best of our knowledge. Therefore, we have also been extremely selective in choosing which companies to work with and hope to achieve a greater outcome from our different collaboration efforts and tie-ups with the businesses that we work closely with.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Engaging Bloggers/Influencers with high number of Followers does not necessarily mean you will get better results. There are many other variables to consider such as whether such Followers are active or inactive? whether they have the Spending Power/Money to purchase your products and services? whether the blog has high Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? whether the followers or blog visitors actually read the written content or just simply gazing/gawking at photos?

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