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Thursday 22 January 2015

SYDNEY - Supercar d'Elegance Morning Coffee - SUPERCAR Sunday Drive from Sydney to Camden Valley

Supercar d'Elegance

VIDEO - Lora Christelle Lim - Supercar d'Elegance at Le Montage 
on 18 Jan 2015 - Supercars Drive

SYDNEY - Supercar d'Elegance Morning Coffee - SUPERCAR SUNDAY DRIVE 2015 - On the 18th of January 2015, I woke up really early in the morning around 7am, had a lovely gourmet buffet breakfast given to me complimentary by the hotel manager of Novotel Wollongong NorthBeach Hotel then drove to Pyrmont in Sydney to switch my Mercedes-Benz CLS 250 CDI Sports Coupe to my Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Thank God for the sunny and gorgeous day as the great weather allowed me to drive my Lamborghini with the top down and admire the beautiful scenery.

Lora Christelle Lim dressed in a bright yellow Korean dress with Chanel pearls 
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Lamborghini Diablo and Mercedes-Benz SLS 

Supercar d'Elegance @ Le Montage (Lilyfield) - Supercar Sunday Coffee Meets organized by Supercar d'Elegance takes place once every month. It is a time where car enthusiasts gather at Le Montage (Lilyfield) to enjoy freshly brewed coffee or gourmet sandwiches/wraps at Thirty 8 Espresso Bar. I must say the coffee is deliciously good and I do enjoy the smoothness and richness of the coffee. It is also a time for mingling and networking among car enthusiasts where the most beautiful supercars of Sydney which includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi R8, Aston Martin, Maserati, McLaren, Jaguar, other Muscle and Exotic Cars etc. are being showcased in the vast open-spaced carpark. Many people came over to take a look at my new Carbon Fibres on my Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder done by David Butler from Lamborghini Sydney / Autohaus Prestige and they love it! It was also great to catch up with Sam from Supercar d'Elegance who invited us to his next event taking place on Australia Day at Doltone House.

SUPERCARS SUNDAY DRIVE - After grabbing a cup of coffee and a light breakfast, some of us proceeded for a lovely Sunday drive from Sydney to Camden Valley for lunch specially organized by Simon, Robert Crane and John Edwards. I was looking forward to a sumptuous Italian lunch at Trattoria La Vigna Italian restaurant after hearing all the positive reviews about their food. All of us lined-up in a convoy and headed down Sydney city roads in a colourful convoy. It was simply a beautiful sight and many people both drivers and pedestrians were smiling at us (some waving) as we drove down the roads in a stylish fashion. I took some amazing videos of all the exotic Supercars driving around me and some of them are pretty hilarious.

VIDEO - Lora Christelle Lim - Sydney Supercars - Ferraris 
chasing after Lamborghini on 18 Jan 2015

Driving from Sydney to Camden Valley - On our way driving down from Sydney to Camden, we stopped at a Caltex Petrol Station as some of us had to re-fill petrol into our cars. These Supercars seriously drink fuel like water especially when most of us turned the air-condition on really strong due to the really hot weather. You should be mentally prepared to spend lots of money on petrol if you intend to drive a Supercar. The sun was scorching and I was melting in my car so after much perseverance, I finally closed the top of my car and turned up my air-condition to the maximum to cool down. I should have considered wearing a sexy bikini like Sarah Wyse who enjoyed sun-bathing in her white Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with the top down.

The funny thing about driving in such a large convoy of cars is that it is extremely difficult to stick together in 1 big group. We always get separated into smaller groups due to traffic lights, traffic flows and of course due to driving at different speeds. Eventually, some people got lost or the "fast and furious ones" drove too fast and overshot the destination. I always believe in maintaining and keeping within the legal speed limits as safety comes first! Furthermore, driving at a slower speed allows me to whip out my iPhone to take beautiful photos and amazing videos to share with everyone to keep as precious memories.

VIDEO - Lora Christelle Lim - Supercars Drive Day from Sydney
to Camden on 18 Jan 2015

Trattoria La Vigna Italian Restaurant in Camden - We finally arrived at the restaurant and indulged in a 3 course Italian Lunch. Food was pretty good but it was the company that was the most important! The turnout for this Supercars drive is simply fantastic as we had more than 50 people in total. Most of the people consisted of members of the Ferrari Club Australia NSW and the Lamborghini Australia NSW Members Club. I had the pleasure of meeting old and making new friends as well. It is definitely an awesome drive day to remember!

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I love my Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder :)

VIDEO - Lora Christelle Lim thinks her Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder looks like an AUTOBOT after watching the Transformers movie!

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