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Tuesday 10 March 2015

Lora's Pre-Wedding Photography Part 1 - BEAUTIFUL LOVE WEDDING - The "Princess" Gown

Lora Christelle Lim dressed in Beautiful Love Wedding "Princess" gown

Beautiful Love Wedding
Address: 70 Tras Street, Singapore 079009
Phone: 65 6223 0638

Wearing a beautiful wedding gown is like a fairytale dream come true and every girl has dreamt about her ideal wedding gown that will make her sparkle and glow with happiness from a young tender age. The "dress" that is of great significance is one that has been contemplated for many months, years and it is the result of tonnes of research to select the "perfect dress". Flipping countless bridal magazines, reading up on wedding websites, scanning Facebook to look at what your friends' wedding are like, speaking to wedding boutiques and professionals, discussing the various elements with friends, family, relatives etc. It is always about the details as even the smallest of details matters. Every bride wants to leave a lasting impression for her groom as well as for everyone else who is looking. Every bride deserves to look the most beautiful in her wedding gown so it is of extreme importance to select a wedding gown that is made with fine craftsmanship, exudes sophistication, luxury and refinement. 

Lora Christelle Lim dressed in Beautiful Love Wedding "Princess" gown

Beautiful Love Wedding is one of the renowned bridal boutiques in Singapore which provides exquisite quality bridal services, finely embroidered designer wedding gowns as well as highly experienced wedding photography and cinematography services.

Beautiful Love Wedding aims to help every bride-to-be to find her dream wedding gown and every couple to create a beautiful love wedding experience from the pre wedding to their actual wedding day.

One unique service of Beautiful Love Wedding is their emphasis on using high quality wedding gowns. Each year, Beautiful Love Wedding would come up with new wedding gown designs in high quality material so that all customers will have better quality gowns for the most important day of their lives - the wedding.

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Lora and Beautiful Love Wedding - I was delighted to work with Beautiful Love Wedding as they are a very professional bridal boutique in Singapore that not only carries the most elegant, beautiful and exquisite wedding gowns, they are extremely passionate about the work they do. I had the opportunity to take a look at all the designs of their newest collection of Wedding Gowns, discuss my personal preference and finally decide on which gowns I would like to wear for my pre-wedding photo shoot. I selected a total of 3 wedding gowns which included the "Princess" gown, the "Grace" gown under the Grandeur Collection and the "Tangerine" gown under the Colours Collection. White has always been my favorite color so it should not come as a surprise that I chose 2 white gowns out of the 3. Do not forget my nickname was "WhiteGaL" when I used to play Counterstrike many years back in various competitions. Click on each image to enlarge photos :)


The "Princess" gown - I love this "Princess" gown as together with the sweetheart neckline, the off-shoulders design exudes beauty and elegance. The long trail that falls behind creates a soft exuberance almost like a "cloud" effect that is soft, flowy and dreamy. This "Princess" gown is absolutely gorgeous with its classy and sophisticated silhouette, I felt almost like a real demure princess while moving daintily in it. Walking down the hallway in a majestic and graceful manner, it was definitely a sight to behold! This "Princess" gown is made with beautiful delicate fabric, chantilly lace and a fine masterpiece that makes every bride feel like a royalty! An immaculate creation that is made from refined craftsmanship, the "perfect" dress for a discerning bride who wants to look ravishingly beautiful.

                         Lora Christelle Lim dressed in Beautiful Love Wedding "Princess" gown

Special Credits - This Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot took place at the newly opened Sofitel So Singapore hotel luxury suite with private balcony. All photos are taken by talented Timothy Yap from Blackwater Photography. Flowers are specially designed and created by renowned Japanese Flower Artist - Dan Takeda. Hair & Makeup are done by The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist.

Flowers by renowned Japanese Flower Artist - DAN TAKEDA who does flower arrangement for Christian Dior, Gucci, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and luxury hotels etc.  

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Hair & Makeup done by The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist

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Photography by Timothy Yap from Blackwater Photography -
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Sara Shantelle Lim's dress by DOLCE2DOLCE -

*STAY TUNE as I will be writing about my other Wedding Gowns in the next few days :)

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- BEAUTIFUL LOVE WEDDING - The "Tangerine" Gown

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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  1. Congratulations lovely! Looking good in white!

  2. You look stunning Lora! Love all your beautiful gowns and the flowers!