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Sunday 19 April 2015

SYDNEY - Lamborghini Club Australia Combined NSW and VIC Members Easter Meet @ ALBURY

Lora Christelle Lim at Mount Beauty with her Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Lamborghini Club Australia
SYDNEY - Lamborghini Club Australia Combined NSW and VIC Members East Meet - During the long Easter weekend, some of us met up in Albury and stayed for a couple of nights at Albury Manor House. We spent time driving and exploring around the beautiful countryside of Albury NSW as well as got to know one another better. As there were double demerits during the Easter Weekend, all of us drove really carefully within the legal speed limits to avoid any trouble. We also brought big smiles to many petrol stations and their staff as our cars do drink lots of fuel. You seriously wouldn't want to know how much we spend on petrol! 

I always enjoy attending club events and meeting new members as being the youngest member in the club, I am always eager to learn and gather new knowledge from others. Most of them are able to afford such expensive Supercars because of the sheer amount of hard work and sacrifice they went through in their younger days. None of them relied on their rich parents to buy them one so when they finally bought one, they feel immense joy and tremendous satisfaction! It is always amazing to learn how these people achieved success and now be able to enjoy so much leisure time with the steady inflow of passive income. They are of great inspiration to me and their love and great passion for cars is simply admirable! Some of them even picked up car mechanic skills in order to spend time fixing their cars in their own garages. Maybe one day I will too! 

Lora Christelle Lim's Gallardo goes faster than an Aventador but not for long...

DARTMOUTH DAM - We enjoyed a lovely drive to check out the largest capacity dam in Victoria that stores over 4 million megalitres of high quality water from the alpine areas of Victoria. As it was quite a quiet area, we all got down from our cars, enjoyed the beautiful and tranquil scenery that surrounded us and took some pretty amazing photos. It was also hilarious to spot 40 speed limit signboards where we decided to feature the fast and furious Lamborghini Aventador as a "role model". A Facebook comment we received was that "you might as well push the car" as like all Supercars, all Lamborghinis only enjoy going really fast and definitely not below 40km/h. Some even joked that our cars get really angry when we go this slow!!!

MITTA MITTA - We drove to the iconic The Mitta Pub formerly known as The Laurel Hotel located at Mitta Mitta which is known as the jewel in the crown of Mitta Valley for lunch. The view was spectacular outside the dining room as it overlooks Snowy creek and it set in the middle of bush surroundings. Lush greenery, beautiful trees and a sparkling river running, I must say Australia is extremely beautiful! This is a little beautiful spot for a relaxing and cozy lunch and a perfect stopover. The owner also requested to take a photo of our beautiful cars so take a look at this!

Lamborghinis parked outside The Mitta Pub in Mitta Mitta -

MOUNT BEAUTY - The most beautiful and scenic drive was to Mount Beauty located at the Southern end of picturesque Kiewa Valley and at base of the state's highest mountain - Mount Bogong. There were stunning lookouts along the way and we were able to enjoy the scenic backdrops of Mother Nature's greatest creations. It was a magnificent drive through windy and curvy mountainous roads where we get to test our driving skills to the limit, passing through beautiful trees filled with striking autumn leaves. Deep ruby reds, rich golden yellows, vivid pinks of the dazzling autumn leaves together with the colors of our cars created a truly enchanting kaleidoscope of colors! Thrusting our cars as take each corner without braking was adrenalin-pumping. We stopped by at Treats cafe to enjoy some hot coffee and gourmet sandwiches before continuing on our drive. Everyone learned from me how to do the "Scissors" hand sign during photo-taking as it signifies our love and admiration for Lamborghini's iconic "scissors doors"!

DINNER AT ALBURY MANOR HOUSE - Most of the nights we had dinner at Albury Manor House as most of us were extremely tired from an entire day's of driving. Also, it was easier for those who enjoy drinking alcohol to simply go upstairs to their hotel room to sleep without having any worries about getting caught for drink driving by the police. None of us would risk losing our driver's license! I look forward to attending the next event as every drive is a refreshing new journey where I get to explore fresh new places and gain new insights! Life is beautiful and truly interesting! :)

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If you own a Lamborghini, we welcome you to join the club!

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I love my Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder :)

VIDEO - Lora Christelle Lim thinks her Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder looks like an AUTOBOT after watching the Transformers movie!

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