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Sunday 10 May 2015

SYDNEY - Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park - where animals roam freely around 80 acres of bushland ...

Address: 1 Darkinjung Road, Calga NSW 2250, Australia
Opening hours: Daily 9am-5pm
Tickets: AUD$24/adult AUD$12/child

SYDNEY - Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park - Located North of Sydney City just approximately 1.5 hours drive away lies a special wildlife park that allows visitors to get up-close and personal with Australia's favourite wildlife animals. Most interestingly, some of the animals are allowed to roam freely around the park and are not kept in enclosures. I love animals especially the cute furry ones so living in Australia has been almost a dream come true. There are just so many wildlife animals that I saw for the first time in my life and I enjoy getting to know/learn more about them. I am also getting used to outdoor adventures and bush-walking...

ANIMALS ROAMING FREELY - Initially, I was a little apprehensive about getting too close to the animals for the fear of being attack but soon realized that most of the animals are tamed and are far from aggressive. The animals roaming free around the 80 acres of bushland are accustomed to people and were quite friendly. I managed to pluck up my courage and pat a few animals that include the cute Koala bear, Emu, Wallabies etc. 

MOUNT WHITE - After I finished taking a look at all the animals, I decided to climb up to the top of Mount White to enjoy panoramic views of lush greenery and enjoy the crisp, fresh air.

PETTING ZOO - A kids-friendly zone where visitors get to meet Waffles the Pig and his farmyard friends the Alpacas, Miniature Goats, Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks and Guinnea Pigs

WHAT ANIMALS ARE THERE? - Koalas, Dingoes, Flying Foxes, Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Spot Tail Quolls (Tiger Quolls), Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Pythons, Lizards, Dragons, Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Boobook Owls, Tawny Frogmouths, Bilbies, Potoroos, Bandicoots, Sugar Gliders, Pygmy Possums, Bettongs, Ring Tail Possums, Peacocks etc.

OVERALL REVIEW - A highly recommended place to visit for tourists visiting Australia and for locals for a lovely weekend getaway especially with your children. An enjoyable day spent and I will definitely bring my family here when they visit me in Australia in July 2015 :)

Tips: Apply lots of Sunblock lotion when you venture outdoors in Australia. The sun is scorching hot despite approaching Winter season very soon... I find it really difficult to stay fair here :X
Feeding the Huacaya Alpaca

I spotted a beautiful Peacock!

I wish I could hug the Koala 

Sitting beside my new friend - a baby Wallaby

VIDEOS - I took some interesting videos to share :)

Watch how the ranger tickles the Flying Fox so that it spreads open its magnificient wings!

Wallabies are sleeping so don't think they are too happy if I disturbed them!

Cockatoo demands to be fed and bit the Ranger on her legs

"Give the Emu a little pat if it lets you" says the Ranger

♥ Lora Christelle Lim 
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