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Monday 22 June 2015

Aesthetics - Professional and Talented Hairstylist - Kevin Kool from Hair Visuals in Singapore

Professional Hairstylist - Kevin Kool
Contact number: 65 97297081    Email:

PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST and HAIRSTYLING EXPERT - Kevin Kool from Hair Visuals is simply so talented! I am greatly impressed by his creative skills in styling very interesting hairstyles as though all his clients are all preparing for a Hair Show. He is able to create a new and refreshing look that is unique. I would term it "bespoke hairstyling" as he is able to skilfully craft a new hairstyle and sparkling image that brings out the best of one's individual personality and character. Kevin Kool reminded me of the famous quote "A Hairstylist touches more Hearts than Hair" as he helped to increase my self confidence by making me look more beautiful. Life is indeed more beautiful when you meet the right hairdresser!

1 Hour Hair Transformation - In less than 1 hour, working his magic fingers around my delicate tresses, he managed to transformed my dull-looking hair into one beautiful hairstyle that exudes great sophistication and elegance. I informed him that I needed my hair to look fantastic as I was heading to Raffles Hotel Singapore for an event under the invitation from Dato Elaine Teh. When my hair was finally curled and done, I was in awe at how beautiful my hair looked especially from behind. I look like an elegant "princess" with beautiful curls. Thank you Kevin Kool for your wonderful work and I appreciate passionate hairstylists like yourself who take great pride in your work. 

LEARNING HAIRSTYLING IN JAPAN & AUSTRALIA - Kevin Kool, at age 34 is a young hairstylist with great potential. He learned professional hairstyling in Tokyo, Japan and in Australia from renowned Aussie Hairstylist - Sharon Blain. He has more than 14 years of experience in hair styling is also a man of character and has many interesting stories to tell. As he was styling my hair, he explained to me how he learned that in Japan, most women take great pride in their hair and the hair salon on a daily basis to style their hair. I was amazed to hear that and I really wish I could enjoy the same luxury!

HAIRSTYLING FOR EVENTS & WEDDINGS - I highly recommend that you contact Kevin Kool if you require a special hairstyle to attend any special event or occassion. He is able to complete a beautiful hairstyle just for you in less than 1 hour and he charges very reasonable prices from SGD$100-$120. 

"Your hair is your best accessory..."
"Good Hair Days make me feel like I can take over the World..."

Below are some more magnificent works by Kevin Kool done on my beautiful girlfriend Bella Fernandez. She was the one who recommended Kevin Kool to me how nice! Thank you Bella :) 

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