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Friday 19 June 2015

Foodpanda - Food Delivery in Singapore to your Doorstep - Fast, reliable and convenient! Free delivery too!

foodpanda - Food Delivery in Singapore
Website -
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With more than 400+ restaurants to choose from!
*Free delivery applicable for some restaurants*

Foodpanda Singapore - Recently, I discovered a very interesting website which provides fast, reliable and convenient food delivery in Singapore. As my sister Lora Christelle Lim decided to stay in Singapore for 2 days after our family Europe trip, we decided to order food delivery to my home and invited several friends over for dinner and drinks before she flew back to Sydney. It was also my friend Lemuel Lee who is a regular and happy customer of foodpanda who suggested that we order food delivery through the website. Such strong word of mouth recommendation! We decided to give foodpanda food delivery a try for the first time!

STEP 1: Simply key in your postcode address 
and a list of restaurants will appear!

Ordering Food Delivery from - The foodpanda website is extremely user-friendly. Once the page was loaded, I simply had to key in my postal code address and voila!, a large list of different companies that do food delivery to my home were displayed. With more than 400+ restaurants listed on the foodpanda website, customers are spoilt for choices. Even if you did not know what to eat, the large variety of food choices will definitely whet your appetite!

After keying in my postal code address, I was surprised to find that I was able to order so many different types of cuisines such as Italian, Thai, Indian, American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Singapore's local fare, Fast food etc. Most importantly, I was so happy that so many of these restaurants also provided FREE DELIVERY! What a fantastic deal and offer! With just a click of the mouse away on my computer, food was quickly delivered to my home which was really convenient! You can also pre-order and decide what date and time you prefer the food to be delivered to your address.

STEP 2: Select which restaurant you wish to order food from 
and click "Go to menu"

RESTAURANTS THAT DELIVER TO MY HOME ADDRESS - It was great to discover that so many high end and popular restaurants provided food delivery to my home and my favourites included Hard Rock Cafe, Spizza, Delifrance Bakery, Nandos Chicken, Swensen's, The Soup Spoon, Subway, Monster Japanese Curry, Shin Kushiya Japanese, PastaMania, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, Nara Thai, California Pizza Kitchen, Sake Sushi, Old Hong Kong Cafe, Ming Fa Fishball etc.  There were just so many choices to choose from!

THE YANG's TRADITIONAL HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE - As my sister Lora was craving for Singapore's local food, we decided to order some Hainanese Chicken rice from The Yang's Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice which arrived at my doorstep in less than 1 hour. Unbelievably fast delivery despite the fact being located in Serangoon area which was quite a distance away from my home at Tanglin Road in the city. I also liked the fact that the restaurant called almost immediately to re-confirm my order. The food was delivered up to my door and I paid cash to the delivery lady. The food was still warm and tasted absolutely delicious! All my friends and I enjoyed our chicken rice feast especially with the generous servings and fragrant Jasmine rice. They also provided sufficient disposable cutlery, serviettes, small packets of chilli sauce and sweet black sauce.

STEP 3: Choose what food items you wish to order from the food menu

STEP 4: Confirm Order - Select Date and Time (Pre-order is recommended)

Final Step: Secure Checkout - Input Delivery address and Payment Details

Foodpanda - 5 stars excellent food delivery in Singapore - All of us were genuinely impressed with foodpanda's food delivery website and their fast, efficient, reliable service. We will definitely visit the website to order food delivery in Singapore regularly especially during rainy days or days where we are simply too lazy to cook or step out of home. Foodpanda is definitely a trusted name for food delivery in Singapore and one of my favourite food delivery websites.

FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE FOODPANDA APP - You may also wish to download the foodpanda app to enjoy greater convenience! Simply search foodpanda at the App store for your free download of the app and start ordering your food delivery today!

Check out now for delicious food delivery!

TANGLIN ROAD HOME HOUSE PARTY - It was a wonderful gathering among friends and all of us enjoyed the delicious food ordered from the foodpanda website. Special thanks to everyone who took time off their busy schedules to visit my sister Lora before she flew back to Sydney. Congratulations to our girlfriend Jujube Li for making it to Harvard University as well! It has been such a long time since we last caught up!

 Jujube Li, Chan Kwai Sum, Lora Christelle Lim

Lora Christelle Lim, Sara Shantelle Lim, Prince Royale (Japanese spitz)


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