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Sunday 26 July 2015

Cake Avenue Singapore - Mummy's Birthday Dinner at new Dancing Crab restaurant at Orchard Central, Singapore

Address: 33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01/02, Kilat Centre, Singapore 598132
Phone: 65 6877 9008

Celebrating Mom's birthday at Dancing Crab at Orchard Central Singapore - It is my beloved mom's birthday and she loves eating fresh seafood and especially crabs. Therefore, we decided to book the newly opened Dancing Crab restaurant at Orchard Central shopping mall. Our good friend Norman Hartono from Tunglok Group helped organized our reservation and we received excellent customer service during our dinner. It was a small birthday dinner celebration for 25-30 people and all us enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

CAKE AVENUE birthday cake - This year, mom's birthday cake is really special as it is extremely pretty and almost too beautiful to be eaten. The 2-tier purple brooches birthday cake is definitely made to be fit for a "Queen" and my mom said the ribbons are simply lovely! Once the staff brought out the birthday cake, there were so many "Oooohs and Aaahhs" as it was truely the highlight of the birthday celebration! The birthday cake was served on top a plate of toy crabs with dry ice smoke oozing from it which added to the grand arrival of the Birthday cake! Most importantly, it is a chocolate fudge cake and everyone remarked that it was one of the best chocolate cake they have ever eaten. My mom love the cake as she said it was not too sweet and was baked just right. Every one truly enjoyed eating the birthday cake and so many asked for more second and third helpings! Besides the decadent chocolate which was ever so delicious, the fondant also tasted really good! It was a cake baked to perfection and a night where everyone was filled with happiness! The cake was the perfect dessert to end a wonderful night of celebration!

ABOUT CAKE AVENUE SINGAPORE - One of the most popular cake shops in Singapore who has a very strong online presence. They pride themselves in providing gourmet cakes to your doorstep with the simple click of a mouse away. Online orders are possible and with more than 25,000 Likes on Facebook, it is not surprising that Cake Avenue SG is a top favourite among Singaporeans. Their cakes are unique and you may order or customize any cake to suit any occasion! Deliciously good gourmet cakes that simply gets everyone raving about. Cake Avenue Singapore definitely provides cakes to make your special day a very memorable one! I highly recommend Cake Avenue cakes to everyone :)

Dancing crab added the "smoke element" using dry ice to add to the grand arrival 
of mom's birthday cake ordered from Cake Avenue Singapore!

My mom's favourite Calla Lilies flower bouquet is from Hallmark Flowers and Gifts

Not forgetting all the amazing alcohol we had for the night...

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