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Tuesday 21 July 2015

EUROPE TRIP 2015 - Visiting the official Lamborghini Factory & Museum in Bologna, Italy!

Second stop - Bologna
Official Lamborghini Factory
& Lamborghini Museum
Address: Via Modena, 12, I-40019 Sant'Agata Bolognese, BO, Italia
Opening hours : Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm 
Ticket prices: EUR$13 for museum only
EUR$40 for museum and factory (reservations necessary!)

Europe Trip 2015 - Bologna - Official Lamborghini Factory and Lamborghini Museum - One of the highlight of this Europe trip was to visit the official Lamborghini Factory to see how the magnificent Lamborghini cars are actually made and also to meet the various important people who helped build the Lamborghini brand, history and legacy. I have arranged to meet legendary former chief test driver of Lamborghini - Mr Valentino Balboni who had the best job in the world, working for Lamborghini for 40 years. He had to retire in October 2008 due to Italian government regulations. Valentino Balboni is the only Lamborghini employee who has a car model named after him. Customers are able to order limited edition of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni. 

Valentino Balboni sent me a selfie he took of himself and his beautiful Gallardo! #SELFIE

Traveling from Milan to Bologna by train - In order to get from Milan to Bologna, we took the Frecciarossa high speed train which travels up to 300km/h, allowing us to reach in approximately 1 hours' time. Train tickets can be easily purchased from the Trenitalia website and you can click on English on the top right corner for easy comprehension. Each train ticket costs around EUR$40 for Economy, EUR$60 for Business and EUR$90 for Executive First Class. 



Official Lamborghini Factory & Museum - Upon arriving at Bologna Central train station, we rented a Mercedes-Benz car and sped towards the Lamborghini Factory and museum as we did not want to be late. Upon arrival, a kind lady name Cristina welcomed us at the entrance and after paying the entrance fees of EUR$40 per person, we began our official Lamborghini Factory guided tour. 

The SG Sisters at the official Lamborghini Factory and Museum in Bologna, Italy

Entering the Lamborghini Factory - Inside the factory, no photography was allowed. Visitors were told to keep all belongings including cameras into lockers before entering. Once we stepped through the door, all of us were in awe as right in front of us, there were so many beautiful brand new Lamborghini Aventadors, Huracans etc. parked and proudly displayed in a myriad of colours at the carpark. It was a spectacular sight as all of them were freshly produced from the factory and were gleaming in all their glory. The paint on the cars were shining in perfection and I wished I could take a photo of this amazing sight. Some employees were also busy testing the sound of the engines of these freshly produced cars and the sound was deafening. However, being petrol heads and Lamborghini fans, we enjoyed watching how they were revving the engines of the beautiful Lamborghinis. At that point in time, all of us wished we could be one of the Lamborghini's test drivers. It will be like a dream come true!

Sara and Cristina with the red 1964 Lamborghini 350 GT - the 1st Lamborghini ever made!

Inside the Lamborghini Factory - After gazing in awe for quite some time, our tour guide then ushered us into the factory to take a close look at how each Lamborghini was made and I must say we were all very impressed at the neat, organized and precision of the Lamborghini Factory Line. They had a huge digital clock which acts as a timer for all factory workers to work within a certain time frame so each Lamborghini car moves down the Factory Line. An interesting fact about the factory is that each and every employee is trained in house. All of them are also encouraged to master the skills of fixing various parts of different models of Lamborghini cars for example: an employee who is assembling the doors of a Lamborghini Aventador could be fitting the engine of a Lamborghini Huracan in 6 months' time. This prevents boredom or stagnant growth of all factory assembly line workers. The most impressive thing about Lamborghini is that despite the advancements in technology, they are still extremely hands on. Most parts of the car are assembled by hands with the aid of tools instead of using high-tech machines. From start to finish, a V10 Huracan takes 40 minutes at 23 stations while an V12 Aventador 90 minutes at 12 stations to be completed on seperate assembly line. An assembly line worker is able to be promoted to become a test driver once he or she has mastered the Lamborghini inside out. Once a Lamborghini is completed, each car has to go through 3 rounds of testing before it is delivered to its new owner to ensure safety and precision.

Inside the Lamborghini Factory - photos taken from Lamborghini's official website

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster - At the end of the Factory tour, we spotted a jaw-dropping silver Lamborghini Veneno Roadster also known as Lamborghini's "jewel" which costs around EUR$5-7 million which sped past us but it was just too bad that we did not have a camera with us to snap a photo. There are only 9 Veneno Roadsters in this World and Lamborghini no longer manufacture it. We were extremely lucky to see one right before our very own eyes. Lucky us! It was definitely a defining moment in our lives.


A Lamborghini Avendator roadster "nailed to the wall" like a piece of art for all to admire!

Lamborghini Museum - Inaugurated in 2001, the museum tracks and showcases the important milestones of Lamborghini by allowing visitors to go on an enchanting journey into the past to understand the rich history of the company and brand. The museum spans across 2 levels and upon entering the museum, your eyes would be captivated by a stunning red 1964 Lamborghini 350 GT which started it all. It was the first Lamborghini car which Ferrucio Lamborghini built himself and showcased in the Turin Auto Show in October 1963. After receiving a good enough response from the show, Ferrucio Lamborghini bought a big plot of land and started production of his own Lamborghini supercars. An iconic feature in the museum is how a Lamborghini Aventador roadster is displayed as though it was "nailed to the wall" defying gravity. Also, there is a unique Lamborghini Police Car on display and apparently, Lamborghini actually gave the Italian State police a few Lamborghini cars to use! It was only later during our private lunch with Valentino Balboni where we found out some interesting stories of how people would ignore this Police car thinking that it was not a real police car or how some people would actually joked how they could get arrested so they can enjoy a ride in the Lamborghini police car. Overall, it was an interesting visit as we got to see all the different Lamborghini models which include the Miura S and its iconic “eyelashes”, the 350 GT, the Countach S, the Jalpa, the Espada, the Sesto Elemento, the Reventón and the other exclusive supercars etc.

VIDEO: Sara Shantelle Lim explores the second level of the Lamborghini Museum which showcases the Concept cars, the Sesto Elemento and the Huracan police car!

VIDEO: Sara Shantelle Lim explores the first level of the Lamborghini Museum which showcases the red 1964 Lamborghini 350 GT - the first Lamborghini ever made by 
Ferrucio Lamborghini! Other cars include the Miura S, Countach S, Diablo etc.

Lora Christelle Lim at Museo Lamborghini in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy

Different Lamborghini models can be found inside The Lamborghini Museum

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento - chassis, drive shaft, body panels are made of carbon fiber

The menacing looking Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Lora Christelle Lim standing beside the Lamborghini Miura Concept!

22 May, 2014 - Lamborghini donated a new 'Huracán LP 610-4 Polizia' to the Italian State Police  in Sant'Agata to replace the Gallardo they had in the service for over 6 years!

Lamborghini racing cars

Shopping for merchandise from The Lamborghini store to give away as souvenirs and gifts

The SG Sisters together with Valentino Balboni - former chief test driver for Lamborghini

 Lora Christelle Lim and Valentino Balboni at the entrance of Lamborghini Museum 


Private Lunch with Valentino Balboni - As it was my sister Sara Shantelle Lim's actual birthday, we had a mini birthday celebration lunch together with Valentino Balboni. It was such a great honour to meet Valentino Balboni in person as he waited for us at the Lamborghini museum so he can take us out for a nice Italian lunch at a nearby restaurant which featured many Lamborghini memorabilia. Sara gets to sit beside Valentino Balboni in the same car as he drove her to the restaurant. What a memorable birthday treat for Sara! Last year, Sara had a fully sponsored birthday bash in Singapore costing more than SGD40,000 which was the most talked about Birthday bash ever!

STORY OF VALENTINO BALBONI dubbed as having the "Best Job In the World!" - During our lunch with Valentino Balboni, we found him to be such a warm, friendly and kind gentleman who was neither snobbish nor arrogant despite his huge lifetime achievement. He was definitely a very charismatic man who was refined and amazingly good looking despite his age. We had a wonderful time getting to know him over a huge feast of authentic Italian cuisine which included hearty pasta and drinks. Valentino Balboni also revealed how he started working for Lamborghini and it was such a touching story which brought tears to his eyes. We could sense Valentino's great sense of gratefulness as he explained how he was offered a job simply out of pure luck and good fortune. It was one fateful day where Valentino was traveling with a friend from his small country village to the city in search for a job as he had finished school. As his car passed the Lamborghini factory, he saw a worker struggling to unload beautiful Miura bodies which arrived from Bertone alone from the truck and was kind enough to stop to help. In return for taking the initiative to help and for demonstrating his positive attitude, he was offered a job after filling up an application form! What an inspiring and incredible story! Valentino Balboni started working for Lamborghini from the bottom and quickly rose to the top to become the chief test driver as he was extremely hardworking and had the right positive attitude. He believed in "doing" more than just "talking". We also had the privilege of getting Valentino Balboni to sign on all the Lamborghini merchandise we bought. I also gave him an Australia aboriginal mug as a souvenir as well as a Lamborghini Club of Australia cap to keep. The Lamborghini Club of Australia NSW Members club is planning to invite both Cristina and Valentino Balboni to Australia for a visit in the near future. I can't wait to meet both of them again as they have made my visit to the Lamborghini Factory and Museum a very memorable one! 

VIDEO: Sara Shantelle Lim getting driven by Valentino Balboni - ex chief test driver of Lamborghini for 40 years in the same car on her actual birthday! What a memorable birthday!

Valentino Balboni drives Sara Shantelle Lim in the same car to lunch

Sara Shantelle Lim and Valentino Balboni

Sara Shantelle Lim blowing her birthday candles and cake with Valentino Balboni

The SG Sisters having a private lunch with Valentino Balboni 


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