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Friday 20 November 2015

My Dalmatian Puppy - Dotti

Lora Christelle Lim brings Dotti everywhere she goes...even in her Ferrari!

My Dalmatian Puppy - Dotti 
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NEWCASTLE, NSW, AUSTRALIA - As most of you already know, I recently got a Dalmatian Puppy from a NSW Registered Breeder located near Central Coast, NSW. My puppy Dotti is currently 4 months old and she is extremely active, loving and simply likes to play. We bought her many toys and dote on her a lot. Dotti also gets along well with my mini-lop bunny Snowy and they chase each other around my garden everyday. Hope they stay best friends forever! Enjoy the photos I took below and stay tune as I post more interesting photos in the coming days!

VIDEO - Look at the cute little Dalmatian puppies at the 
NSW Registered Breeder home

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