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Sunday 13 December 2015

WEDDINGS - Popular Wedding Dresses and Wedding Dresses in Trend - 2016 Wedding Dresses Designers Collection

WEDDINGS - Popular Wedding Dresses and Wedding Dresses in Trend - As part of my wedding preparation, I have been checking out Wedding Magazines, Websites, Instagram, Facebook etc. in search of what are the most beautiful wedding dresses that are in season. I must say as most brides only get to choose 3 wedding dresses to wear during the actual wedding day celebration, it is indeed a very tough decision as honestly, every wedding dress looks stunning! I was thinking of choosing 5 but most friends have advised me that I wouldn't have enough time to change and mingle with my wedding guests so I am sticking with 3 for the moment. I am feeling extremely excited and counting down to my Wedding celebration in Singapore during Feb 2016 :) Have you received my wedding invitation? If not, do drop me an email at if I have accidentally missed out sending you one!

1. Wedding Dresses/Gowns with a Long Train
In order to make a grand entrance, a beautiful white wedding dress or gown with a long train is definitely going to top the list of making a grand entrance to wow all the guests! Every bride wants to feel like a princess in her stunning dress that she has dreamt all her life to make that absolute perfect statement! One that is definitely breath-taking, unique and has the x-factor that complements the bride's sophisticated look and personality. 

Two by Rosa Clara 2015

2. Wedding Dresses/Gowns with Sleeves
Ever since the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in London, the modest look of a bride is greatly valued and highly sought after. Long lace sleeves on a wedding dress/gown adds a touch of glamour and class to a bride by not revealing too much skin. It creates a sense of mystique and a soft feminine look that every bride wants to achieve. Beautiful yet modest at the same time. Subtle beauty of a bride is highlighted in such designs. Most World renowned wedding dresses designers carry such designs in their current and 2016 collection. A timeless and classic design that will never go out of fashion. Simple yet elegant indeed.

2. Wedding Dresses/Gowns with a Sweetheart Neckline
Most brides in the World love wedding dresses/gowns with a Sweetheart Neckline as it helps to draw attention to the beautiful neckline of the bride as well to accentuates a bride's cleavage. Such designs also tend to be extremely flattering as it oozes a little sex appeal for the bride. Being beautiful and elegant is every bride's wish and a sweetheart neckline definitely helps to achieve that perfect look.

These are the wedding dresses/gowns that are definitely in trend and featured in most wedding designers 2016 collection. What are you favorite or dream wedding dresses? 

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