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Monday, 5 December 2016

Aesthetics & Beauty - Sara Shantelle Lim's 3 Tones Hair Colouring Done by The Scene at Robinsons Heeren Level 3

THE SCENE @ ROBINSONS - an AVEDA Lifestyle Salon
Address: Robinsons Orchard Level 3, 260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855.
Phone: (65) 6235 9969
INSTAGRAM - @Thescenesgofficial

3 Tones Hair Colouring  - Dark Brown, Light Brown, Bleach..
CHRISTMAS HAIR TRANSOFRMATION - Christmas is such a beautiful festive season that everyone looks forward to. To prepare for this special holidays season, I had one particular appointment which I have been anticipating for weeks which is to enjoy my hair treatment with 3 tone color done by THE SCENE in order to celebrate the Festive Season. It was about 3 to 4 hour session of hair coloring as well as a hair and scalp treatment. THE SCENE offers manicures, pedicures and other services like eyebrow shaping and makeup too. No time is wasted when you can get your nails or makeup done while coloring your hair. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the high quality of customer service and my hair is stunningly beautiful after everything was done.

THE SCENE at Robinsons is the second installment of this successful brand spearheaded by internationally acclaimed artistic director and professional hair stylist Michel Ng; who is a L’oreal Singapore Ambassador and Professional Color Trophy winner. 
They offer a comprehensive range of AVEDA signature hair services that will enhance your personality, well being and beauty to the fullest potential. Tapping into the art and science of pure flowers and plants, coupled with an Ayurvedic twist, this holistic approach escalates your total wellness experience to the next level.
Over the years, they have assembled a team of professional stylists that are recognized as Singapore’s finest and attempt to create an ‘oasis of pampering’ with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To find out more about The Scene and their promotion, please visit their website at
Or please drop by at :
The Scene (Robinsons)
260 Orchard Road
Level 3 Robinsons

Opens daily from 10. 30 am to 9.30 pm

Quote “SARA SHANTELLE” to enjoy more discount.

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR
Wild Ginseng Extracts (Oxygen Therapy)
Singapore Retail: SGD$79
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SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Wild Ginseng Hair Tonic - is used by Professional Hair Salons in Singapore, Indonesia and China for over 10 years. It is now available for online orders. It is formulated in USA, and it is HSA Approved in Singapore. 

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Wild Ginseng Extracts (Oxygen Therapy)
We are having a Pre-Order Promotion for JUNE 2020!
Pre-Order now and get your bottle at your doorstep - end June!
$60 instead of $79, only for the month of May & June 2020. 
Order now while stocks last. 

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Features:

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR contains Wild Ginseng Extracts, RNA, DNA, Amino acid and vitamins that deeply cleanses hair follicles and scalp using all natural TCM herbs to prevent blockages and clogged oily scalps.

It contains anti-oxident vitamins and trace elements whcih helps balance sebeceous glands. This bottle contains HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) which is a medical grade use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure.

It is highly effective for stressful individuals to relieve stress, headaches and migraines, with Nitrogen, which give a instant cooling sensation together with the help of Peppermint Extracts.

It is highly recommended for individuals with hair loss, itchy, dandruff or sensitive and oily scalp problems.

SaraShantelle using No.1 Head CPR Wild Ginseng Hair Extracts Funny Video!

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Benefits: 

- Promote Hair Growth
- Improve Hair Density
- Maintain pH Balance
- Prevent Dandruff
- Reduce Headaches and Migraines
- Nitrogen Instant Cooling Sensation

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Sara Shantelle Lim's $40,000 Birthday Celebrations
(Professional hair stylist Michel Ng & Sara Shantelle Lim)

I went to The Scene Robinsons Orchard ( to style my hair at 4pm in the afternoon. Art Director - Michel Ng, did my hair really beautifully. The Scene Hair Suite is located at Robinsons Orchard Level 3. Quote "Sara Shantelle" to enjoy 10% discount off all their hair services. They use AVEDA hair products, which is very healthy for the hair. I left their place at 5pm and went home to pick up my birthday dresses and shoes. Then I headed to Altimate at 6pm, to get the party started. Arisha, was there since 3pm, to assist in the setting up of the whole place. 

(Sara Shantelle Lim's Birthday Hair style done by The Scene - Michel Ng)


Blogger Sara Shantelle Lim's S$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude
Featured on 2 June 2014

Thank you!! YAHOO! NEWS SINGAPORE, for covering my Birthday Party!
This video looks damn awesome!! Cheers!!

Sneak Preview of Part 2 of Sara Shantelle's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash
Who's that Purple Hair Dude!?
How does my 5kgs Birthday Cake look like?
Who won the 3 Diamond Rings?

Sara Shantelle Lim's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude

This video is made by Billy Yuen by Vzuall Studio Productions
Billy Yuen -
Thank you to my talented Friend - Billy Yuen for creating and sponsoring this cool and amazing video taken on the night of my Birthday Party held at Club Altimate. It is definitely an excellent video to capture the wonderful memories I had with all my family, relatives, friends and sponsors. If any of you need videos for events,corporate,campaigns,viral videos or wedding, I would highly recommend that you contact Billy Yuen :)

Thank you to all my friends and sponsors for being so supportive!
It was an enjoyable and memorable night!
Cheers to an epic and memorable birthday party!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Beauty & Aesthetics - The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist - Korean Nano Crystal Glow Treatment $68

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist
Pacific Plaza & Suntec City T2
The Most Luxurious Eyebrow & Lash Bar in Asia
Korean Nano Crystal Glow Treatment (60mins) 
Get Korean Flawless Glowing Skin!
Pacific Plaza #03-08 call 67333369 whatsapp +65 92729611
Suntec City T2 #02-488 call 68223396 whatsapp +65 86861681
Instagram: @PrestigeEyebrowLash

1 Full Face Trial - $98 (up.$198). (60mins)
1 Eye Area Trial - $68. (up.$128). (40mins)

NOV 2016 SPECIAL - $88 only for:
- 1 Crystal Glow Eye Treatment
+ Hibiscus Eye Mask
+ Korean Eyelash Perm/Extensions. 
(Up.$288) *go with a Friend and get a Christmas mystery gift for free!

Facials, face packs, aromatherapy facials and massage with facial creams and other remedies help deep cleanse the skin, removing toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in your everyday environment. Such facials help to reduce an overabundance of sebum, which is a natural substance moisturizes and lubricates the skin. Overproduction of sebum can cause skin problems, including blackheads and acne. Cleansing facials open the pores of the skin, remove dead skin and toxins from the face, and clean the surface of the skin through exfoliation that tightens and firms the skin now!
Now, Korean Nano Crystal Glow Face Treatment increase circulation of the blood under the skin allowing the skin optimal health to facilitate the renewal skin cells!

Only for the month of NOV 2016! Like! share and Flash this post at their shop.. Go with a Friend and enjoy a further $10 discount for both you and your Friend on the $98 full face trial treatment. This is only a one time promo for their 1st time clients only! #nomakeup #nofilter
Flash this FB Post at their counter to enjoy this discount. Appt must be made at least 3 days in advance, quote "Prestige FB Promo Crystal Glow Trial".


- Korean Eyelash Extensions at $68.
*only on every Monday, you may choose any type of lashes at $68, unlimited lashes, both single or cluster, over 20 different types of lashes available.

Frustrated of putting on mascara all the time? We have just the answer to end your problem. Eyelash extensions allow you to have long and luscious eyelashes that last up to 2 months. Customization of lash length and style can also be provided. Falsies can cause irritation and putting them on is not as easy as it seems. Bat your beautiful eyelashes with a new improved look through our service.

What is Eyelash Extension you might ask, well it is a semi-permanent lashes, known as an individual eyelash extensions. These eyelashes are applied with an FDA approved adhesive that has stronger bond. A single lash is applied to each natural lash. When applied properly, neither extension lash nor glue should touch the eyelid. It is designed to withstand till the lashes naturally fall out, though extensions may fall out faster if one use an oil-based eye makeup remover or usually rub the eyes regularly, oil weakens the bonds between glue and the lash.
The process of Eyelash Extension usually takes an hour to 2 hours to attach a full new set of it. A person could have anywhere from 30 to 80 lashes per eye. Maintaining a full set of the lashes may require a refill service approximately every 3–4 weeks.
You can double the length of your lashes, but any longer would cause the extensions and your natural lashes fall out faster. Lashes come in widths of 0.10 to 0.30 millimeters.

How Long can eyelash extensions last for?

Eyelash Extensions last for 3 to 4 weeks, to have a full look, please touch up every 3 weeks. The Prestige is the only eyelash bar that provides unlimited touch up sessions. We have a 3 months and 6 months unlimited VIP program that you can check out. Please drop by for our eyelash trial at only S$68 onwards.

Korean Nano Tech Eyebrow Embroidery Colouring 
$888 for 3 sessions

Trendy Korean Nano Tech Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore
Get gorgeous eyebrows with the latest technique in the beauty industry. Now you can achieve fuller eyebrows and enhance your facial features.
With our creative eyebrow embroidery, you no longer have to go through the hassle of drawing your eyebrows daily. This will help to save you precious time when you are getting ready. It can be quite tedious to draw a natural looking eyebrow that suits your face. Nice eyebrows help to beautify even a plain face with no makeup on. Our eyebrow embroidery technique ensures a natural look as it is embroidered stroke by stroke onto the skin at your eyebrow region. An illusion of strokes of hair is created. The short strokes used follow the natural grain of your eyebrows so that it closely resembles your real hair. The technology used is safe and can be used on sensitive skin.

The Korean Nano Tech Eyebrow forms the latest trend where eyebrows are shaped thick and flat with little angle. This style gives a more bold look compared to the traditional embroidery. It might however suit certain face shapes more than others. It is therefore advisable to consult an eyebrow beautician for a suitable shape that best fits your facial features. In an attempt to keep your beauty needs affordable, our prices for Korean Nano Tech Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore are highly reasonable. 

$888 for 3 sessions

Do you feel like you get pushed around a lot at work? Do people not take you seriously?

Maybe its because you look weak. When you look weak, people tend to brush you aside or treat you as if you’re invisible. There’s a solution for you. You can now look stronger and be taken more seriously at work with thicker, bolder and darker eyebrows, which would make you look more professional and leave a stronger first impression. Most of the powerful men in the world have really thick, dark and bushy eyebrows. It enhances a male’s credibility and authority.

Powerful and attractive men like Andy Lau, Tom Cruise, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Nichkhun from 2PM, Choi Siwon from Super Junior and T.O.P from BigBang have thick and dark eyebrows, which make them look manly. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so a pair of bold eyebrows will help focus attention on your eyes.

Men with cuts, scars or uneven eyebrows can also get your eyebrows fixed here. The Chinese also believe that men with sparse eyebrows will have their fortune falling through their hairs. In order to maintain your wealth and fortune, it is recommended that you fill up the bald patches in your brows. The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist have served numerous male celebrities, models, doctors, men professions, bankers, lawyers and even pilots that have chosen to do their brows to enhance their look or just to change their Feng Shui. Just as it is important to a woman to have beautiful brows, a lack of brow hair may affect the confidence level of a man. Therefore, having a set of full and thick eyebrows are very important to one's overall looks, confidence and success based on "luck".
- 1 for 1 Signature Eyelash PERM at $68.
*may be shared with a Friend.

Why would anyone get an eyelash perm?
Perming straight eyelashes to encourage a gentle curl will grant one fuller, longer-looking lashes and create the illusion of bigger, brighter and ultra feminine eyes. This semi-permanent treatment eliminates the need for eyelash curlers for up to six weeks, making the eyelash perm the perfect pre-holiday treat and a popular option for big events like parties, weddings, proms and photo-shoots.

How do eyelash perms work?

First, lashes are coated with a special adhesive and wrapped around mini foam rollers or equally diminutive heated clips. This holds them in the curled position that you’re hoping to achieve. As you squeeze your eyes tightly shut, a perming solution or cream is applied to your eyelashes with a tiny brush. The esthetician then covers your roller-wrapped fringe in plastic wrap and lets the chemical concoction cook for about five minutes. After the perming chemicals have taken full effect, on goes a neutralizing solution. More plastic wrap is applied. You sit for another few minutes. After the allotted time, the fixing lotion will be removed with a pad. Your beauty professional will then gently remove the curling rods by rolling them downwards back over the lashes. A moisturising product will then be applied to sooth and cool your treated eyes. After any excess lotion is removed with damp, clean cotton wool, you’ll be ready to admire your new look in the mirror.

How long do eyelash perm last?

The curl in your lashes will last anywhere from four weeks to three months. As your lashes grow and fall out (the life cycle of lashes is about 60 to 120 days), the effects become less noticeable.

I always get my Korean Eyelash Extensions done at The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist
Only from $68 onwards! - Sara Shantelle

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist Eyebrow Embroidery & Lash Promotion

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist
Pacific Plaza & Suntec City T2
The Most Luxurious Eyebrow & Lash Bar in Asia
Korean Nano Crystal Glow Treatment (60mins) 
Get Korean Flawless Glowing Skin!
Pacific Plaza #03-08 call 67333369 whatsapp +65 92729611
Suntec City T2 #02-488 call 68223396 whatsapp +65 86861681
Instagram: @PrestigeEyebrowLash

Sara Shantelle Lim

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New Cafe - Cook Book Bistro & Cafe @ 171 East Coast Road

Cook Book Bistro & Cafe @ East Coast Road
Address: 171 East Coast Rd 428877 Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 3pm-11pm Sat, Sun & PH: 7am-11pm Facebook:

Visited a new neighborhood cafe in the East, it is just opposite Santa Grand Hotel!
The restaurant has a great ambiance & interior design.
They have indoor & outdoor seating and they even have a bar area.


C:\Users\Beafully\Downloads\14567581_1871577973063036_2716294545592162057_o.jpg C:\Users\Beafully\Downloads\14556716_1871577966396370_1869275878923310021_o.jpg
C:\Users\Beafully\Downloads\14500441_1871578149729685_6836805402556770235_o.jpg C:\Users\Beafully\Downloads\14556547_1871578153063018_4510243390428048731_o.jpg
C:\Users\Beafully\Downloads\14615786_1871578156396351_1634326549219082790_o.jpg C:\Users\Beafully\Downloads\14590055_1871578243063009_8735639273866678146_o.jpg
They are all priced at a reasonable price.
Check out their Facebook page for their menu!

Opening Special
Call them @ 6344 0166 for table reservations OR to book the entire place for corporate events and birthday parties!

Happy hour (Mon-Thur)
3-7pm: Craft Beer $21 for 3 pint/ Tiger $13/Jug
9-11pm: Craft Beer $28 for 3 pint
Mon & Tue: Free drink & appetizer with every main/ 1 for 1 on all non-alcoholic drinks
Cabin Crew Wed: 20% off total bill when you flash your staff pass
Pioneer Citizen Thur: 20% off total bill when you flash you pioneer citizen pass
Family Fri: Complimentary Ice cream for each person on any total bill above $50

Quote "Sara Shantelle" to enjoy these promos!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Beauty & Aesthetics: Sara Shantelle Lim goes to Essensuals Orchard Central Level 3 for Keratin Anti Frizz Straightening Treatment

Go Essensuals Logo

Essensuals Orchard Central
Address: 181 Orchard Road, #03-09 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Phone: (65) 6884 4218
Original hair = Frizzy, dull and desperately needed a hair makeover!

ESSENSUALS @ ORCHARD CENTRAL - I suffer from frizzy hair and have been neglecting hair care for quite some time so I was really pleased to visit Essensuals Orchard Central for the first time.

An award-winning salon from TONI&GUY Group, Essensuals Hairdressing puts their hair horticulturists through TONI&GUY training and education programs, to maintain quality standards and service. They are highly skilled and creative hairdressers with at least 5 to 15 years' experience in hairdressing.

The salon has won the Wella Trend Vision Hair Competition three times – in 2009, 2012, and 2013. Essensuals Hairdressing brings cutting-edge hairstyling services and treatments using products by Wella Professionals, Sebastian Professional, and Redken.


They were awarded the Top 1 Brand for Premium Hair Salon by Influential Brands in 2014 as well as Bazaar Hair Awards 2015 last year.


The environment of the salon is relaxed and friendly. I was impressed by their great service and professional image consultation by the head stylist Warren Teng and Irene Ang. They explained to me about my hair condition and taught me how to take better care of my hair. So I tried the Keratin Anti-Frizz Straightening treatment which was definitely an effective treatment for my hair.

Keratin Anti-Frizz Straightening is a special treatment that removes the frizz from your hair and makes it a lot straighter and softer. The straightening treatment is based on the hairs’ natural protein Keratin, and is not a permanent treatment. It will last for about 3-6 months depending on hair quality.

How does it work? The process is quite simple and straightforward.


First, my hair was washed with their special shampoo after which keratin is applied to the hair cuticles.

After that, the formula is applied into the hair with a blow dryer or flat iron.


My hair looks straight, soft & silky in a short amount of time!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - After the keratin treatment it is best to maintain the benefits for as long as possible with a special shampoo and conditioner. I would recommend using Keratherapy Keratin Infused Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner after keratin treatments. It is a hydrating keratin shampoo which helps to gently cleanse while retaining critical essential oils. Rich in antioxidants & pure keratin to enhance moisture & vitality of hair. It also leaves hair soft, bouncy, lustrous & healthy-looking hair. Suitable for all hair types including color treated hair.

A special discount for my readers!
All readers can quote "Sara Shantelle" to get 40% off Keratin treatment when you call to make an appointment.
Do check out their latest promotions on their Facebook page & website!

Sara Shantelle Lim