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Sunday 28 February 2016

WEDDINGS - Wedding Balloons from Birthday Balloon Sculpting Company in Singapore!

BBS - Birthday Balloon Sculpting
Phone: 65 91277332

16 FEB 2016 - PAN PACIFIC SINGAPORE HOTEL - PACIFIC BALLROOM - My wedding was a pretty grand affair with around 408 wedding guests who attended. There were many guests who flown across oceans to be at my wedding from countries such as the United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Paris, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan etc. Special thanks to my good friend Lemuel Lee who rushed back from New York the morning of my Wedding Day just to attend my Wedding Dinner Banquet. *touched* Thank you for attending my very special celebration and being part of my life. Many of my wedding guests were dressed to the nines and special thanks to my wonderful sponsors for providing over Thousands of Dollars worth of Grand Prizes to give away to the Best Dressed guests! Stay tune as I will be blogging all about my Grand Wedding the next few days. I am still waiting for the photos to be given to me soon by all my Wedding Photographers!

WEDDING BALLOONS - I was very happy that Jy Norvin from BBS agreed to sponsor beautiful balloons as wedding decorations. All my wedding guests marveled at the amazing balloons decor and had a wonderful time taking photos with them. Below are the amazing balloon creations! If you require any balloons decorations for any special occasion, I highly recommend that you contact Jy Norvin as he is extremely talented and is able to create any balloons sculptures that are extraordinary and out of this world to wow your guests for birthdays, weddings or any events! Helium Balloons definitely add a touch of glamour and fun to my Wedding :)

VIDEO - Lora Christelle Lim's Wedding - 16 Feb 2016 - Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore - Pacific Ballroom - First March in with Bridesmaids to Cut Cake - featuring Helium Balloons

Beautiful and Unique Wedding Arch - "String of Pearls"

Sara Shantelle Lim and Jy Norvin from BBS !

My Wedding Guests Having Fun 
Taking Photos with the Balloons!

Sara Shantelle Lim, CK Tan, Catherine Ng, Lora Christelle Lim

Franck Manichon (Owner of Paris Bijoux Jewelry) & Lora Christelle Lim

Irene Teo, Adeline Addy Yeo, Harry Lim

James See, Adeline Addy Yeo, Catherine Ng & CK Tan (Affluent Magazine)

Irene Teo, Harry Lim, Ann Teo, Crystal Chua

Irene Teo, Lora Christelle Lim, Fung Ming (LIONS CLUB SINGAPORE)

James See, Matthew Ong, Soo Han Lee, Franck Manichon

Matthew Ong, Ari, Nicole Chen, Charles Pan, Soo Han Lee (bottom)

 Ryan Yeo, Shiyu Ching, Ben Chan, Arjuna Chandramohan

Vivienne Lim, Joanne Koay, Ben Chan, Angeline Giselle Ng, Jujube Li

 Adric Lim and Berri Tay

 Aurange Tan, Jacqueline Low, Audrey Tan (Owner of Churro 101)

Jacqueline Low, Joanna Ooi, Kristle Koh

Cindy Soh, Jacqueline Low, Balpreet Kang

Sara Shantelle Lim (Vera Wang gown) and Benjamin Khoh

Justin Tay, Mel Goh, Lora Christelle Lim, Patricia Yip & Alan Greenberg from Hong Kong

Mel Goh, Lora Christelle Lim, Patricia Yip from Hong Kong

Dancy Zhou and Angelina ZH (Twins Stationary)

Audrey Tan, Aurange Tan, Jacaqueline Low

Top clockwise: Steven Tan, Linnda Chuang, Liz Yeo, Fiona Ong, Jasmin Tay

David Cai, Jian Ping

 Fiona Ong, Liz Yeo, Lora Christelle Lim

 Poh KP - PRESIDENT of Lamborghini Club of Singapore 

Charles and Andrew Smith from Lamborghini Club of Australia 

Ronnie Wee

Rose Cohen, Grandma, Barry Cohen 


The Couple Balloons were still standing the next morning after the Wedding!
That's what I call a POWER COUPLE just like my husband and me!

Stay tune for more Wedding photos as I am still waiting for all my wedding photographers to send me their photos!

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