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Tuesday 1 March 2016

WEDDINGS - Wedding Centerpiece - MACARONS TOWER by Macarons.SG - Personalized Macarons with signature Wedding Logo printed on every piece!

Home of the best tasting macarons in Singapore!

Address: Bakerz Lab, 100 Jalan Sultan, Sultan Plaza, #04-40/41, Singapore 19901
Contact Phone: Kevin Teo (Founder/Head Chef) 65 98551531
Joy Ng (Manager) 65 84686383

Dr. Chris Tan (Tomford Suit) & Lora Christelle Lim (La Belle Couture Wedding Gown)
Photo Credit: Byron Pittendrigh (The Photography Academy of Singapore)

WEDDINGS - MACARONS.SG - I was delighted that all my wedding guests were talking about how special and unique my Macarons were as each macaron had my signature wedding logo printed on it. Not only were the Macarons Tower a highlight and centerpiece placed right in front of the stage, the macarons themselves were absolutely delicious! Made with Sea Salt Caramel flavours, all my wedding guests were exclaiming how delicious they were. Not too sweet and made just perfectly right! prides themselves in making Singapore's best tasting macarons as each macaron is handmade and freshly delivered to their customers. I love how beautiful my Macarons Tower looked and how the colors suit my wedding theme of Luxurious Gold and White Elegance! Thank you Kevin and Joy from Macarons.Sg for being part of my grand Wedding Celebration :) Personalized Macarons are definitely a must and highlight of any grand celebration or event!

NOTE: If you require any Macarons Tower for your birthday, anniversary and special occasion, I highly recommend ordering from Macarons.Sg where you can create, design your very own logo to be printed on each macaron! Beautiful and unique macarons!

220 pieces of Macarons on a 10-tier stand
Sea Salt Caramel flavors

Macaron Tower by Macaron.Sg - Website at
Photo Credit: Wayne Cheong (The Photography Academy of Singapore)

Each macaron had my customized Wedding Logo printed on it!

Photo Credit: Byron Pittendrigh (The Photography Academy of Singapore)

Beautiful flower girl Shayna and Lucy Lim

 Gladys Teo, Charmaine Loke, Ryan Yeo

Samuel Seow, Gladys Teo, Charmaine Loke, Ryan Yeo

Sara-Ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy:
"I love the delicious Macarons and how they are uniquely personalized with the Couple's customized wedding logo printed on each and every macaron. Very cute!"

Willy Foo (Livestudios Photography), David Cai, Matthew Ong (Owner of Muse), 
Sara-Ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy, Vernon Zhiyang Tan, 
Herbert Rafael Sim (WardrobeTrendsFashion), 
Carina Lau (Beauty Buzz Korean Makeup), Billy Ysf.

Choo Tseyun, Jujube Li, Vernon Zhiyang Tan, Sara-Ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy,
Ben Chan, Sara Shantelle Lim

Stay tune for more Wedding photos as I am still waiting for all my wedding photographers to send me their photos!

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