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Saturday 9 April 2016

WEDDINGS - Beautiful Dessert Table by Carousel Moments Singapore - A boutique cake and dessert shop

Instagram: @ carousel.moments
Address: 63 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore 559210
Phone: 65 96422662 / 65 96423240

WEDDING DESSERT TABLE -  All my wedding guests were treated to a sumptuous dessert spread during my wedding dinner celebration at Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore. There were mini chocolate tarts, mini lollipop/cake pops, a 3 tier wedding cake and other beautiful sweet treats. My wedding guests had a wonderful time taking photos with the dessert table as well as indulging themselves in all the deliciously good sweet treats. I received excellent feedback from my wedding guests about how good the desserts tasted and how beautiful they looked! It was definitely an enjoyable night filled with lots of great food and lovely desserts :)

DESSERTS TASTING - Before my wedding day, I visited their shop at Serangoon Gardens to discuss what desserts I wished to have to match my wedding theme "Luxurious Gold and White Elegance" as well as to try their various signature desserts. I was very impressed as all their desserts tasted divinely good. My sister and I enjoyed our dessert-tasting and confirmed our orders with Carousel Moments!

ABOUT CAROUSEL MOMENTS - A boutique cake and dessert shop in Singapore that specializes in perfecting a few selected special cakes/desserts recipes. Head chef and owner has over 20 years of experience in the cake and dessert industry with the hope of bringing the best tasting desserts to all their customers, leaving them an unforgettable tasting experience. They aim to materialize your dreams and imagination by bringing them to life with their creative cake and desserts design. The team at Carousel Moments are committed to strive for one thing: to make your moments and day, a delicious and unforgettable one as they want to make it matter, as everyone deserves a special moment of celebration in their lives! Spread the happiness with Carousel Moments' best tasting cakes and desserts in Singapore!

A big thank you to Carousel Moments Singapore for the lovely desserts! They were absolutely delicious!!!

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