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Tuesday 31 May 2016

WEDDINGS - Lora's Wedding - Lion Dance Performance by Quan Wei Dragon & Lion Dance Centre Singapore

Quan Wei Dragon & Lion Dance Centre Singapore

WEDDINGS - Lora's Wedding - Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore - Pacific Ballroom - As my wedding was held during the festive Chinese New Year Period, we decided to invite Singapore's award-winning and top Lion Dance troupe - Quan Wei to perform for all my 408 wedding guests and to bring everyone good luck, prosperity and wealth. It was a great way to start my wedding celebration with a big bang and got everyone excited and hyped about the other upcoming performances throughout the entire 5 hours wedding dinner banquet. We paid a few thousand dollars in total as we added additional drums to the Lion dance performance as usually there are only 2 drums. Everyone enjoyed the Lion dance performance especially international wedding guests who flew in from Russia, Paris, Japan, Germany, USA, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. Many guests also took the opportunity to take close up selfies with the Lions and some even touch the Lion's tail and head for good luck! Both lions walked around the entire ballroom to spread good luck to all my wedding guests!

Wedding Performances - My wedding was unlike most traditional boring weddings as my sister Sara Shantelle Lim and I wanted to make my wedding as exciting and entertaining for everyone, we had many interesting performances lined up throughout the entire evening! We had lion dance performance, wedding couple first dance, ballet dance performers, live band singers, wedding guests singing, lucky draw and best dressed prizes to be given to selected wedding guests, many interesting photo booths and photo exhibits for wedding guest to take photos for memories etc. Special thanks to all my kind sponsors for making this possible! Thank you to everyone who took time to attend my wedding celebration!

Quan Wei Lion Dance Performance

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