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Friday, 24 June 2016

Travel - Visiting Lora in June 2016 at Newcastle Australia on Singapore Airlines Business Class

Visiting Lora in Newcastle, Australia
On Singapore Airlines Business Class Travel

I am so thankful to be able to take Singapore Airlines Business Class to travel to Australia. My friends from the Mercedes Benz SLK Sports Car Convertible Club sent me to the airport. My flight was around midnight, so we had supper at Itacho Sushi before heading to the airport. Upon arrival, I made my way to the Business Class Krisflyer Lounge to have a cup of hot chocolate before I proceeded to my boarding gate. 

As always, I love taking Singapore Airlines whenever I travel. I used to work for Singapore Airlines as an ex-air stewardess, so I always look forward to see a warm and smiling Singapore Girl. This time round, I met a cabin crew who shares the same Chinese name as me. She was young and gorgeous. You can always expect excellent customer service on all Singapore Airlines flights.

The flight from Singapore to Sydney, Australia took around 7.5 hours. I took the A380 flight, so it has double decks. I like taking this air craft type as the business seats are at the top level and it is much quieter. There are around 60 business class seats on the upper deck, and only 100+ seats for economy behind the business class. Hence it is nice and quiet for me to rest on a night flight. I usually turn my seat into a bed on night flights, as Singapore Airlines Business Class seats has a horizontal flat bed, which is really comfortable. It was a sleeper service which means you either eat your supper then sleep, or sleep and wake up to eat your breakfast before we land. I chose to have breakfast before I land. I did not sleep on the flight as I always feel really excited about traveling. No matter where I fly to, no matter how long the distance or time the flight takes, no matter if I take economy class, business class or even first class, I cannot sleep. I would watch movies continuously as I am quite a movie freak. I am so looking forward to visit my sister Lora Christelle Lim in Newcastle, Australia!

Have you met my sister's dalmatian puppy - Dotti?
Newcastle, Australia - beautiful beaches & natural surroundings
Chef Gallery Restaurant, Macquarie Centre, Sydney
Marigold Yumcha Restaurant in Sydney's Chinatown
ASA-DON Japanese restaurant in Newcastle, Australia
Criniti's at Westfield Kotara in Newcastle, Australia

It is always such a wonderful stay with my sister Lora at her beautiful and modern home in Newcastle, Australia! We always enjoy relaxing strolls along the beautiful beaches and check out new cafes/restaurants in both Newcastle and Sydney! Looking forward to catch up with my sister in the near future! 

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