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Friday, 29 December 2017

In the Spotlight - The Business Times - FANTASY DESSERTS at Orchard Gateway #01-15 had a Charity Grand Opening that made waves in Singapore!

Fantasy Desserts
is located at Orchard Gateway #01-15


20 DEC 2017 - The Business Times - 
"Early Christmas for children from Beyond Social Services" 

Newly opened Fantasy Desserts at Orchard Gateway #01-15 has been featured on The Business Times as during their Charity Grand Opening, the company invited 30 youngsters aged 10-16 from Beyond Social Services for a surprise Christmas treat at their store.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

A Better Florist - - Modern Blooms Delivered Nationwide

A Better Florist
Phone: 65-31631525

We loved fresh flowers and were so happy to order and receive 'The Josephine" flowers from A Better Florist. The flowers were beautiful and had a lovely fragrance! 

As part of organizing Baby Caspian's mini-party to welcome him back to Singapore, we were looking to order fresh and beautiful blooms from Singapore florists and came across A Better Florist through Facebook. We loved how A Better Florist had a wide range of beautiful fresh flowers at affordable prices and how their website was so easy to navigate and ordering flowers from them was a breeze! 

We were looking for flowers in a vase and "The Josephine" took our breath away as the flowers were in sweet pastel colours which suit our theme for a baby party. When the flowers arrived on time at my hotel suite at Novotel on Stevens, they looked much more impressive than the photos and what we had imagined. We were all very pleased with the beautiful flowers and they helped add a touch of elegance to Baby Caspian's party. All our guests marvelled at how beautiful the flowers were on the party table. Surprisingly, the flowers also smelled really good as they were giving our a delicate light scent that was sweet and refreshing. We would highly recommend A Better Florist if you need to order flowers for any special occassions as their flowers are stunningly beautiful and they deliver on time! Thank You A Better Florist!!! 


About A Better Florist 

A Better Florist ( wants to disrupt the traditional florist business by providing faster service and cheaper bouquets.

The online firm imports flowers directly from Cameron Highlands farmers, enabling it to cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to customers.

Co-founder Steve Feiner said its selection of hand-crafted bouquets are 30 per cent cheaper than the competition, and its flowers are fresher as there is no middleman. He added that bouquets can be delivered to any location here within 90 minutes.

"The flower industry hasn't changed in 30 years. The current florists source their blooms from wholesalers, so by the time the flowers arrive at your doorstep, they are already 10 days old and will wilt quite quickly," said Mr Feiner.

Customers can order online at


Baby Caspian's Mini Welcome Party held at Novotel on Stevens in Singapore


SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR
Wild Ginseng Extracts (Oxygen Therapy)
Singapore Retail: SGD$79
 To order via WhatsApp click here 

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Wild Ginseng Hair Tonic - is used by Professional Hair Salons in Singapore, Indonesia and China for over 10 years. It is now available for online orders. It is formulated in USA, and it is HSA Approved in Singapore. 

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Wild Ginseng Extracts (Oxygen Therapy)
We are having a Pre-Order Promotion for JUNE 2020!
Pre-Order now and get your bottle at your doorstep - end June!
$60 instead of $79, only for the month of May & June 2020. 
Order now while stocks last. 

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Features:

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR contains Wild Ginseng Extracts, RNA, DNA, Amino acid and vitamins that deeply cleanses hair follicles and scalp using all natural TCM herbs to prevent blockages and clogged oily scalps.

It contains anti-oxident vitamins and trace elements whcih helps balance sebeceous glands. This bottle contains HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) which is a medical grade use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure.

It is highly effective for stressful individuals to relieve stress, headaches and migraines, with Nitrogen, which give a instant cooling sensation together with the help of Peppermint Extracts.

It is highly recommended for individuals with hair loss, itchy, dandruff or sensitive and oily scalp problems.

SaraShantelle using No.1 Head CPR Wild Ginseng Hair Extracts Funny Video!

SaraShantelle No.1 Head CPR Benefits: 

- Promote Hair Growth
- Improve Hair Density
- Maintain pH Balance
- Prevent Dandruff
- Reduce Headaches and Migraines
- Nitrogen Instant Cooling Sensation

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

EVENTS - Baby Caspian's Mini-Party to Welcome him to Singapore @ Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Baby Caspian's Mini-Party in Singapore
Venue: Novotel Singapore on Stevens
Date: 18 Nov 2017

Beautiful Party Table which marvelled all our guests and even all the Novotel Hotel Staff

18 Nov 2017 - Baby Caspian's Mini Party in Singapore - We organized a small mini-party to welcome Baby Caspian back to Singapore as it was his first trip back home as well as the first time he meets up with all his relatives and close friends. It was a cosy gathering between close friends & family who were mostly mothers themselves and we are very grateful for all the wonderful people who made this event a very special and memorable one. Special thanks to Novotel Singapore on Stevens Manager - Mr Matthew and his fantastic hotel staff who helped make our hotel stay and this party a success! Everyone enjoyed the delicious cake, cupcakes and marshmallow pops and said that our simple yet elegantly decorated party table setup was simply stunning! The beautiful flowers looked and smelled amazing too in their tall glass vases. Thank you!!!


A Better Florist
Phone: 65-31631525

We loved fresh flowers and were so happy to order and receive 'The Josephine" flowers from A Better Florist. The flowers were beautiful and had a lovely fragrance! 


Corine & Cake
Phone: 65-93858061
Address: 1 Irving Place #02-22 Singapore 369546

Corine & Cake is a cake shop located in Upper Paya Lebar, selling customized cakes and desserts.

They use Italian meringue buttercream to create beautiful yet delicious cakes, which is less sweet than traditional fondant cake. The buttercream is light and smooth with vanilla fragrance. They have 11 scrumptious cake flavours to choose from.

Corine & Cake makes a lot of kid's birthday cakes, they also provide baby shower/ full month packages, dessert table, and even themed party bundles! Find out more from their website or Facebook.

We love this Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel cake from Corine & Cake which tasted so delicious!
Definitely one of the cutest baby cakes ever made for a little prince - Prince Caspian!!!


Bits of Whimsy - Cake Couture

Beautiful & elegantly designed cupcakes with the letter "C" monogram!

Bits of Whimsy - Cake Couture is all about cakes, sweets and whimsy! Their aim is to have your cake dreams come true, so you'll have the prettiest and tastiest cake to wow your guests! Theyuse only the best quality ingredients, and everything w ere made from scratch and by hand. No two pieces are the same so you can be assured that your customised cakes are unique! They specialized in fondant cakes and cupcakes, cream cakes and cupcakes, marshmallow pops and are the first to offer monogram cupcakes in Singapore! 

The delicious Marshmallow Pops were a huge hit among little children as they were so soft and melt in their mouths! Such pretty designs too!!!


Famous Blogger & Owner of Churro 101 - Audrey Tan 

Special thanks to Novotel Singapore Stevens Manager - Matthew and his team for the wonderful hotel stay and helping to make this party a success!

Monday, 20 November 2017

GRAND OPENING & CHARITY - Fantasy Desserts at OrchardGateway #01-15 with 30 Exotic Cars & 100 Goodie Bags by Candylicious

9 December 2017
30 Exotic Cars & 100 Goodie Bags by Candylicious

I'm really excited to share an awesome news with you guys. It has always been my childhood dream to open my own Ice Cream shop since I was a kid. But since my family has always been in the beauty OEM and services business, I was told to focus on the family business first and not to venture into the unknown world - Food & Beverage industry.

Finally, after many years of experience learning and running the family business. I've acquired confidence, knowledge and an incredible net work of friends, I've decided to ventured out on my own to do my dream business! Yet, there are so many ice cream business in Singapore! How can I be different? So, I constantly watched "Shark Tank" the USA angel investors TV show, I've honestly learnt a ton from that show. Please do watch it, if you're an entrepreneur, you would love it! It's showing on NETFLIX now. 

Anyways, I've shared my dream with a few friends, most of them are so excited! I've partnered up with 2 amazing investors and we have been working on this business since OCT 2017. We really geared up and decided to open before Christmas this year. Hence, we rushed to find a really good location at Level 1 of OrchardGateway, facing the main road. Talk about a good frontage. It is really really important for any new business, to be easy to find and to be able to have a good location whereby traffic is high. 

HEALTHY Artisan Desserts

We are really excited, as we will be the first in Singapore to specialize in Artisan LOW FAT Desserts. We do not sell ice cream, we sell Gelato and Sorbet. So, most of you would ask, what's the difference? Its just a name? Noooo..... Normal ice cream you buy from a store or supermarket uses Full Cream Milk. Whereby, gelato uses only LOW FAT or skimmed milk. Hence, normal ice cream usually has 25% FATS, while gelato only have below 8% FATS. Then what about sorbet? Good news to all those "Lactose Intolerant" individuals! The answer to eating ice cream without milk or dairy product, is SORBET! It doesn't use any milk or cream or dairy at all. Hence, you are able to enjoy this dessert with no worries of running to the toilet or having tummy ache, or feeling pukish! Oh, did you know that sorbet has less than 2% FATS!? Amazing right? Have you heard of GELATO SHAKE? Or SORBET SHAKE? Time for you to visit us! Enjoy "MILK SHAKE" but at really healthy low fat content. 

Healthy ARTISAN Desserts
Instagram Picture Perfect~

Not only, will we be using healthy low fat ingredients, we are also using top quality pretty toppings from Candylicious Singapore, to beautify our desserts! Why Artisan, you say? Well, our desserts, gelato shake, sorbet shake, are all made into a Instagram Picture Perfect Item. Not only, would it be healthy, delicious, using only the most premium ingredients, we would probably be the dessert shop with the most dreamy, whimsical, artistic kind of desserts. You definitely need to take a look at our desserts photos on our wesbite - to know what I mean. But, because we are the first in Singapore to specialize in such a unique and pretty dessert, we have decided to only upload our product pictures when our shop opens! It's a secret! 

Fantasy Desserts OPENS on 1 DECEMBER 2017 for business

We are opening for business on 1 December 2017 at OrchardGateway #01-15, 277 Orchard Road. It is going to be a MUST GO / MUST TRY dessert shop. 

Fantasy Desserts 
on 9 December 2017

As all new businesses, we need a few days to brush up on our operations and to ensure that all our products and machines will work perfectly well on our grand opening. We look forward to invite all of you to join us on Saturday! Come with your friends, family, kids, colleagues. We are having a 3 Days grand opening promotion! If you would like to enjoy this special prices, just DOWNLOAD this poster into your phone, flash this poster at our cashier to enjoy these special opening discounts.

I have always believed giving back to the society and community in all my businesses. Hence, we have decided to open with a good start, to surprised underprivileged kids from BEYOND Social Services. We have organized 30 Exotic Cars and 10 Sports cars from SCCS - Sports Car Club Singapore to pick up 30 underprivileged kids to FANTASY DESSERTS for an early CHRISTMAS TREAT! Our kids would be on display for photo taking at Orchard Gateway Drive through as well as the car park. 

Candylicious Singapore is sponsoring 100 goodies bag to under privileged kids from Beyond Social Services. We have 30 super exotic sports cars that will drive 25 kids from Beyond to Fantasy Dessert to have a surprise Christmas treat from us. 

Snow City will be sponsoring some complimentary tickets.
Fantasy Desserts
 will be giving out complimentary hot melted chocolate donuts balls, soft serve frozen yogurt, awesome 1 for 1 deals, and selected items at only $1.

30 Exotic Cars & Mascots will be on display for PHOTO TAKING:
- Chipsley from The Chipsleys
- Oki the Inuit Boy from Snow City
- Mascots from

We also have a best dressed Harajuku boy/girl competition, who will win a grand prize of $300 cash + a Candylicious hamper and $50 cash voucher from Fantasy Desserts. 



These are a sneak preview of what desserts we have at our outlet.
Stay tune to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our "NEW FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH"!
IG - 

$4.90 1 Scoop
$6.90 2 Scoops
$8.90 3 Scoops
+ $1 for Hand Made Waffle Cone

Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt 
$3.90 Small
$5.90 Medium
$7.90 Large
+ $1 for Hand Made Waffle Cone

Gelato/Sorbet + Mini Chocolate Donut Balls $6.90

Gelato / Frozen Yogurt EGGLET  $8.90


These are a sneak preview of what desserts we have at our outlet.
Stay tune to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our "NEW FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH"!
IG -