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Saturday 1 April 2017

Sara Shantelle Lim goes to Sydney to visit Lora Christelle Lim and her newborn son - Baby Caspian on Singapore Airlines Business Class

Sara Shantelle Lim goes to Sydney Australia to
Visit Lora Christelle Lim and her Newborn Son Baby Caspian 

Luxury Travel - Singapore Airlines Business Class

SYDNEY, Australia - I flew down to Sydney to visit my sister Lora Christelle as she just gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Caspian on 8 January 2017 just one day after her birthday on 7 January 2017. If you heard her remarkable story, you would understand that after my sister had her birthday dinner celebration at a French restaurant in Canberra, ACT, Australia, she felt discomfort and was rushed to the hospital. Her husband Chris drove frantically from Canberra to Sydney to admit my sister Lora into Royal Prince Alfred Hospital just beside University of Sydney where my sister graduated with a Masters of International Business qualification a few years ago. I guess Baby Caspian just wanted to share the same birthday as my sister and was simply getting too impatient waiting in Lora's womb.

At the same busy time period when baby Caspian was born, it was also the time that my sister Lora planned to move from Newcastle to Eastwood in Sydney, so my parents and I helped move all her things as well as her 4 cars - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and Fiat. Funny how just 2 of them own 4 cars in total - car fanatics indeed!

Driving Lora's Ferarri to her new home in Eastwood, Sydney!

Sara Shantelle Lim with Baby Caspian (Lora's newborn son)

Baby Caspian - Born on 8 January 2017 at 37.5 weeks weighing 2.45kg

Baby Caspian - His name derived from C.S. Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia book

Korean BBQ at Eastwood, Sydney

Eastwood, Sydney - My sister moved into a brand new beautiful 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms house in Eastwood and it is located near a little "Korean town" where we enjoyed a delicious Korean BBQ dinner. As Lora was unable to leave home during her 1 month confinement period, my parents and I had dinner ourselves nearby. 

Ripples Chowder Bay Restaurant 

Ripples Chowder Bay - One of Sydney's most famous restaurant and cafe with splendid waterfront views - Special thanks to girlfriend Joanne for picking me up from home and taking me out in her beautiful white Audi TT car. We had a wonderful brunch at Ripples Chowder Bay and later went to explore Barangaroo area in Sydney City. It was a fun girls day out together :)

Barangaroo in Sydney - Crown Casino in construction now

Japanese Restaurant

I bought 2 pairs of beautiful Ferragamo Shoes to add to my current shoe collection!

Aladdin Musical

VIDEO - Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge

Flying back to Singapore - As time passed really quickly, it was time to fly back to Singapore as I had loads of work piling up and waiting for my attention. It was always a great pleasure flying with Singapore Airlines on Business Class with exceptional food, drinks and customer service!

VIDEO - Singapore Airlines Business Class

Sara Shantelle Lim

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