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Tuesday 23 January 2018

SYDNEY - Baby Caspian's 1st Birthday Party! - Giggle and Hoot Themed Party

Baby Caspian celebrates his 1st Birthday!
Giggle and Hoot theme - ABC KIDS

6 Jan 2018 - 8 January 2017 is the actual date that Baby Caspian arrived on this earth, just 1 day after my birthday! However, Baby Caspian celebrated his first birthday in advanced as we had to hold it on the weekend so that most people can make it. We decided that it would be a Giggle and Hoot themed party as Baby Caspian enjoys watching the TV program on ABC Kids channel. The blue and orange owl helps to put a big smile on Baby Caspian's face and nothing brings me greater joy than to see my Baby Caspian feeling happy and smiling in delight. I love listening to Baby Caspian's giggles too!

For this party, I organized and DIY everything on my own as my husband works long hours at the hospital as a doctor. It took me 2 whole days and nights to prepare everything and creating the balloons arch took the longest time and lots of effort. I had to manually pump each balloon and tie them up together and there were over 50 balloons? I had blisters on my fingers by the time I completed everything. Besides decorating our home, I had to shop for beautiful glass canisters, flower vases, flowers as well as canapés, drinks, chocolates, lollies, delicious macarons from Adriano Zumbo Patisserie etc. All the hard work and effort paid off as I was happy to receive many good compliments from my guests that they enjoyed themselves tremendously. 

3 Tier Birthday Cake - Baby Caspian is a really lucky baby as we ordered a beautiful 3 tier custom made birthday cake from Cakes & Stuff. Talented baker - Ling personally delivered the birthday cake to my home and the cake not only looked good but taste extremely delicious too! Everyone at the party were impressed by how yummy the chocolate cake was and enjoyed eating their share. 

Baby Caspian's Present from Daddy & Mummy - We presented our present to our darling Baby Caspian on 8 January 2018 which was a beautiful red Ferrari Ride-On toy car which he loves so much! With the car was a sticker that says "Dream Big, Caspian" as our message to our son is for him to dream big for anything is possible if he just believes... We also custom made a Badge to pin onto our clothes which was really cute! Many thanks to all our guests for their generous presents too!

Below are some photos of Baby Caspian & friends... More on my Facebook!

It's been a really challenging journey raising a kid and being a full-time stay at home mom. Now, I have great respect for all mothers in this world as I finally realized how difficult it is. I am still breast-feeding Caspian after 1 year and slowing weaning and I must say that it is true that breast milk helps to keep babies healthy as with a strong immune system, Baby Caspian only fell sick once throughout his entire 1 year. So I highly recommend all mothers who are able to breast-feed to keep up the great work!

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