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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Paul Immigrations Reviews - World's Best Cities - Living in Singapore

World’s Best Cities - Living in Singapore 

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Singapore despite being just a tiny dot on the World map is largely recognized as one of the World's best cities to work and live due to its stable government, clean environment, world class education system, affordable and convenient public transport and overall a safe place with low crime rates. 

Over 27,000 expats in 159 countries gave their answers to HSBC's 2018 Annual Expat survey which covered 27 questions in 3 categories economics, experience and family ranked Singapore as the number 1 place to live in as an expat. 

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Most agree that there is a distinct improvement in their quality of life by moving to Singapore as compared to staying in their original home country. In May 2019, the city-state was ranked the number 1 country for a child to live in according to the annual Global Childhood Report released by the NGO - Save the Children as children in the country have access to high quality and world class education system and there is less than 0.1 percent school dropout rate in the country. 

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Singapore also boasts world class healthcare facilities and expertise and often seen as an example of excellence, claiming the number 1 spot out of 188 nations according to the United Nation's health goal rankings in May 2019. The island-city as a nation is always perfecting and seeking to improve policies in order to strengthen the country's economics and living standards of its people.

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Singapore's latest crown Jewel Changi Airport, aims to outdo other airports in the World in terms of providing visitors a unique one of a kind experience like never before. 

Built at a massive cost of US$1.3 billion, Jewel Changi Airport aims to enhance the experience of visitors on top of its efficient service as experience is the latest buzzword that many seek now in our modern world. There is a significant increase in the number of passengers transiting through the city and at a longer transit period. Therefore there is a need to provide support by providing a comfortable, stress-free, relaxing environment and entertaining experience to enhance their stay. 

Jewel Changi Airport also boasts the World's tallest indoor waterfall - The 40 metres tall HSBC Rain Vortex which has wowed visitors with its massive  structure, inspiring musical light-shows and a true spectacle to behold. 

Jean Hung, CEO of Jewel Changi Airport Development, concluded: “The vision for Jewel Changi Airport is to be a destination where ‘The World meets Singapore, and Singapore meets the World’. Jewel is more than just an airport, it’s a lifestyle destination.” 

The city-state aims to provide world class facilities to all visitors, travelers and locals to enjoy an oasis of relaxation between flights and Jewel Changi Airport is indeed an impressive architectural masterpiece that is set to be a game changer. The world is definitely watching the nation's amazing capabilities and stunning innovations. It is not surprising why Singapore won Skytrax's Worlds Best Airport award in 2019 for the 7th consecutive year.

Singapore is a bustling city with high standards of living, business friendly climate and with a highly educated population where English is used as the main language, it is no surprise that it is a hot favourite amongst immigrants and expats. 

When considering a move abroad, it can be seen as a big decision to undertake and can sometimes be overwhelming for some busy individuals. Therefore, it is highly recommended to engage professionals with years of experience in the field to help ease the process and provide useful guidance along the way. 

Benefits of being a Singapore PR (SPR) - One of the many benefits of being a SPR is that it is the only way for foreigners to create their own path to eventually become a Citizen that grants you the same rights as born and bred Singaporeans. It also allows the easy access in and out of the country without having the trouble to apply travel visa. 

The legal rights to purchase certain properties such as public housing (HDB) and reduced buyer stamp duty (BSD) for private housing when looking for accommodation. It also allows easy access to wider variety of bank loan schemes and improve chances of success for loan approvals. Improved chances of your children entering the schools of their choices as they will be placed on priority as compared to others. 

The convenience and ease of changing jobs without the hassle of applying for work permit each time and the access to Central Provident Fund (CPF) which is the nation's pension system makes it easy to access your savings during the retirement years later along the way. All these benefits makes being a SPR a truly attractive option for immigrants and expats.

Moving to the Lion City involves tedious amount of paperwork and unfamiliarity with the application process makes it difficult but all these problems can be easily resolved by engaging Paul Immigrations which is one of the nation's renowned immigration consultancy firm that specializes in the application of SPR. 

With over 15,000 satisfied customers and high success rate over the years, the firm has a team of dedicated specialists that will guide you along the entire process with 100% transparency in an efficient manner to ensure a successful application. 

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