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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Aesthetics - LUSH Aesthetics Harbour Front - Sara Shantelle Lim goes for Lush Crystal Laser and Lush DermaShine Skin Booster

Aesthetics - Sara Shantelle Lim goes to LUSH Aesthetics

So I've been to LUSH Aesthetics before, for a slimming treatment - Lush FAT FREEZE Treatment. They are very professional and their new outlet at Harbour Front is gorgeous. Designed in gold and nice marble flooring, you feel like you have just entered a hotel lobby. I like their golden chairs at their waiting area, made me feel like a princess who is about to go for a pampering treat. 

LUSH Aesthetics Habourfront Front Desk

LUSH Aesthetics Products and Walk way to the Private Rooms

 LUSH Crystal Laser 


So my skin isn't perfect, I am very lazy. I seldom go for facials, nor do I bother to use masks or much skin care products. So when its time to prepare for my Pre wedding photo shoot in Portugal and Prague. I start to panick! Will the high definition camera be able to see my PORES? Hence, I've decided to try 2 special treatments at LUSH Aesthetics Harbour Front. With this LUSH Crystal Laser, it is something like PICO laser I think, I'm suppose to achieve a flawless clear glass skin. Honestly, who doesn't want that? So as usual, I'm so afraid of pain, Lush Aesthetics applied some numbing cream for me first, before I proceeded with the treatment. 

While waiting for the numbing cream, I was looking around their room. It looks pretty fun and its good. I even spotted a CALL button which reminded me of like when I'm a patient as a hospital ward. They are really cool machines around the room, not sure what treatments they are for. But I'm pretty sure they have plenty of different treatments that could make a person look and feel better after each session. 

Lush Crystal Laser

After waiting for the numbing cream to work, they removed it and we started doing the laser session. Can you spot the RED DOT on my face from the machine? A really friendly and young doctor came into the room and help me to proceed with the treatment. He was very kind and gentle, so that was reassuring. Considering that I have a weak heart when it comes to anything painless or scary. 

"Glass Skin" with the LUSH Crystal Laser

Our LUSH Crystal Laser is based on the German Engineered Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser. Due to its special wavelength of 577nm, LUSH Crystal Laser represents the gold standard for vascular treatments and epidermal pigmentation treatments. This is an improved version of the commonly used DualYellow/Combination laser at some clinics. 
The specific wavelength of 577 nm means that the LUSH Crystal Laser can be used to safely treat various conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, red acne marks, uneven skin tone etc. The majority of visible unwanted skin spots, discolourations or redness (blood vessels), are rooted in a deeper vascular network of veins which can only be reached effectively with this light wavelength.

Improve Vascular Conditions

Facial/nose veins and blood vessels – the ProYellow Laser has the highest rate of absorption in red blood cells compared to any other lasers. This results in the reduction of unsightly veins or blood vessels on the face, especially common on the cheeks and nose.

Redness and rosacea – Redness and rosacea are caused by dilated (bigger in size) blood vessels. The ProYellow laser effectively reduces the size/or completely eliminates these blood vessels, therefore resulting in reduced redness and a more even complexion.

Red marks after acne – These red marks are also known as PIE (Post- inflammatory Erythema) or Erythema post-acne. The red marks formed due to increased blood circulation at badly-inflamed areas such as moderate to severe acne and persist even after the acne heals. The ProYellow laser can very effectively reduce these red marks by reducing the blood vessels in these areas.

Pigmentation & Skin Rejuvenation

Pigmentation such as melasma, sun/age spots, freckles – Due to its unique wavelength, the energy from the ProYellow laser is absorbed by both melanin (pigments) and the underlying blood vessels. This results in the breakdown of pigments and at the same time, reduces the blood supply to the skin cells that produce these pigments. This will prevent these skin cells from producing pigments and ensure longer-lasting results.

Skin rejuvenation – Apart from reducing redness and pigmentation, the ProYellow laser’s energy is also absorbed into the dermis (skin layer) to treat and improve the skin’s support structure. Skin will look brighter and feel tighter with just 1 treatment.


The yellow light energy from the ProYellow laser treats acne caused by P.acne bacteria by killing these bacteria, and at the same time reduces redness caused by inflammation.  The ProYellow laser also shrinks sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil).

Results & Downtime

LUSH Crystal Laser has no downtime with quick recovery periods post-laser treatment. Improvements can be seen from the first session but this varies between individuals and the type of lesions or pigments. 

LUSH DermaShine Skin Booster
Penetrating Hyaluronic Acid into the Skin

So this treatment is suppose to help your skin absorb the Hyaluronic Acid that they are trying to penetrate into your skin. I thought that this treatment was really cool, only because this treatment looked like a GUN is penetrating into my skin. It was a little weird when the gun tip first hit onto the skin. But it was bearable. Luckily for me, nothing too painful or scary. Things we do to get better skin.. 

The DermaShine Skin Booster procedure uses a Crystal Injector along with Medical-Grade Hyaluronic Acid for Asian Skin to deliver the immense benefits of Hyaluronic Acid. The treatment contains hyaluronic acid in its purest form, a vital secret ingredient to achieve glowing skin. The treatment involves a series of tiny mesotherapy injections of hyaluronic acid into the targeted areas of the skin via the needle-free injector tips. 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body and functions to maintain hydration levels in the skin. However, due to aging and exposure to heat and humidity, the hyaluronic acid level in our skin diminishes over time.

The treatment replaces the lost hyaluronic acid in the skin and restores the skin’s firmness, natural hydration and radiance. Hydrated skin has a firm and smooth surface that reflects light in a manner that gives it a glowing, dewy appearance. It also stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity. Moreover, it reduces open pores, lifts and soothes away lines, and restores your skin tone and youthful volume.

The treatment is performed with a Crystal Injector that uses a multi-pin tip to deliver hyaluronic acid into the skin with precision and ensuring an even spread of the injected HA, which cannot be achieved via the conventional method of syringe and needles. This method of delivery allows a painless process and significantly reduces downtime and swelling.

All in all, I really liked the service at Lush Aesthetics. Very pretty place. Feels good. 
Its a must try if you want to achieve better looking skin.
That's for sure..

Aesthetics - Sara Shantelle Lim goes to LUSH Aesthetics



176 Orchard Road #03-33 S(238843)
+65 6737 4964 / 9465 4544
311 New Upper Changi Road #B2-37 S(467360)
+65 6386 5964 / 8223 2844​

1 Maritime Square #02-65 S(099253)
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Thursday, 18 July 2019

WEDDINGS - Doctor VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Pre Wedding Photos taken in Portugal, Porto Dom Luis Bridge, Porto City, Fulgueiras Lighthouse, Douro River, Photos taken by Vitali Frozen (Part 4)

WEDDINGS - Doctor VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Pre Wedding Photos 
Taken in PORTUGAL PORTO ( Part 4 )
Porto Dom Luis Bridge, Porto City, Fulgueiras Lighthouse, Douro River
Wedding Photos Taken by Award Winning Photographer
Destination Photographer - Vitali Frozen - Flew down from Prague /

Porto Dom Luis Bridge Portugal
Luís I Bridge, Pte. Luiz I, 4000 Porto, Portugal

Dr VT and I took these photos in March 2019, hence the weather in Portugal was cold. I was literally freezing when we took these photos. It was even much colder when we went over to the Light House during sunset. As you can see in the last few pictures, I had to wear VT's jacket. We were both freezing as the sea winds and waves were really strong that day. I was wearing winter boots throughout the whole photoshoot. It was way too cold to be wearing any nice high heels, etc. It was really fun and memorable. We had an awesome time here in Porto.

This bridge is the most significant bridge in Porto. The Dom Luís I Bridge (Portuguese: Ponte de Dom Luís I), or Luís I Bridge, is a double-deck metal arch bridge that spans the River Douro between the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. 

At its construction, its 172 metres (564 ft) span was the longest of its type in the world. It has been confused with the nearby Maria Pia Bridge, a railway bridge that was built 9 years earlier (and located 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) to the east), that is similar in aspect to the Luís I bridge.

Two decks of varying lengths: 172 metres (564 ft) (lower deck) and 395.25 metres (1,296.8 ft).

The bridge is situated in an isolated, urban area over the River Douro between the granite banks, where the Cathedral of Porto and the escarpment of the Serra do Pilar, forming a box valley. It is 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) from the bridge of D. Maria Pia and, farther along, the Arrábida Bridge. 

On the Porto side, the lower deck connects the Cais da Ribeira and the upper Avenida Vímara Peres, while the bank of Vila Nova de Gaia to the Avenida Diogo Leite and Avenida da República, respectively. Access to the Porto side is located along the Pillars of Ponte Pênsil, while the Guindais Funicular, the Church and Shelter of Ferro, the Fernandina Walls and the Monastery of Serra do Pilar.

The iron bridge has two decks, of differing heights and widths, between which develop a large 172.5 metres (566 ft) diameter, central arch supporting these upper and lower decks. Both decks are moored to the riverbanks by means of masonry piers.

Those in the upper deck, are rectangular with a trimmed cornice finish, consisting of two staggered registers separated by cornice and interlacing struts. The lower deck is based on large foundations supporting molded cornices and wedges linked together by a felled arch, and framed by interlacing beams.

At the base of the arches, facing the riverbanks, are large marble plaques with inscriptions "PONTE LUIZ I", and on the upstream face are stones representing royal coat-of-arms, with a shield framed by garlands.

At the base of the lower deck, are iron-pillared, pyramidal-truncated pillars, erected in three sections, that attach to the upper deck.

The bridge has an asphalt pavement for vehicular traffic, separated by cast iron guards, that limit the pedestrian sidewalks, that develop laterally. 

The upper deck, also paved in asphalt and flanked by pedestrian walkways in stonework protected with cast iron guards (similar to the lower deck). From this deck are lamps used for illumination, confronting and connected, forming decorative circles at the angles. Under the guard is cut-out-like lambrequin decorated with phytomorphic elements.

In 1879, Gustave Eiffel presented a project to construct a new bridge over the Douro, with a single deck in order to facilitate navigation. This project was rejected due to dramatic growth of the urban population, which required a re-thinking of the limits of a single-deck platform.

How many bridges are in Porto?
six bridges
Get to know the six bridges of Porto that connect the cities of Porto and Gaia on the Douro River. More than serving as a link between the two cities, the six bridges of Porto are unforgettable landmarks of the city's history, being works full of stories and curiosities.

This bridge has 2 levels. This picture was taken on the lower deck, and you can see that it is a very busy road. There are lots of cars and pedestrians crossing this Douro River everyday. We were pretty lucky to get a good photo shoot of this place. 

The Porto Luis Bridge in the Night Fall

This photo was taken on the TOP level of the Porto Luis Bridge. It was around 10pm, hence, there were very little cars, and we managed to take a photo in the middle of the road. There were train tracks too. But I didn't see any tram on it. We had to climb like at least 100 steps to get from the bottom of the Bridge to the top of the bridge for this picture. It was a pretty good exercise after our dinner with our photographer. 

Porto City Residential Area

Around Porto Luis Bridge area, there are quite a number of houses. You can see people hanging their laundry and what nots. I think that they are really lucky to be able to stay near the Bridge, as I think the Luis Bridge area is like their Orchard Road. Seems like, it is one of their most happening place to hang out at. 

Some quiet lanes in between these residential houses near Porto Luis Bridge. 

Along the Douro River

You can see many little boats and water restaurants, parked along the river side. The streets along the river are pack with tourists. 

Porto Fulgueiras Lighthouse Portugal
Jardim do Passeio Alegre,, Porto, Portugal

This 19th-century hexagonal lighthouse on the Douro River is 10 m. tall & constructed of granite.

It was really cold!!!

Info of Porto Portugal taken from Wikipedia. 


Doctor VT & Sara Shantelle Lim

Wedding Photos Taken by Award Winning Photographer
Destination Photographer - Vitali Frozen - Flew down from Prague /

Vitali Frozen Photographer | 
+375295083020     +420775434825     +79261871573

from Prague

Vitali Frozen Destination Photographer |
+375295083020     +420775434825     +79261871573







Shisen Hanten Main Dining Hall 
Doctor Victor Teng & Sara Shantelle Lim ROM Lunch

(ROM Lunch at 2 Michelin Stars - Shisen Hanten at Mandarin Gallery Orchard Hotel)

(Custom-made Beautiful White & Gold Roses Bridal Wedding Cake from

(Gorgeous Bridal Flowers from Royal Blooms



Sara Shantelle Lim's SGD$40,000 Birthday Bash 2014
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude (1 Raffles Place)
Candylicious Neon Party


Blogger Sara Shantelle Lim's S$40,000 Birthday Bash
Club Altimate at 1-Altitude
Featured on 2 June 2014

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Video filmed by Billy from Vzuall Studio Productions

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