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Thursday 28 March 2019

TRAVEL - Sara Shantelle Lim Travels to CEBU Philippines on Singapore Airlines Business Class What to do in Cebu? (PART 3) Extreme Sport - Whale Sharks Swimming Watching in Oslob + Alegria Badian Canyoning (Canyoneering) & Kawasan Waterfalls Cliff Jumping

TRAVEL - Sara Shantelle Lim Travels to CEBU Philippines 
on Singapore Airlines Business Class 
What to do in Cebu? PART 3.
Extreme Sport - Whale Sharks Watching in Oslob + Canyoning & Cliff Jumping (PART 3) 

Whale Shark Swimming in Oslob Cebu Philippines
Alegria Badian Canyoneering Cebu Philippines
with Island Trek Tours

This is the EXACT TOUR that I went for ->

Yes, I am right beside this WHOLE GIANT Whale Shark! Luckily, they do not bite or eat humans. This is just a baby whale shark and its already 5-8 Meters long.

Okay, lets start from the beginning, so it was a 3 hours drive from Mactan to the other part of the Cebu island called Oslob. Hence, our day started way before sunrise. It was all good, I think most of the hotels there know about this 3am pick up time, as they actually prepared a take away hotel breakfast for us for our long car ride. The Island Trek Tours's driver came on time and picked us up in a private car to drive to Oslob. However, half way through the drive, we had 1 stop to have a short breakfast. We met up with quite a few other people from other tours and hotels and made friends. 

Well, before we are allowed to see the Whale Sharks, we had to go through a 10 minutes briefing on what we should or should not do with the Whale Sharks. The most important point was that we are not suppose to go too close to them, and certainly, do not even think about touching them. 


We go out on little boats like these..

It was really fun and exciting! I have never swam beside any sharks before and this experience was such an exciting one as we were really close to them. They were huge even though they were just baby sharks! Luckily, they only eat algae. It also looks like they do not have any teeth. But just seeing their HUGE MOUTH open right in front of you. You will certainly PANIC!

Look at its HUGE MOUTH!!

That was my leg by the way, It came WAY TOOO CLOSE to me, and I FREAKED OUT! I was trying to SWIM AWAY FAST AND HARD!! HELP ME!!!

 Okay, its really not easy to take good shot of it with me underwater. They came and go really fast, and everyone is trying their best to take an underwater shot with the Whale Sharks. I googled some pictures of people taking photos with the Whale Sharks, I am wondering if those photos are real or not, coz I do not see any bubbles in their photos. My photos are full of bubbles as everyone was jumping and diving down holding their breathe, trying to get the best pictures they can get. 

These are some crazy amazing pictures which I've found online..

Okay, this is a professional shot.. for Travel Cebu, so yea sure, they got a perfect shot! Great Job!

But how did this guy - Justin do this!? Its so amazing!

Oh seriously? Aren't we not allowed to even touch them? What are you doing there!!!?? Stay away....

Well, this is a true picture of what was really happening above the water, everyone was just swimming around the boats and diving as low down as possible with their camera's to take photos like the above.. 


It is really difficult to take a good shot. Sometimes, you can't even see them in the background as they are too far away from us. 

This is one of my many failed shots taken. Boo...

Bubbles and more epic failed shots~

I will settle with these pictures as my best attempt of swimming and taking a photo with the Whale Sharks of Cebu Oslob in Philippines. 

"Please TRY again next year Sara.." 

Alegria Badian Canyoneering (Canyoning) Cebu Philippines
Welcome to Kawasan Canyoneering of Badian

As I was saying, back in my Part 1 of my Cebu blog post, I thought I signed up for canoeing, as I did not read the tour website carefully. I thought I was booking a canoeing trip whereby I was going to see the whale sharks in Oslob, while I'm canoeing. I was taken by surprised by I needed to do an extreme sport like climbing through a mountain and then jumping off cliffs to get to the bottom of the waterfalls. AND I ONLY REALIZED that, AFTER I found myself WALKING INTO THE MIDDLE of a CANYON. I had no idea what I was walking into even while I was making my way there.. That's Sara Shantelle Lim for you.. haha! This is madness!

So what is Canyoning or Canyoneering? 

In USA (United States of America), Canyoning (Canyoneering), is a very popular outdoor trekking advanture that involves traveling down through creeks or streams within a canyon through a variety of means including walking, climbing, cliffs jumping, swimming and even abseiling. 

In this case, I was literally screaming for my life while I was climbing through the Canlaob River downstream into the Kawasan Falls. It is an extremely dangerous activity, and is certainly not for the faint hearted. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is perfect for you. If not, please, this is not suitable for a princess-type of girl, if you are on a romantic date holiday. 

Luckily, I was still able to go through the entire obstacle course and come out alive. But I must say, I did injure my tail bone and my boyfriend had some bleeding gums, from jumping the highest cliff, which was a 50 feet high waterfall jump. Yes, they do make you sign an indemnity form, before you go for such an extreme sport, they will not be responsible for any of your injuries or even DEATH. But all tourists are accompanied by a local accredited guide who I must say, our guide was extremely good and professional. He was literally hopping and jumping through the waterfall like TARZAN! But I must say, this activity was what made my entire Cebu holiday, the most memorable one! 

My mother freaked out when I showed her videos of what I did in Cebu, she was like, "DON'T DO SUCH DANGEROUS THINGS AGAIN!!!!!".  

What to expect from Cebu Canyoning (Canyoneering) Experience?

1. Walk a LONG HOT walk to the START of the CANYON
At the beginning, you will take a ride on their little motor bike to the start of the mountain. You will then walk into the dense forest canyon area under the crazy hot sun for about 20-30 minutes first. It is so hot, that you will get sun burn if you do not put any sun screen, so please, put lots of sun block lotion. The guide was really good, he lent us an umbrella for this long walk. 

2. Walk DOWNWARDS into the CREEK & Waterfall Area
You will then walk down a ridiculously steep down slope for a good exciting 15 minutes, before you reach the creek area. Walking down this slope was not easy, as they do not have a real path or walk way. There were only a few ropes to hold on to just for mental security! When truly, I think physically, it would not be able to help you if your life depended on it. The moment we reached the start of the waterfalls area, we were allowed to take a break, drink some water and chill a little before the adrenaline pumping activity starts. Good Luck Sara!!!

The first part, you have to walk a narrow wooden bridge to get from one high rock to another high rock. For people who are afraid of heights, this may be a little difficult for you. Then you have to climb through the huge big boulders, rocks, stones and waterfalls. The water is really cold by the way. 

Wooden Platforms

Climbing through Waterfalls 

OMG!!! I did not know that we needed to jump cliffs!!! In order to get out of this entire place, we had no choice! We had to jump off waterfall cliffs in order to get out. Not one, but many cliffs! If you don't jump, good luck! You can stay in this forest for the night and wish that teleportation exist. Luckily, I used to be a Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew (Air Stewardess), hence, I was trained to jump into the wave stimulated pool from an aeroplane, in case of a crash ditching incident. I was so thankful that I had some experience in jumping from a high platform into the water before. And also! Luckily, I know how to swim and I am not afraid of water. 

What on earth did I get myself into!? 

Well, the first cliff jump, I was very hesitant. I kept telling myself, its just the same as Singapore Airlines Ditching Training. Go go! Jump! I was thinking, what if there are rocks below!? What if I hit myself on the sides of the cliff? OMG, the more I think about it, the more nervous I became. When it was my turn, the professional canyon tour guide, threw a tiny piece of rock into the water that was slightly further away from the cliff, and he said, "JUMP THERE!" And before I knew it, I had to jump, he shouted, "Three, Two, One!" and I jumped! The guide also ensured that I jumped into the correct spot, so he pushed me further out into the water. Phew~ 

That was officially my first cliff jumping experience in my life. 
I know I look completely fine in this picture, oh but trust me, I was completely flipping out inside! My heart was pounding and I was overwhelmed with fear and relieve.

Subsequently, as we climbed through deeper into the waterfalls and rocks, we had to jump higher and higher cliffs. There was no turning back! They had this first cliff jump look like child's play! I think the first jump was around 15 feet high, and the other jumps were moving on to 20 feet, then 30 feet, and so on. Higher and Higher we climbed up and jumped down in the cold waters.

The more I jumped, the more courage I had. I finally did one BACKWARDS JUMP into one of the lower cliffs. I was determined to be brave and overcome my fear.

I was really surprised when I saw slides made of the huge boulders and stones! How did they do that!? I felt that I was in the Flintstones cartoon or something similar. Like the caveman had all the time in the world back in the days, and they needed to create their own kind of fun, so they smoothed the rocks and made a Slide! There were quite a few slides! How fun! Yeah, for those of you who has a GO PRO, BRING IT! Honestly, I am not that sure if these are natural or man-made. You figure.. 

Cebu Canyoning (Canyoneering) Waterfalls Slides 


Say what!? Unbelievable, we were climbing and climbing and suddenly we started to smell delicious BBQ FOOD! Like how on earth did they do that? We walked up to the top of the mountain and there were multiple stalls selling super amazing BBQ food! After climbing and jumping cliffs for around 2-3 hours, we were extremely hungry! It just smelled so good! I had to have a BBQ sausage!

7. THE ULTIMATE 50 FEET Kawasan Waterfall Cliff Jump!
Okay, so this BBQ was the silver lining of what was coming next, when you thought that, you have done everything already. Nothing else can be scarier. Then now you are faced with an 
OPTIONAL Challange. 

"Would you like to JUMP the HIGHEST 50 FEET CLIFF in Cebu Canyon??"

This famous 50 feet cliff is DANGEROUS. I had a choice to do a 45 feet one, if I was scared of the 50 feet one. Like hell yeah, "I will choose the LOWER Cliff please..."

I did the Cebu 45 FEET Cliff Jump!

Everyone is at the TOP of the 50 Feet Cliff waiting for their turn to JUMP!

This is ME at the 45 Feet Top waiting to JUMP...

Can you SPOT ME?

This is ME jumping offfff......

Oh Mami.... HELP MEEEE.....

This 45 feet cliff jump was so different from the others. This made the other cliffs look like BABY CLIFFS now. I was so frightened but I decided to do it. While I was jumping down, it felt that I was jumping to my death! OMG! I was so scared that, instead of jumping down straight into the water, like a proper jump, in order to streamline into the water, so that there isn't any flap back from the surface of the water, I landed on my BUTT! It hurt like hell!! 

When you fall flat into the water face down, it is like hitting the concrete floor. You MUST jump with your legs or hands first into the water to break the water. But yeah, I was so scared that I curled up into a ball at the end of the jump, and my butt landed first into the water. So, yea, I sort of hurt my tail bone and for the next 3 months, I literally had a physical pain on my tail bone. I reckon I probably had a slight crack on my bone or something. 

My crazy daring boyfriend did the 50 FEET Cliff Jump. Like seriously...

He on the other case, came down into the water with blood gushing out of his mouth! I was like,

We are so PROUD of ourselves that we completed this expedition!  

This place is really beautiful. Perfect for nature lovers. 

Luckily he was okay except that he suffered from bleeding gums from the impact of the water. 

I had a sweet corn while I was limping out of this Waterfalls Area...

I am so proud of myself that day! 

Sara Shantelle Lim in Alegria Badian Cebu Canyoneering & Cliffs Jumping Video

TRAVEL - Sara Shantelle Lim Travels to CEBU Philippines 
on Singapore Airlines Business Class 
What to do in Cebu? PART 3.
Movenpick Hotel (PART 1)
Paragliding, Banana Boat Ride, Jet Ski, Island Hopping, Snorkeling (PART 2)
Extreme Sport - Oslob Whale Sharks Watching + Canyoneering & Cliff Jumping (PART 3)

Whale Shark Swimming in Oslob Cebu Philippines
Alegria Badian Canyoneering Cebu Philippines


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