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Saturday, 18 May 2019

WEDDINGS - Doctor VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Wedding at Registrar of Marriage. Sara Shantelle Lim becomes MRS T.

Doctor VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Wedding at Registrar of Marriage
Sara Shantelle Lim becomes MRS T on 16th May 2019
ROM Lunch at 2 Michelin Stars Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro 

(Sara Shantelle Lim & Doctor VT)

16th May 2019 - marks a very significant date for me in my life. I have officially moved onto the next stage in life with my #soulmate, Dr VT. I am officially Mrs T today. A huge thank you to my parents in law who flew down from overseas to join us for our #ROM and ROM lunch at 2 Michelin stars - Shisen Hanten. Also, a huge thank you to my parents, relatives and our 2 lovely ROM witnesses Janice and Emily who made this day very special to us. Not to forget, my very adorable God son - Christopher, for coming too! Thank you so much.. 

(Mr Lim, Sara & Dr VT, Mrs Lim)

A lot of my friends were asking me, "Sara! How come your ROM date isn't on your wedding banquet day??" For those of you who don't know, my husband was born in Malaysia. Dr VT studied in UK since 16, and then continued to study Medical School in UK too, before he graduated and came to work in Singapore. His parents and relatives are still in Malaysia, hence this year I will be having 2 wedding banquets, 1 in Malaysia and 1 in Singapore. I didn't want to put everything together as the logistics of having 2 weddings, in 2 different countries and a solemnization all within 1 week would have been very hectic for us. 


(Sara, Dr VT, Dato Dr T, Datin T)

Not only will I have 2 wedding banquets to prepare for, we both have siblings and relatives living overseas. My elder sister - Lora Christelle Lim is living in Sydney, Australia. Everyone is going to fly down from different countries just to attend both our wedding celebrations. Imagine the planning and logistics involved! Not to forget my sister have 2 little kids - Caspian and Calissa to bring along. It is not easy traveling with little children.

(Janice Leong, Christopher, Sara, Dr VT)

I'm very thankful that my girlfriends - Janice and Emily were my wedding witnesses. Special guest - My very adorable God Son - Christopher, he looks so cute!

(Sara, Emily Teo, Christopher, Janice)

Emily was so sweet as she took time off from work just to make it to my ROM. She's one busy busy girl, building the roads in Singapore for us to walk on. I'm so happy that she took the time off her busy hectic schedule to come spend this special day and occasion with me. Thank you babe!

(Gorgeous Bridal Flowers from Royal Blooms

I'm really happy that I've met my soulmate. Honestly, it is very hard to marry someone that you truly love and he loves you back the same or even more. Usually, most people tend to settle for in a relationship. But I'm happy and proud to say that Victor is my Dream Guy! He's a perfect husband, very mild tempered, showers me with lots of hugs and kisses, intelligent, hilarious, good hearted, tall and handsome. He would make a good father figure to my kids in future. Hence, I'm very thankful today that I've been so blessed to meet someone like him. I would love to spend the rest of my life with my perfect man. 

Bridal Flowers from Royal Blooms

My beautiful white Bridal Rose Bouquet was from Royal Blooms. I wanted ROSES as I love ROSES. They are classic, conventional, easy to find, simple. I told Royal Blooms, to surprise me, I wanted white flowers with a little mix of other fresh flowers, as I wanted a White ROM themed. All my guests were dressed in White too on this day, so it would look nice for our photo shoot. 

Royal Blooms specialize in making Bridal Flowers. They have bridal packages, for bridal bouquets, flower arches, wedding ring holders for ROM day, pre-wedding photo shoots, and for the big wedding day too. Alexis from Royal Blooms was the one that took charge of my flowers. She actually delivered the flowers personally to my doorstep on my ROM day in the morning to ensure that the flowers were fresh and it would look its best. 

Bridal Flowers from Royal Blooms

My God Son - Christopher

After our Solemnization was done at ROM itself, we went to celebrate this special day with our loved ones at 2 Michelin Stars Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro at Mandarin Gallery Orchard Hotel. 

ROM Lunch at Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro
2 Michelin Stars at Mandarin Gallery Orchard Hotel

I chose this beautiful restaurant is because it has a stunning decor and that it serves Chinese cuisine. Awarded 2 Michelin Stars, the food was of top standards. It was also located in the city center, hence it was really convenient for all my guests to attend. On top of that, I wanted all my guests to be able to be seated on 1 BIG table. I don't want any one to be seated on the second table. I didn't want any of my special guest to feel less important in any way. Hence, this was the perfect place. Shisen Hanten also gave me a VIP Special Private Room for this function. They provided excellent service. They also allowed my Wedding Cake Sponsor to go early in order to set up their beautiful delicious cake which was indeed the perfect centerpiece!

Shisen Hanten Main Dining Hall 

Shisen Hanten VIP Private Room

There's a minimum spending of SGD$1000 for the Private Room with 1 Table. Shisen Hanten also has another bigger private room with 2 tables, and that's SGD$2000 minimum spending for that room. 

Wedding Cake from WeddingCake.SG

The moment Dr VT and I walked into Shisen Hanten VIP Private Room, we were surprised by our wedding cake, which was already set up at a corner of the room. It was so beautiful. They set it up about an hour before we arrived. 

I told Wedding Cakes SG that my wedding themed colours was White and Gold, and I like ROSES. 
Look at what they surprised me with!?

Our gorgeous wedding cake was a Chocolate Cake made with White and Gold Roses fondant. I really loved the Golden ROSES Petals as they looked so real and are edible. It is really impressive but yet delicious. It looked so real that Victor was smelling the roses? He's such a joker. :) 

Can you SPOT our names on the cake?? 

That's what I love about Wedding Cakes SG, they really make something that is one and only, fully customized to what you like and want, and on top of it, they still make something so special with our NAMES on it, that was really memorable for us. Just simply unique and one of a kind!

On the lower tier of the cake, there were very beautiful handmade cupcakes, that was made with buttercream, to look like real white roses. Can you spot the difference? Guess which are the white roses cupcakes and which are the real white rose flowers? Honestly, the cupcakes were so perfectly made that, they actually really looked like the real roses that was mixed among them. I love them! Just don't eat the wrong ones! 

Wedding Cake from WeddingCake.SG

Cartier Wedding Rings from ION Singapore

CARTIER RINGS - I've always love Cartier since I was young. I knew that I had to have my wedding rings from Cartier. I liked Rose Gold since young too. Almost all the jewelry that I have, are mainly rose gold. It is classy yet it is not too loud and in your face. I choose the colourful love ring, as I feel that it suits my personality and dressing, I am always in a different colour everyday. I love it! Its fun and vibrant. It is unconventional it is amazing! Today, I am in a Pink dress, I turn the ring to the Pink Sapphire Stone. Tomorrow I am in a Blue Dress, I'll turn the ring to the other Blue Sapphire coloured stone.


My husband chose a matching Rose Gold ring to match me. How sweet of him..

Cartier Limited Edition Cartier Champagne

Wendy from Cartier ION was really sweet. She actually arranged a limited edition Cartier Champagne to be sent to my ROM Lunch at Shisen Hanten. Victor and I were pleasantly surprised for Cartier's exceptional service. Thank you so much Cartier ION. 

I am so thankful for everything that I have today. I am really thankful for all my relatives and parents in laws that flew down to join us on this special day. Here's some more photos taken on that day..

Shisen Hanten VIP Private Room

 (Rose Cohen, Barry Cohen, Sara, Dr VT)

 (Rosemary, Rose, Sara, Dr VT)

Thank you Wendy from Cartier for the exclusive Cartier Champagne that was sent to Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro directly today. We love our Cartier rings..
Special thanks to Royal Blooms for their beautiful flowers for my ROM, freshly sent to my doorstep today, it was a really wonderful service. The flowers are fresh and gorgeous.
Big big thank you to Wedding Cakes SG for their delicious custom made golden Roses wedding cake and beautiful white roses cupcakes. They were freshly made last night! They were delicious!! We loved them! All my guests had second if not multiple servings of the cake as they tasted so good!

As for the rest of our loved ones and friends, we will see you guys at 2 of our wedding banquets coming soon in November 2019! 

1 Malaysia Wedding & 1 Singapore Wedding

We will send out our wedding invitations soon! 

Stay Tuned to See our


Wedding Photos Taken by Award Winning Photographer 
Destination Photograhper - Vitali Frozen - Flew down from Prague /

Wedding Gown - Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom's Suit - The Old Fashion House SG @theoldfashionhouse_sg @TOFHSG

Sneak Peek~

View Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's 
PRAGUE CZECH REPUBLIC Wedding Photos & Videos 

Wedding Photos Taken by Award Winning Photographer 
Destination Photograhper - Vitali Frozen - Flew down from Prague

from Prague

Photographer | 
+375295083020     +420775434825     +79261871573

ROM BRIDAL Flowers Royal Blooms

Vitali Frozen - 
+375295083020     +420775434825    +79261871573

Wedding Gown - Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom's Suit - The Old Fashion House SG @theoldfashionhouse_sg 

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Pre Wedding Video taken in Prague Czech in June 2019

Wedding Video filmed by Vitali Frozen, edited by Sara Shantelle Lim.
YouTube Song - Beautiful In White by Shane Filan
Bridal Wedding Gown by Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom Suit by The Old Fashion House


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