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Monday, 21 October 2019

WEDDINGS - Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Bridesmaids Pre-Wedding Photography by PIMODI at Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage Areas, dressed by Alisha & Lace Singapore, Flowers by Angel Florist.

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Bridesmaids Pre-Wedding Photography 
Marina Bay - Gardens by the Bay & Marina Barrage Areas 
Photography by PIMODI
Wedding Bridal Flowers by Angel Florist
Wedding Gown by Alisha & Lace Singapore

Yay! Its less than 2 weeks to my wedding! In preparation for my wedding, I needed to choose my bridesmaids! How do your choose your bridesmaids when you have so many friends? Well, you can't just simply choose your closest and best-est friends! You can't just choose the prettiest of your friends, just to make your picture look good. You can't just random pick! A lot of thought is put into choosing your sisters. 

You need to ensure that you know that these friends are well organized and personally responsible enough to assist in the preparation of your wedding well. You need to choose girlfriends who are willing to take time off from their busy schedule to help you on your special day. You need sisters who are able and willing to take annual leave from their busy jobs to help you out.

At the end of the day, when you are busy preparing and putting on make up and doing your bridal hair, you want to know that your bridesmaids are ensuring that the gate crash is all ready and prepared with lots of fun and laughter. When you are preparing for your wedding banquet, your sisters are the ones who will ensure that all the decorations, wedding photo albums, guest lists, reception hall and ballroom, is well supervised and prepared in the tip top condition to welcome your guests. 

Gate Crash Preparation

You need fun and creative sisters, who knows you and your groom well enough to do something special and meaningful for your gate crash. Planning the games and preparing the gate crash would take up lots of time and effort too. 

I chose 8 beautiful, charming and well organized friends to be my bridesmaids. 
My gorgeous bridesmaids are Janice Leong, Jasmin Natalie Lee, Nicole Elizabeth Chee, Sufi Law, Eri Yingli, Rachel Ho, Angeline Yeh and Linnda Chung. 

Why did I choose 8 girls?
Well, the Chinese loves lucky number 8. 

Number 8 has long been regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture. With pronunciation of 'Ba' in Chinese, no. 8 sounds similar to the word 'Fa', which means to make a fortune. It contains meanings of prosperity, success and high social status too, so all business men favor it very much.

8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture because 八 sounds like 發 (fa), which means “wealth”, “fortune”, and “prosper” in Chinese. Multiples of eight are even better, as 88 bears a resemblance to 囍 (shuāng xǐ), or “double happiness”.

What other number is good for Chinese Culture?
6 is also considered a good number. 

Lucky Numbers in Chinese: SIX – 六 Liù
Number 6 in Chinese sounds similar to 流 liú which means “to flow” and 溜 liū which means smooth or slick in Chinese. When six is paired together numerous times to make 66, 666 or 6666 etc these are actually considered very lucky numbers.

I was really glad that they could make it. I would like to thank my girls, who are putting lots of time and effort to join me in this joyous moment in my life. It is the most important day for a woman's adult life. The day she leaves her parents officially, and move into another house hold unit. 

These photos were taken by PIMODI - ALEX and CHRIS 

Pimodi Photography is a Singapore based Professional Commercial Photographer Team specialize in Concept, Design, Styling, Shoot and Process for Corporate Parties Event, Pre-Wedding, Actual Day Wedding, Fashion Editorial Lookbook Model Portfolio Portrait, eCommerce Product, Food Photography and Retouching Service.
If you’re thinking of being photographed or you think that our style of work are what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to email us for more detail and discussion.

Marina Barrage Singapore
8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951

We parked our cars at Satay By the Bay. Then we walked a little bit to the open grass space near marina barrage area. There's also another car park at Marina Barrage itself. It is really convenient. 

Gardens By the Bay Park
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

We did not go into the special domes. We just went around the Park area which is open for public. There are really nice ponds with lotus and beautiful plants in them. This particular bride is just right beside Satay by the Bay hawker centre. You can easily spot this bridge when you are having your dinner or supper at the hawker itself. 

As walking a little bit into the Park, you can spot many different beautiful status around the park. This part is really just amazing. We managed to take some pictures with Marina Bay Sands building in the backdrop. Lucky us! We had so much fun!

A big thank you to ANGELFLORIST for their beautiful flowers..
Wedding Bridal Bouquets -

These are some examples of their gorgeous wedding bridal flowers.

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Sara Shantelle Lim's Wedding Gown is by Alisha & Lace Singapore

Wedding Gown - Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom's Suit - The Old Fashion House SG @theoldfashionhouse_sg @TOFHSG

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Pre Wedding Video taken in Prague Czech in June 2019

Wedding Video filmed by Vitali Frozen, edited by Sara Shantelle Lim.
YouTube Song - Beautiful In White by Shane Filan
Bridal Wedding Gown by Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom Suit by The Old Fashion House

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Wedding Video Taken in Prague


Sneak Peek Video of Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Penang Wedding 

Video taken beautifully by KEZMAX Productions
Song - Rewrite The Stars - The Greatest Showman Movie
Wedding Gown - Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom Suit - The Old Fashion House

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