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Friday, 22 November 2019

WEDDINGS - Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Singapore Wedding at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore - Bio Beauty, Sg Letters & Lights, Wedding Cakes SG, 60 Seconds Photography, The Balloon Thing (Part 1)

WEDDINGS - Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Singapore Wedding 
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 
(Part 1)

So if you have been following my wedding blog posts, you will realise that I had 2 weddings in 2 different countries in less than 5 days. The first wedding was held on 2 Nov 2019 (Saturday) in Penang, Malaysia and the other wedding was held on 5 Nov 2019 (Tuesday) in Singapore. It was a real rush as Dr VT and I had family members & relatives who are located all over the globe. We had to plan and host 2 weddings in 2 different countries on a really tight schedule so that all our siblings are able to attend both weddings. 

I will blog about my Singapore Wedding Dinner first. 

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Singapore Wedding Video at The Fullerton Hotel
Singapore Jewel Changi Airport - The Rain Vortex 
(World's Largest Indoor Rain Waterfall)

Filmed and Edited by Istudio - Ian Kok
Wedding Gown - Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom Suit - The Old Fashion House

The Singapore Rain Vortex is an indoor waterfall in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore which was opened on 17 April 2019. It is the world's largest indoor waterfall at 40 metres in height and surrounded by a four-storey terraced forest. The waterfall and Jewel complex was designed by Moshe Safdie.

I decided to hold my Singapore Wedding Chinese Dinner Banquet at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Since young, I have always liked the Roman themed designs and buildings. Hence, I really like the look and feel of The Fullerton Hotel. I love the long pillars and the very English type of architecture. 

Apart from that, The Fullerton Hotel has also recently won "The Most Beautiful Hotel Wedding Ballroom" after their recent renovations. They actually fixed their ceilings with really amazing and beautiful chandeliers.  

Wedding Preparations for Singapore 

Make Up & Hair done by Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa

Make Up & Hair done by Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa

My make up and hair was done by Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa ( - They are most famous for Eyebrow Embroidery & Microblading in Singapore. They are always the Top 1 on google for "best eyebrow embroidery" in Singapore. They also do special Facial Treatments and Make up too. 

As my Wedding Gate Crash was  already done in Penang, Malaysia, in Singapore, we only started our Official Wedding Ceremony at 6pm with a Tea Ceremony for my Singapore Side of the Family. Hence, I had the luxury of sleeping in on my wedding day! Good resting to prepare for the big night.

I only started getting ready around 1pm. 

As Dr VT and I had so much time before our 6pm tea ceremony, we decided to take some wedding photos with our bridesmaids and groomsmen at the vicinity of The Fullerton Hotel. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen came to the hotel suite around 3pm. 

Sara Shantelle Lim's Beautiful White Wedding Gown
Alisha & Lace Singapore 

Alisha and Lace Singapore has won multiple awards for being the "Most Beautiful Wedding Gown in Singapore" for a few years. Hence, I was really lucky and excited to be able to wear their wedding gowns and evening gowns for my entire wedding journey. Alisha and Lace Singapore is located at Chinatown, so it was really convenient.

I chose a huge white long sleeves lace gown, with a very large, long train. Well, they said, the only time whereby you can be a real DIVA or QUEEN, is when you are getting married. For once in your life, you are entitled to wear the most expensive and the most glamorous gown that you can find. 

And because in Penang, I have already choosen a more demure, smaller, sexier sleeveless mermaid gown, I decided to have a completely different style of gown for the Singapore Wedding Dinner. I chose the LARGEST and LONGEST TRAIN GOWN, I could find in Alisha and Lace Showroom for my Singapore Wedding.

I love all their dresses and gowns in Alisha and Lace Singapore Showroom!!! 
I had so much fun trying so many different gowns! 

The good thing about Alisha and Lace Singapore is that they also had another whole entire level for the groom. It is called The Old Fashion House. They are connected!

Groom's Suit

What Dr VT and I really loved about The Old Fashion House was that they had a whole complete level of Men's Suits. Usually most bridal shops only has a small corner for men, but not for Alisha and Lace Singapore. Their men's collection - The Old Fashion House consist of hundreds and hundreds of different designs and colours of suits selection.

Our wedding theme in Singapore was Red and Gold.

After looking carefully at their entire collection, I chose a dark red maroon suit for Dr VT. We really loved Alisha and Lace Singapore & The Old Fashion House's service. Their customer service is excellent. From the whole start of the experience. We had rented at least 6 different suits of gown and suits from them for our entire wedding journey. They were extremely professional and patient. We tried on quite a few different gowns and suits before we finally managed to chose what we really wanted. The staff did not hurry us or make us feel like we were "wasting their time" or what so ever. Hence, I really really loved Alisha and Lace Singapore & The Old Fashion House. Not only were their service outstanding, their interior design of their showroom is also very relaxing, cozy and comfortable and the huge collection of wedding gowns and suits gave us many choices. 

You can even take your indoors and outdoors wedding bridal photoshoot with them too.
They have really incredibly reasonable prices for their Wedding Gowns and Photoshoots!

Official Actual Day Wedding Photos by 60 Secs Photography
60 Secs Photography

So we started getting ready around 1pm for hair and make up. I was ready around 3pm.
My parents and my beloved sister, Lora Christelle Lim came by The Fullerton Hotel just in time to put on my bridal crown for me. 

The Fullerton Hotel Bridal Suite Balcony
Wedding Gown - Alisha and Lace Singapore
Suit - The Old Fashion House

The Fullerton Hotel Bridal Suite Balcony

I had 8 bridesmaids for my Singapore Wedding. 
6 march in bridesmaids and 2 bridesmaids who were my emcee for the night. 

Dr VT's Groomsmen who flew down from Australia, London and Malaysia.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Grand Stairs

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a national monument and played a pivotal role in Singapore's rich history. It is a magnificient building and I am happy that we took many stunning pictures in the hotel lobby as well as at our hotel suite.

This was how big and long my wedding gown was. 

Wedding Reception & Ballroom Preparations

For our wedding decorations and photo booth, I chose The Balloon Thing to make my reception hall and ballroom pretty! Whats an event or celebration without balloons!? 


Balloons Backdrop by The Balloon Thing
Contact: Jy Norvin 91277332 Email:

The reception hall for the The Fullerton Hotel Grand Ballroom was huge. I had 2 ends of the reception hall. 1 of which I held my tea ceremony in 1 corner, and the other corner, I had my awesome photo booth for my guests. 

Awesome Balloon Photobooth Backdrop by The Balloon Thing!

Chinese Tea Ceremony Corner
by The Balloon Thing & SG Letters & Lights

The Balloon Thing made me a beautiful Balloon Arch as my tea ceremony back drop. It was celebratory and it was gorgeous! I loved it!

Apart from my 2 main giant balloon arch and photo backdrop - I had lots of beautiful Helium Balloons decorated all over the reception hall and ballroom. Some of them were really HUGE! As big as 6 huge watermelons combined together! My guests loved them! They took lots of photos with the balloons and backdrops!

Contact: Saran +65 81983848 (Whatsapp for quotation)

To make my Chinese Tea Ceremony complete - I saw this Chinese "XI" word online and I knew I had to get it! 

So SG Letters & Lights has many different lights. One of which is this Chinese character "XI" word. This word is ALWAYS used for Chinese Wedding. It is lucky to us. It blesses our Chinese Wedding. We stick this Chinese "XI" word everywhere on our wedding day. Our house door, our bedrooms, our living room walls, our cars, etc. It is good luck for Chinese Weddings. When I saw this huge human size "XI" word online, I knew that I had to get it for my Chinese Tea Ceremony. 

Look at the whole Tea Ceremony set up! It looked so complete with the "XI" word to give it a very modern but yet ORIENTAL FEEL

My guests were so happy taking lots of photos with it..

It was really red and pretty! It totally matched my wedding theme. I was so happy! 

Sg Letters & Lights also does ENGLISH LETTERS WORDS
Hence, my Grand Ballroom Stage was decorated by them too!

What's better than a totally CUSTOMIZED STAGE LOOK!?

Nothing is better than seeing your own names on your wedding day on stage. 

Who's getting married today? 

You know.. how sometimes you go for a distant relative wedding and you have never met them in years, and yet you still had to show up, and you wondered, "what are the bride and groom's names"? 


Okay, but seriously, I feel like it is really nice and special when our once in a life time special day - for the 1st time in our lives, we have our NAMES put TOGETHER. What is nicer than to have my names joint together in front of all our special love ones and guests on our wedding day? 

It is really special to us!

by @sglettersandlights
Contact: Saran +65 81983848 (Whatsapp for quotation)

It is a super place to take photos too!

We absolutely loved it!

It is so personal and so special to us on our wedding day! I think you can also get this your other events, such as your kids birthday parties, etc. 

Our Wedding Cocktail & Reception

Wedding Dessert Table by WeddingCakes.SG
Luxury Wedding Cakes -
Contact: +65 97435466 Email:
Custom Made & Halal Certified Cakes

A wedding usually have a dessert table so that guests can enjoy some drinks, canapes, cookies, chocolate tarts when they arrive early before the ballroom door is open. 

By Singapore standards, most wedding ballroom banquet doors open and starts at approximately 8PM. 

We are Singaporeans, most locals eat at 7pm for dinner. Of course our guests would be HUNGRY just waiting for the wedding festivity to get started. Hence, I need to take good care of my guests and ensure that they won't be famished, while they are waiting for me to do my 1st March In, as husband and wife with my beloved Dr VT. We decided to order cookies, cupcakes, tarts, and little bite sized desserts for our wedding guests from WEDDING CAKES SG.

The really awesome thing about Wedding Cakes SG is that they also specialize in one of a kind customized cakes. Everything is creatively made the night before, hence it is extremely fresh! They specialize in creating bespoke cakes and desserts for their clients.

I told them that my wedding theme was Red & Gold colours with Red Roses and look how amazing my dessert table look! All my wedding guests were so impressed at the stunning display of my wedding cake and desserts and had a wonderful time taking photos with the dessert table as well as enjoy eating the delicious desserts.

I just told them I wanted a beautiful Red and Gold themed wedding cake with classic red roses and I wanted some bite size desserts for my special guests. And this was what they surprised me with. I was so so so IMPRESSED! All my wonderful guests loved my wedding cake and dessert table! They took so many photos with it! 

What was really amazing is that, every single piece of cookie was nicely decorated with red and gold designs. It was extremely CLASSY and it was sooooo TASTY! It was perfect for photos! 

Totally instagrammable!

On top of that, the most important wedding centerpiece - MY EDIBLE WEDDING CAKE!

My Singapore Wedding Cake
Wedding Dessert Table by WeddingCakes.SG
Luxury Wedding Cakes -
Contact: +65 97435466 Email:
Custom Made & Halal Certified Cakes

Not only did they did such a beautiful specially customized cake to match my wedding theme. 

Nowadays, hotels in Singapore only provide you with a DUMMY CAKE
You DON'T get to EAT your wedding cake!

Yay! So, I got to eat my wedding cake! 
Come on.. We don't just want a pretty cake for SHOW....
We want a REAL CAKE! A real EDIBLE wedding cake!

Everyone was happy!

Look at the cute little CUPCAKES!!!

Weddingcakes.SG made my wedding really memorable. Not only did they "WOW" us with their OVER THE TOP CENTER PIECE WEDDING CAKE for my wedding reception.
They did an awesome job in creating a very beautiful dessert table for us. Dr VT and I were really happy and thankful that we chose this company to bake and create such a wonderful memory for us.

Sara Shantelle Lim & her WeddingCakes.Sg

Weddingcakes.Sg also has a sister company called @sgbirthdaycakes
All their cakes and pastries are Halal certified. 
Hence, I would like to highlight that they also did my awesome Candylicious Birthday Cake back when I celebrated our SGD$40,000 birthday party. 

So, Weddingcakes.SG & both does all customized cakes for ANY and EVERY OCCASION. Be it a wedding, birthday or mother's day celebration. They bake and create one of a kind special cakes and pastries! Check out their websites and instagram for more of their amazing creations that will "WOW" you!


Sneak Peek Video of Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Penang Wedding 
Video taken beautifully by KEZMAX Productions
Song - Rewrite The Stars - The Greatest Showman Movie
Wedding Gown - Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom Suit - The Old Fashion House

Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Pre Wedding Video taken in Prague Czech in June 2019

Wedding Video filmed by Vitali Frozen, edited by Sara Shantelle Lim
YouTube Song - Beautiful in White by Shane Filan
Bridal Wedding Gown by Alisha & Lace Singapore
Groom Suit by The Old Fashion House
Weddings - Dr VT & Sara Shantelle Lim's Pre-wedding Photography 
in Czech Republic Prague -
Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral, 
Church of our Lady before Tyn, Old Town Square, Powder Tower
Wedding Gown by Alisha & Lace Singapore & Suit by The Old Fashion House
Destination Photographer - Vitali Frozen



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