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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Kids - Baby Calissa receives her new Stokke Steps Chair from Stokke Australia! Stokke Complete Munch Set and ezpz by Stokke Placemat included too!

Stokke Steps Chair 
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Sydney, Australia - Baby Calissa is one happy baby as she received a huge bundle of high quality Stokke Products from Stokke Australia. She has an extremely comfortable new high chair - The Stokke Steps Chair (AUD$349) in classic beech color which is suitable for kids age 3+ and we also included the Baby Set (AUD$159) which is suitable for baby age 6 months+ as well as the Baby Cushion (AUD$69) to give our baby extra soft comfort. We have also included the Stokke Steps Baby Set Tray (AUD$72.50) so that Calissa can easily have her meals on her own high chair. Take a look at how delightful Calissa is sitting on the Stokke Steps Chair even when she is not having a meal and just purely sitting on it in comfort.

About Stokke - Stokke products are specially designed to grow with your child and I must say this Stokke Steps Chair will last us a long time from now until when Calissa grows older, we can remove the Baby Set and she can climb up onto the chair on her own to eat with us at the dining table. Stokke prides itself for being committed to putting children first and their Scandinavian design is one that is innovative, sustainable and child-centered aimed to provide smart solutions for baby's needs.

Baby Calissa eats her Fruits off the expz by Stokke placemat on her Stokke Steps Chair

Stokke Steps Chair Review - I love how the Stokke Steps Chair is beautifully designed to suit the interiors of my home as well as how sturdy the chair is as it provides firm support for Calissa unlike other flimy chairs. The rounded, spacious and generous seat and back gives optimal ergonomics that makes it comfortable for Calissa to sit on this chair even when she is not having a meal. The simple 5 point harness makes it safe for Calissa to be placed in the chair securely with a simple click so I do not have to worry that she will fall off the chair. The Baby Cushion is extremely soft for the extra comfort and it is made from an easy wipe fabric that is water repellent and suitable to be placed inside the washing machine for a good wash.

I also like how the Baby Set tray has an easy to clean surface and can be easily removed as well when Calissa wants to eat together with the family on the same dining table. Most importantly, when Calissa grows older, we are able to remove the Baby Set so she can climb onto the chair on her own. It is definitely a versatile chair that grows with our little one from baby to toddler age and a good piece of high quality baby furniture for every household. Stokke products are beautifully designed and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The Stokke Steps Chair is highly recommended for a discerning parent with a distinctive taste!

Baby Calissa using her Stokke Complete Munch Set

STOKKE COMPLETE MUNCH SET Review - This is a full set of strong and durable baby dining ware and utensils made from high quality food grade silicone costing at AUD$109.95. It also comes with a waterproof silicone bib that can be easily cleaned and rolled up to take it anywhere at your convenience. I love how the soft mint color is gentle on the eyes and how the easy grip utensils makes it easy for Calissa to learn how to hold on the her fork and spoon. Each piece of diningware is ergonomically designed to make is suitable for a child's hands to hold. This set encourages Calissa to eat on her own and they look really cute as well.

Amazing ezpz by Stokke Placemat for Steps Tray

ezpz by STOKKE Placemat for Steps Tray Review - This ezpz placemat is specially designed to firmly fit into your Stokke highchair tray to prevent any spills or mess. It is made with 100% silicone and is strong, durable, easy to clean and dishwasher-safe which makes it a win for all mums!  It is also microwave safe if heating of food is required. I love how this placemat encourages self-feeding and also how it prevents any tipped bowls or plates accidents. Using this placemat has brought us much convenience and Calissa is able to pick up her food easily using her hands. 

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Baby Calissa receives a huge bundle from Stokke Australia! Lucky Baby!!!



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