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Thursday, 4 June 2020

KYBUN SHOES - The SHOE solution to remove Back Aches & Painful Feet - Suitable for High Arch or Flat Feet.

The SHOE Solution to Remove Back Aches & Painful Feet 
 Suitable for High Arch or Flat Feet   @kybun.spore   whatsapp: 82684396  or
Suntec City Mall, West Wing, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-363/364, Singapore 038983

I have feet problems!
Yes, I have HIGH ARCH feet. 
So it hurts like crazy when I walk long distance.

Do you have feet problems too?

This is one of the few reasons why I had to quit my job as an air stewardess.
We walk for 16 hours non stop to the airport, on the plane, all the way to the other country and finally to the hotel. It is not easy to walk or stand for long, if you have feet problems like me.

If you have back aches, or other feet related problems that comes from high arch or flat feet, then there is a solution for you.

Sara Shantelle Lim's KYBUN Shoes Experience
Try Kybun Swiss Air-Cushion Shoes now!


I've seen so many doctors, since I was young, because of my high arch, my feet always hurt since I was a kid. I cannot walk long distance for long, I cannot wear heels for long, etc. It is so annoying as it puts so many limitations on what I want to do. When I travel, I always need to find a good pair of shoes to walk in, if not, I cannot even enjoy my travels. 

Since young, I've done lots of tests, including MRI Scans, CT scans, some electronic metal thing that poke into my nerves to electrocute it. It is so terrifying! A lot of the different doctors and specialists have suggested that I custom make an insole to help with the pain management. I did, I made lots of different insoles, and its was so tedious. I had to go to so many podiatrist and special shoe shops just to find a solution to remove my pain and agony. It was so tiring, the entire process is not very pleasant. 

Till today, even though I've made so many insoles, I never really wore them. 

WHY don't I wear Insoles?

Insoles is 1 thing, it solves the painful equation, but you have to put them in special shoes that is Fat, Chunky, Bulky, and it is totally ugly and not lady like. In order to fit a pair of custom made insoles into the shoes, you can imagine how big the shoes has to be. It is just really unsightly. For those of you who knows me well, I'm a girly kinda girl. Always in dresses, and skirts. I cannot wear shoes that is so chunky, and it does not even match my clothes! Hence, till today, I avoid walking long distance, I just drive everywhere!

I'm so happy when I finally learn that there is this brand called KYBUN from Switzerland, that helps people like me with FEET PROBLEMS. 
You do not need an INSOLE!

Look at how thick the soles are, its so bouncy when I wear it, I love the feeling, it feels like I'm walking on cotton candy. 

Kybun - Walking On Air 
Springy like a Trampoline
Gandria Woman Champagne Euro 38-1/3

Whats interesting is that all the shoes are named after different cities of Switzerland!
This brand is using Swiss technology.

It is so comfortable and pretty, and even though I collect Salvatore Ferragamo Rufina Shoes, Tod's limited edition shoes and even Giuseppe famous zip sneakers, honestly, none of those sneakers or shoes are as comfortable as this. So it is worth your time to go down to their Suntec City outlet to try out their shoes, most of all if you have problematic feet like me.

The design of this pair of shoes is so bling bling, just that way us trendy and modern people like it.
I like that is has a shiny reflective smooth surface.

The white thick bottom sole provides you with all the comfort you need when you are walking long distance. Most of all when we travel, we really need a good pair of walking shoes so that we can just walk all day and night to go sight seeing. 

The Kyboot Sole Air Cushion Sole 
This special Kyboot soles prevents heavy legs, burning feet, back pain, and vein ailments. 

The benefits of Kybun Soles:
- acts naturally absorbing
-optimize the stress on the knee and makes it more physiological
-trains the fine musculature and balances it out
- trains the coordination of the foot

This Air-Cushion Kybun Sole can Reduce Back Pain and:
- exercise the fine, deep muscles in your stomach, back, and buttocks
- give your body an erect posture
- stretch (shortened) muscles, especially the hip flexor (lliopsoas)
-compensate for muscles imbalances, especially in the lower legs and thigh area
- improve asymmetries between the left and right legs, as the foot can sink down deep into the air cushion

This Kybun Kyboot Shoes is an everyday pair of shoes, suitable for anyone who stands for a long time, at work, or someone who simply walks a lot. 

The KyBoot has the following effects and benefits:

- The distribution of pressure when rolling is essentially more even
- the forces are more evenly distributions
- the first metatorso-phalangeal joint is spared but not limited in its mobility
- the first metatorso-phalangeal joint is still movable but with less force
- the mobility stays intact and the cartilage tissue can reconstruct itself
- pain diminishes or disappear over time

Kybun Shoes are made in Italy
with Swiss Technology

Look at the strong grip of the shoes, it has alot of friction and grip to the ground, so it is really suitable for both the young and old. It gives you support and stability when you walk. 

Why wear Kybun Shoes?
It can help you to remove PAIN.
- Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
- Chronic Achilles tendonitis
- Hallux valgus - bunions or lateral deviation of the big toe
- Knee or hip osteoarthritis
- Vascular problems
- Tired, burning, painful legs

Kybun has so many designs for their shoes, both for men and women. They have over 60 differents kybun styles. They even have Kybun open toe slip on slippers, if you prefer something even more casual. Kybun also has a Mat Range - you can use this MAT for your healthy standing work table. 

Kybun Mats

You can use this mat for standing work tables for better health.

Or simply buy them for your aged parents or grand parents for better health, they can use it for Yoga or exercise. 

It is suitable even for kids, to maintain their healthy body, feet and backs. 

Check out Kybun now!

The SHOE Solution to Remove Back Aches & Painful Feet 
 Suitable for High Arch or Flat Feet   @kybun.spore   whatsapp: 82684396  or
Suntec City Mall, West Wing, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-363/364, Singapore 038983


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