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Friday, 21 October 2016

Beauty & Aesthetics: Sara Shantelle Lim goes to Essensuals Orchard Central Level 3 for Keratin Anti Frizz Straightening Treatment

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Essensuals Orchard Central
Address: 181 Orchard Road, #03-09 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Phone: (65) 6884 4218
Original hair = Frizzy, dull and desperately needed a hair makeover!

ESSENSUALS @ ORCHARD CENTRAL - I suffer from frizzy hair and have been neglecting hair care for quite some time so I was really pleased to visit Essensuals Orchard Central for the first time.

An award-winning salon from TONI&GUY Group, Essensuals Hairdressing puts their hair horticulturists through TONI&GUY training and education programs, to maintain quality standards and service. They are highly skilled and creative hairdressers with at least 5 to 15 years' experience in hairdressing.

The salon has won the Wella Trend Vision Hair Competition three times – in 2009, 2012, and 2013. Essensuals Hairdressing brings cutting-edge hairstyling services and treatments using products by Wella Professionals, Sebastian Professional, and Redken.


They were awarded the Top 1 Brand for Premium Hair Salon by Influential Brands in 2014 as well as Bazaar Hair Awards 2015 last year.


The environment of the salon is relaxed and friendly. I was impressed by their great service and professional image consultation by the head stylist Warren Teng and Irene Ang. They explained to me about my hair condition and taught me how to take better care of my hair. So I tried the Keratin Anti-Frizz Straightening treatment which was definitely an effective treatment for my hair.

Keratin Anti-Frizz Straightening is a special treatment that removes the frizz from your hair and makes it a lot straighter and softer. The straightening treatment is based on the hairs’ natural protein Keratin, and is not a permanent treatment. It will last for about 3-6 months depending on hair quality.

How does it work? The process is quite simple and straightforward.


First, my hair was washed with their special shampoo after which keratin is applied to the hair cuticles.

After that, the formula is applied into the hair with a blow dryer or flat iron.


My hair looks straight, soft & silky in a short amount of time!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - After the keratin treatment it is best to maintain the benefits for as long as possible with a special shampoo and conditioner. I would recommend using Keratherapy Keratin Infused Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner after keratin treatments. It is a hydrating keratin shampoo which helps to gently cleanse while retaining critical essential oils. Rich in antioxidants & pure keratin to enhance moisture & vitality of hair. It also leaves hair soft, bouncy, lustrous & healthy-looking hair. Suitable for all hair types including color treated hair.

A special discount for my readers!
All readers can quote "Sara Shantelle" to get 40% off Keratin treatment when you call to make an appointment.
Do check out their latest promotions on their Facebook page & website!

Sara Shantelle Lim

Friday, 9 September 2016

TRAVEL: Bintan Lagoon Resort - Sara Shantelle Lim, DJ Red, Violin & Vassthy went to BLR for Jetski, ATV, Kayak & Massage.

Bintan Lagoon Resort 
 Sara Shantelle, DJ Red, Violin & Vassthy went to BLR #iloveBLR
 Jetski, ATV, Kayak & Massage
Relax and Fun in a BLR Suite Room
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

Awesome Bintan Lagoon Resort Video 
created by (Sara Shantelle Lim)
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

Day 1 - Hotel Suite Room

BINTAN LAGOON RESORT - We were so excited to check into our luxurious and spacious hotel suite. At Bintan Lagoon Resort, there are normal deluxe rooms, sea facing deluxe rooms, hotel suites, and even villas at Bintan Lagoon Resort. Red, Violin, Vassthy and I were lucky enough to be able to stay in one of the BLR Suite and we love it! It has a private living room, a huge sleeping area with a king size bed, a nice and spacious walk in close, a make up corner and a nice huge toilet with a bath tub, a separate showing facility and a large open air balcony for you to relax right in front of the beach. We could enjoy spectacular beach views from our hotel suite windows and balcony area.

Day 1 - Nelayan Dinner 

NELAYAN Restaurant - After checking into our hotel suite and taking a nice relaxing shower, we proceeded to have dinner by the Beach Front restaurant called Nelayan. It is a beach front bar and dining area, specializing in surf & turf and specialty cocktails. We loved the romantic atmosphere dining underneath the stars and hearing the waves crashing along the beach. Simply relaxing! 

The restaurant offer a wide range of different cuisines. Diners are spoilt for choice as there are not only Western food but favorite Asian dishes too. I really like their freshly squeezed juice and giant coconuts. All of us girls enjoyed our dinner tremendously and highly recommend dining at this restaurant if you love good food, drinks and great atmosphere by the beach front.

Day 1 - Massage at Kedaton Tropical Spa

One of my favorite activity ever is having a good deep tissue relaxing massage to totally unwind. Check out our video to see how relaxing the spa is..

Day 1 - Drinks with the Boss at Terrace

Finally, the girls and I managed to meet BLR very young, capable and busy boss - Moe. He is an impressive young boss that upgraded the whole resort and transformed it into a more lively place. The place is constantly upgrading to be modern and super fun for customers to enjoy a nice and relaxing holiday. 

We had some pizza, beer, cocktails and shots with Moe!

Day 2 - Breakfast at Fiesta Restaurant
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

These girls - Red, Vassthy and Violin are awfully tall causing me to look so short beside them. Well, I guess that is why they are models and I am not. It was really fun hanging out together with them. The next day, we woke up early to have breakfast at Fiesta Restaurant situated nearby the main lobby. There are buffet and a la carte menu for all breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can pick a choice that suits your appetite. The wide spread of buffet definitely filled up all our tummies to last the entire day as we are going to do many sports activities that require loads of energy.

I love eating eggs, milk and cereal but they offer Indonesian food and other Western food too. 

Day 2 - Going to the Slide Pool

Taking photos in our hotel suite's bathtub was our favourite! The natural lighting there was perfect! We all looked flawless, radiant and beautiful thanks to the natural lighting from the Sunlight.

SWIMMING POOL - We went to hang out at the slide pool, check out our video to watch Vassthy super model down the slide pool. We had good fun at the pool!

Day 2 - ATV

ATV was super fun, we each had our own ride and we went through lots of obstacles in the forestry area of Bintan Lagoon Resort. For those who are slightly more timid, no worries, ATV is quite safe! 

Day 2 - Miyako Dinner

We had dinner at their Japanese Restaurant, Miyako,  the chef was awesome doing all sorts of cooking and fire tricks to entertain all of us throughout the entire dinner. We had a wonderful time dining here watching the chef in action. 

Day 3 - Beach Party Time
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

We love hanging out by the beach. The water was so clear. Bintan is only 1h 40 mins ferry ride away from Singapore. If you want a good swim in clear waters, do visit Bintan!

You can literally see fishes swimming around you when relaxing or swimming in the sea water.

Day 3 - Jet Ski!

JET SKI - Jet skiing has always been my favourite sea sport. That is why I love going to Bintan Lagoon Resort so much. Bintan Lagoon Resort is located so near Singapore simply a ferry ride away. If you want to Jet Ski in Singapore, you need a license, etc, so troublesome. Just hop on a ferry, and jet ski in Bintan! Check out our jet skiing experience in our video! Love how each time I jet-ski I feel so carefree in the waters! 

Day 3 - Kayak

We girls had a kayaking competition. Red and I were on one Kayak, and Violin and Vassthy went on another. We had a competition to see who can reach the shore first. Violin and Vassthy won us by at least 10 meters! How on earth did they do it!? Sooo damn fast! They must have bigger muscles!

Day 3 - Rescued little baby birdies

After kayaking, we actually found cute little birdies. They dropped down from a nearby nest from a tree. We saved them, fed them with water, and tried to put them back into their nest. Poor little ones, they would have been sun burnt if we did not manage to help them!

Day 3 - Last Meal at Terrace

Our last and final meal before we left Bintan Lagoon Resort was at Terrace, because we loved their pizza and fries so much. The food at all the restaurants were simply delicious! 

Bintan Lagoon Resort 
 Sara Shantelle, DJ Red, Violin & Vassthy went to BLR
 Jetski, ATV, Kayak & Massage
Relax and Fun in a BLR Suite Room
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

Awesome Bintan Lagoon Resort Video 
done by (Sara)
Email: for corporate resort videos or collaborations.
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

Sara Shantelle Lim

Monday, 29 August 2016

Fine Exotic Seafood: Sara Shantelle Lim dines at Tian Tian Steamlicious (Boat Quay)

Sara Shantelle Lim's Exotic Dining
Tian Tian Steamlicious 
Address: 74 Boat Quay, Singapore 049831
Beside the Bridge by The Singapore River
SGD$200++/set for 4-5 Pax
Disclaimer: For more exotic seafood choices, the prices may defer, according to the 
fresh seafood market price of the day so please always ask for price/kg before ordering. 

 Tian Tian Steamlicious (Boat Quay) - I love seafood, do you? I love to eat, yet I am always on a look out for healthier food options with less oil, less salt, less sugar, less everything. So I was really happy when my friend brought me to Tian Tian Steamlicious restaurant at 74 Boat Quay. Basically, it is an awesome yet healthy steam hot pot from China. Based on a fantastic new idea, they steam the food in high temperatures over a pot of porridge. Hence, with all the juicy tenderness of the food steaming above the porridge, the seafood and meat juices will drip down into the porridge below, making the porridge super duper sweet and tasty. One of the best tasting porridge ever!

Wide Variety of Live & Fresh Seafood - Look at the wide variety of Seafood that they serve! They have really fresh seafood all kept in Live water tanks, before they scoop them out to feed them to us. They have a huge variety of shell fish, my favourite! The Seafood list includes lobsters, giant clams, bamboo clams, mussels, cockles, fresh abalone, giant Alaskan crab etc. I simply cannot get enough!

Check out my Tian Tian Steamlicious video on how the food is being 
steamed and cooked to perfection.. 

Lobster lovers, look at the before and after steamed version of the lobster. So so tasty!

For Meat Lovers - And of course, we would not miss out the meat lovers, they even have exotic animals like frog meat. I know most tourists who come to Singapore have not tried frog meat hence, this is a good place for you to taste it. Frog meat is soft, healthier and tastes more tender than chicken. Personally, I love it! Not to forget their really tender and fresh beef. I love beef too, and cooking beef the right way is not easy. We all know that eating beef at medium rare is the best. 

Look at how huge this oyster is? Honestly, I have not eaten one as big as this before! It is literally bigger than my face. Amazing! They cooked this with lots of garlic and ginger. I love garlic and ginger is really good for health. Good for my soul. 

I have not seen a fresh un-canned abalone in my life before, this is truly an eye opener for me. After they steamed the fresh abalone and I scooped out the flesh from the shell, look at what I found? A beautiful mother of pearl shell. 

Outside Tian Tian Steamlicious at 74 Boat Quay, you may be amazed and intrigued by their large display of gigantic shell fishes, huge Alaskan crabs, and fishes. This restaurant is really huge, they have 3 units, 73, 74, 75 Boat Quay. 
There are both indoors and outdoors dining there. 

Do not forget to bring your friends to dine at this restaurant in order to order a larger variety of food. Fresh Seafood Lovers will definitely not be disappointed!