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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Mad About Cars: Sara Shantelle's Mercedes SLK Convertible - Full Wrap Pink Matte + Black at Dream Stylez Pte Ltd

Sara Shantelle's Mercedes SLK Convertible Full Wrap Pink Matte + Black Gloss #CarWrap #LuxuryCar #MercedesBenz


Dream Stylez Pte Ltd
Phone: 9271 35353
1 Commonwealth Lane, #01-11, One Commonwealth Building, Singapore 149544
Operating Hours: 9:30am – 7:30pm         

For those of you who follow my blog closely, you would know that I've changed my car colour quite a few times last year. From stock black to Hot Pink and Silver, to Glittery Purple, to Chili Red and now finally to Hot Pink and Gloss Black with Black Rims too.

Last month, I was very excited to give my Mercedes Benz SLK Sports Convertible a brand new and complete makeover. I finally get to see my car in Hot Pink again! I was able to the opportunity to see the entire process of the makeover. This was my second time hanging out in a car workshop.
It took me awhile to decided where to do my car then, as I had a terrible experience with my Glittery Purple make over. The workshop that did it for me, promised and showed me a bright purple and pink 2 tone colour, but in the end, the outcome was dull and poorly done. They even destroyed my rims and radio console and I even had to make a police report on them, as they took their own sweet time to do it and didn't want to return me my car. 
Ever since that experience, I realized that it is really important to go to a very good high quality workshop. 


I was introduced to Dream Stylez by a friend who drives a Pink Chrome Lamborghini in Singapore. I learn that Dream Stylez do mostly luxury and exotic cars, hence I was really confident with their port folio and work quality. Before I flew to Australia for a month of holiday to find my sister and her new born son, I left my car at Dream Stylez workshop at 1 Commonwealth Lane. 

They took just a few days to complete my wrap, and their service was so good that they even sent my car to another workshop to help me to spray my rims black too. They not only provided service of helping me to wrap the car, they also designed a complete make over for my entire car, include my rims too! Its really the best and ultimate service that I've experienced so far, considering that I've changed my car colour so many times.
This was the process of my car being wrapped up with its new colour. This photo was taken by the car workshop when I was in Australia, so that I had peace of mind even though I was away from Singapore. I was in Australia, I can’t wait to see the new look on my car once the wrapping was done!

This is how the front bumper and hood of my car look like after wrapping with pink matte! It looks amazing! Even my tyres also got redesigned to matched my pink car body!
Here is the top of my car with pink Sara Shantelle logo!

And the right side of the car and the rear!

The final result looks great! Now I get to drive my favourite car with my favourite colour! This is all thanks to Dream Stylez helping me make this come true!
Dream Stylez Pte Ltd
Phone: 9271 35353
1 Commonwealth Lane, #01-11, One Commonwealth BuildingSingapore 149544
Operating Hours: 9:30am – 7:30pm         

Dream Stylez does all kinds of wrap, from cars, to calipers, to helmets and even Go Karts.

Chrome Wrap for Helmets 

Dream Stylez wrapped a White Lamborghini to Chrome Red

Chrome Rose Gold Wrap by Dream Stylez

Iron Man Style Wrap by Dream Stylez

Florescence Orange Wrap by Dream Stylez

Matt Purple Wrap on Grey Nissan GTR by Dream Stylez

Chrome Pink Lamborghini by Dream Stylez


Dream Stylez Pte Ltd
Phone: 9271 35353
1 Commonwealth Lane, #01-11, One Commonwealth Building, Singapore 149544

Operating Hours: 9:30am – 7:30pm         

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bintan Lagoon Resort Sara Shantelle, DJ Che.Molly, DJ Vivian & DJ Reiko went to BLR

Bintan Lagoon Resort 
 Sara Shantelle, DJ Vivian, DJ Reiko & DJ Che.Molly went to BLR
 Jetski, ATV & Massage
Relax and Fun in a BLR Suite Room
@viviantan__ @reikolah @che.molly @sarashantellelim

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\1.jpg

 Jetski, ATV & Massage
Relax and Fun in a BLR Suite Room
@viviantan__ @reikolah @che.molly @sarashantellelim

Bintan Lagoon Resort 
 Sara Shantelle, DJ Vivian, DJ Reiko & DJ Che.Molly went to BLR
 Jetski, ATV & Massage
Relax and Fun in a BLR Suite Room
@viviantan__ @reikolah @che.molly @sarashantellelim

Day 1 – Lobby

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\2.jpg

BINTAN LAGOON RESORT - We were so excited to check into our luxurious and spacious hotel suite. At Bintan Lagoon Resort, there are normal deluxe rooms, sea facing deluxe rooms, hotel suites, and even villas at Bintan Lagoon Resort. While waiting for our suite to be ready, we were served drinks by the friendly staff as we sat in these egg chairs, enjoying the scenery of the Bintan Lagoon Resort.

Day 1 - Hotel Suite Room

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\3.jpg

When the suite has been prepared for us, we headed up excitedly. Vivian, Reiko, Che.Molly and I loved the suite very much. It has a private living room, a huge sleeping area with a king size bed, a nice and spacious walk in close, a makeup corner and a nice huge toilet with a bath tub, a separate showing facility and a large open air balcony for you to relax right in front of the beach. We could enjoy spectacular beach views from our hotel suite windows and balcony area. We had our lunch in our comfortable suite before heading out for a relaxing massage session. Check out our video to see how relaxing the spa is!

Day 2 – Jet Ski

@viviantan__ @reikolah @che.molly @sarashantelleli–

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\4.jpg
D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\5.jpg
D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\6.jpg
D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\7.jpg

JET SKI – This is the reason why I love going Bintan Lagoon Resort! You get to ride on the jet skis out on the sea! With just a ferry ride, you can jet ski all you want in Bintan Lagoon Resort without hassle of meeting requirements in Singapore. Check out our jet skiing experience in our video!

Day 2 – Nelayan Dinner

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\13_n.jpg

Finally, the girls and I met up with the BLR boss – Moe for dinner at Nelayan Restaurant. All of us had a toast and began indulging in our meal that restaurant had prepared for us. Furthermore, we had a staff came to entertain us with his short musical performance. Afterwards, we hung out at the Terrace bar for some drinks before calling it a day.

Day 3 – Haskell’s Lunch

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\8.jpg

Once again, we were able to enjoy a scrumptious meal prepared by another restaurant, Haskell’s.

Day 3 – ATV

@viviantan__ @reikolah @che.molly @sarashantellelim

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\9.jpg

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\10.jpg

ATV was enjoyable experience as we ride through the forestry area of the Bintan Lagoon Resort with each of our own motor vehicle. Riding a motor vehicle off-road is a challenge as there are many bumps and obstacles through the ride.

Day 3 - Miyako Dinner


We had dinner at the Japanese Miyako Restaurant, we were entertained by the chef’s skills as he prepares our meals. It is not very often that you get to see a chef in action with diners around him!

Day 3 – Silk Nightclub

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\11.jpg

D:\Sara's Bintan Trip\Blog stuffs\12.jpg

On our last night, we decided to go all out and party at the Silk Nightclub. We even got a chance to do some DJ-ing!

Bintan Lagoon Resort 
 Sara Shantelle, DJ Vivian, DJ Reiko & DJ Che.Molly went to BLR
 Jetski, ATV & Massage
Relax and Fun in a BLR Suite Room
@viviantan__ @reikolah @che.molly @sarashantellelim

Address: Jalan Indera Segara Site A12,
Lagoi Teluk Sebong,
Bintan, Kepri – Indonesia. 29155

Tel: +65 6223 3223 / +62 770 691 388

Awesome Bintan Lagoon Resort Video 
@viviantan__ @reikolah @che.molly @sarashantellelim



Bintan Lagoon Resort 
 Sara Shantelle, DJ Red, Violin & Vassthy went to BLR #iloveBLR
 Jetski, ATV, Kayak & Massage
Relax and Fun in a BLR Suite Room
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

Awesome Bintan Lagoon Resort Video 
created by (Sara Shantelle Lim)
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

Awesome Bintan Lagoon Resort Video 
done by (Sara)
Email: for corporate resort videos or collaborations.
@mcdjred @violin.tiara @vassthy @sarashantellelim

Sara Shantelle Lim

Friday, 6 January 2017

Aesthetics: Sara Shantelle Lim went for DYSPORT with Doctor Elias Tam at EHA Clinic

Sara Shantelle Lim tried Dysport
EHA Clinic by Doctor Elias Tam


Chinese New Year is coming soon and it’s just a couple weeks away!!  It's time for me to visit to my most trust worthy aesthetic doctor again - Dr Elias Tam at EHA Clinic ( at Shaw Centre #15-01, call 62353225. We did Dysport (Botulinum toxin) this time round, to remove my wrinkles and frown lines on my forehead and to slim down my Jaw line.

And yes, I took these photos myself when the jab is going into my face, so if you're wondering, is it painful? It's really bearable... Every girl wants to look more beautiful if you can.. It takes time, effort and money to be pretty, from sports to facials to jabs to eating right. Don't be lazy, go beautify yourself now. There's no such thing as an ugly girl, only a lazy girl...


My Korean Eyelash Extensions was done just next door at Pacific Plaza #03-08, The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist ( at $68 for 1st timers, call 67333369. Always quote my name "Sara Shantelle" for special discounts!!!

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin! Which is the best?

Mentioning about Botox, hmmmm… currently there’s another two new cosmetic treatment and they are  Dysport and Xeomin!!!!! OMG!! So confusing~ Which one is the most popular, cheaper, and effective among this three?


What is Botox? First question that pop up from some particular people who not really know what’s that actually. Well, Botox is the gold standard for softening frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

On average, Botox lasts 4 - 6 months. Some people can get as long as 8 months, and some only get 2 months, but on average it’s a procedure you’ll need about 2-3 times a year. So, it depends on individually.Botox reaches it’s full effect after about 7 days. You will not notice any results immediately after the procedure but only on Day 3 onwards.

The cost for the average dose for a woman is 25-40 units, and for a man it’s 40-60 units. This means that a woman can expect to pay $400-600, and a man can expect $750-1000. Some practitioners charge by “area” rather than by the unit, and in most cases, this winds up being much more expensive. So, please make sure that you are ready for the charge given from different practitioners.Botox is the most expensive of the group, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for.
Well, let’s talk about Dysport. What is Dysport actually? Dysport is the leading competitor to Botox right now. Some claims that it lasts longer like Botox and starts working sooner, but for the most part, those claims are unsubstantiated but one thing for sure is Dysport treat broader areas and of cause it would be much cheaper than Botox and cost roughly about $4-$6 per unit which sounds like a winner compared to the $12-20 per unit price of Botox.
One difference that is notable though is that people often describe the sensation that occurs when Dysport kicks in. And this has no difference compare to Botox. But I experienced it by myself and I felt nothing like  some people claims that they feels uncomfortably, numb or feel like got slapped on the forehead.
Well, I don’t want to comment further on Dysport because overall the result is about the same with Botox, but one thing for sure is, it’s much CHEAPER, LAST LONGER, and TREAT BROADER AREA.
What about Xeomin? To know my knowledge, Xeomin is the newest FDA-approved product comparing to Dysport and Botox. There aren’t many details yet on the main differences of Xeomin versus Botox and Dysport, but so far  only known advantage of this product is, it doesn’t need to be chilled before use and there’s no additive surface proteins like Dysport and Botox. For the cost of Xeomin, it could be $10 per unit slightly expensive than Dysport.

My Personal Comparison

EHA Clinic & Skincare
Address: 1 Scotts Road, #15-01 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208.
Website: Clinic Line: (65) 6235 3325 Skincare Line: (65) 6235 3025
Email: Doctor Elias Tam Email:

EHA Clinic - Doctor Elias Tam is well-known for Hair Transplant Treatments. They also provide Botox, Thermage, IPL, Radio Frequency, Lipokit, Aqua ST, Hydrafacial, Ulthera, Zeltiq, etc.

My most trusted doctor - Dr. Elias Tam and his newly launched SKIN CEUTICALS Phyto Corrective skin care range.
Dr. Elias Tam does aesthetics for me to have V shape face and to remove my dark eye rings. Their skin care range may also be purchased at Level 3 of the shopping centre.

(Doctor Elias Tam and his EHA Clinic Team)



(Yuki Lange, Hazel Low, Doctor Elias Tam, Sara Shantelle Lim, Melissa Faith Yeo)